CloudArray for Cloud Compute Environments

Benefits of Storage Gateways in the Cloud

The benefits of using cloud storage gateways to add cloud storage on-premise are numerous, including:

But there are also benefits to using a storage gateway in the cloud. If your needs include disaster recovery or your applications and storage infrastructure are already deployed in the cloud, consider gaining the added benefit of:

  • Disaster recovery for on-premise applications. Ability to spin up CloudArray in the cloud means your data is always there when you fail over applications to the cloud.
  • Multi-region data replication for in-cloud applications. CloudArray enables cloud storage with built in geo-replication for cloud servers, making data immune to regional outages.
  • Access to nearly unlimited storage capacity. CloudArray offers nearly unlimited storage on-demand to any size cloud server. Grow or shrink capacity on demand.
  • Off-cloud replication. Replication from local block to cloud storage or replication to an external secondary cloud provides disaster strategy for in-cloud infrastructure.
  • Centralized management of in-cloud storage infrastructure. Storage area networks (SANs) have become ubiquitous in on-premise environments, consolidating and simplifying storage management across servers. CloudArray consolidates storage management across multiple servers into a SAN in the cloud.
diagram of CloudArray backup from the Cloud

CloudArray software runs natively in a number of cloud environments and provides simple, rapid deployment.

CloudArray In-cloud Supported Platforms:

  • Amazon EC2
  • IBM Softlayer
  • Rackspace Cloud Servers