CloudArray® Disaster Recovery as a Service and DR Anywhere

Affordable, On-Demand Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Options: Traditional vs. TwinStrata Traditional disaster recovery options today are a study of two extremes. At one end are high-cost, quick recovery time options such as hosted or colocation sites, while at the other extreme are low-cost, long recovery time options such as tape or disk backup.

As a result, organizations who cannot afford a cold or hot standby site have been left to either cobble together a complicated and risky DR strategy or rely solely on offsite data protection, which affords them limited business continuity.

TwinStrata CloudArray provides customers with two disaster recovery options – one that focuses on data recovery only (ideal as a tape replacement or multi-location organizations with secondary infrastructure) and one that can recover both applications and data quickly, easily and affordably.

CloudArray® Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

CloudArray Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) delivers VMware-virtualized environments with an always-available way to recover data and applications at a moment’s notice – without racking up ongoing secondary infrastructure costs.

CloudArray DRaaS eliminates cost and infrastructure expansion typically associated with such redundancy, while still providing an effective and speedy mechanism for recovering both data and applications in the event of a disaster.

To read more about CloudArray Disaster Recovery as a Service, download our solution brief.

DR Anywhere™

With DR Anywhere, organizations that experience a disaster can avoid downtime by either using an existing or quickly deploying a new CloudArray to access their offsite backup data. Since CloudArray can be run in physical, virtual and cloud compute environments organizations can recover access to their data within minutes.