About TwinStrata

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In a world of exponential data growth and skyrocketing IT maintenance costs, our vision is simple: Make data storage straightforward, affordable and maintenance-free. To accomplish this, we have assembled some of the brightest minds in the storage industry to transform how organizations store and manage data, and help them break free of the storage technology life cycle.

We call it “cloud-integrated storage”.MikeA-Dave-Medium

In 2010, we introduced CloudArray. Since then, hundreds of firms have chosen our innovative software to extend – and even replace – existing storage infrastructure with scalable, integrated cloud storage. Our customers use CloudArray to quickly meet the storage demands while minimizing the time they spend provisioning, migrating, upgrading, expanding and protecting data.

Whether the need is new capacity for primary storage, data archive, offsite backup, or a better disaster recovery strategy, we have a solution. And for anyone preparing to move infrastructure to the cloud some day – whether that day be tomorrow or five years from now – our storage solutions can help.

We also offer our products through a network of IT service providers, systems integrators, OEMs, and direct to end users.

We are a privately held software company with headquarters outside Route 128, Boston’s high technology beltway.

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