CloudArray for Disaster Recovery

Affordable, On-Demand Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Options: Traditional vs. TwinStrata Traditional disaster recovery options today are a study of two extremes. At one end are high-cost, quick recovery time options such as hosted or co-location sites, while at the other extreme are low-cost, long recovery time options such as tape or disk backup.

CloudArray provides two disaster recovery options:

  • Data recovery only – Ideally as a tape replacement or for multi-location organizations with secondary infrastructure
  • Applications and data – A more complete solution for more rapid system recovery

If a site disaster wipes out your existing CloudArray implementation, you just bring up a new CloudArray instance, enter your credentials, and you can be up and running again in as little as 15 minutes in your choice of physical, virtual or cloud compute environment.

Live Disaster Recovery Testing

CloudArray also supports live fire drill testing, so you can fully test your disaster recovery plan without impacting your production systems.

“With TwinStrata, we experience far better disaster recovery provisions than we could ever afford before.” – Cliff Grappe, IT director, Russell Lands