CloudArray for Offsite Backup

The traditional approach to offsite data protection is tape backup, but using tape for offsite backup procedures can be costly and error-prone. An alternative is replicating data in real-time to a secondary location to reduce the window for data loss beyond daily backups.

Regardless of whether you opt to backup or replicate data offsite, CloudArray enables your IT organization to securely expand storage capacity into the cloud and to escape the maintenance costs and data center overhead associated with traditional offsite data storage and backups.

diagram of CloudArray offsite backup to the Cloud

CloudArray’s presents cloud storage as both an iSCSI or a NAS (CIFS / NFS) device so all you need to do is point your backup software at CloudArray and your data is automatically replicated to the cloud with no manual intervention.
CloudArray also offers enterprise-class cloud-integrated storage features like:

    • Dynamic caching
    • In-flight/at-rest data encryption
    • Data reduction
    • Bandwidth optimization
    • In-cloud snapshots

The ability to access restored data from anywhere makes it possible to build a data protection infrastructure that is more straightforward and economical than traditional alternatives.

If you use CloudArray for primary storage, you won’t need to deal with backups at all. Your users will access CloudArray just as they would any other file server, and we’ll automatically replicate your data to the cloud. With our in-cloud snapshot scheduler, you have an automated backup strategy that can be fine-tuned to your retention policy.

“CloudArray gives us a seamless, operationally transparent and maintenance-free backup option. Combine the elegance of the solution with its full encryption, and now I have confidence in my data protection approach without the headache.” – Jim Mercer, IT director, Flexi-Van Leasing