Cloud-Integrated Storage Solutions

Today’s IT Management Challenge

It’s natural that most organizations split their IT budget between new technology to enhance business operations and maintenance of their existing infrastructure. Although the actual split varies across organizations, it may be striking how high the typical percentage of budget allocated to IT maintenance is. According to Enterprise Strategy Group’s 2012 Spending Intentions Survey, organizations plan to spend 60-72% of IT budget maintaining existing infrastructure.

Maintenance as a percentage of IT budget

Managing the integrity and availability of data, especially higher value data related to business applications, represents a substantial IT maintenance burden for most organizations. Why? Companies rely more than ever on data accessibility for operational processes, regulatory compliance, disaster tolerance and to gain competitive business advantages.

The Burden of Data Storage Maintenance

Consider the IT burden of maintaining data storage. Across nearly all industries, data storage capacities are constantly growing and on-premise storage arrays require upgrade and replacement on a regular basis. In addition to frequent replacement, data storage requires a constant stream of maintenance tasks including provisioning, backup, failure management and migrations.

Typical Storage Maintenance Operations

Moving data storage infrastructure to the cloud reduces the administrative burden proportionally across all of the aforementioned operations. At the same time, it may entirely eliminate the need for off-site tape backup and/or off-site storage management.

TwinStrata Seamlessly and Securely Extends Data Storage to the Cloud

TwinStrata’s CloudArray software makes storing data to a choice of cloud storage providers as easy and secure as storing data locally. More than just a cloud storage gateway, CloudArray can reside alongside existing storage infrastructure and provides offsite backup and storage without the administration, maintenance or hardware replacement headache. In fact, by using CloudArray the majority of storage operations are pushed to the cloud provider, drastically reducing your on-premise maintenance.  CloudArray has a very small on-premise footprint but can expand in capacity well past the largest storage arrays available today.

If your business is currently spending too much of its IT budget and time on maintenance, consider using cloud storage via CloudArray. CloudArray provides immediate impact with a number of use cases and helps offer your IT staff a new level of freedom to build business value.

CloudArray Data Storage Solutions Include