CloudArray Product Tour: Cloud Integrated Storage

CloudArray’s approach to storage management enables you to scale your storage area networks (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) with on-demand cloud storage, providing a permanent solution to your data growth, offsite backup and disaster recovery challenges. CloudArray’s software-defined storage modernizes your existing storage strategy by giving you access to an unlimited pool of cloud-based storage without sacrificing your existing investments.

With CloudArray, you can:

  • Keep existing local disk for high-value applications
  • Stop worrying about handling backup tapes or finding budget to meet storage demands
  • Automatically replicate your primary, backup and archive data to the cloud

The result is a permanent storage solution that is straightforward, affordable and maintenance-free.

Automatically store or replicate data to the cloud

CloudArray gives you unlimited storage and offsite data protection in one easy package. CloudArray’s ability to present as both an iSCSI or a NAS (CIFS / NFS) device means that it works with almost any host platform (including Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and VMware) as well as just about any backup solution (including Symantec BackUp Exec, Veeam, vRanger, AppAssure and many more) or other application. All the data you put on CloudArray – whether primary, file, offsite backup or archive – automatically gets replicated or moved to the cloud depending on your requirements.

Maintain local performancedashboard1440

CloudArray’s local storage cache makes your most important data immediately accessible. While this cache is pre-installed for the physical CloudArray appliance, it can use your existing direct-, SAN- or NAS-attached storage in virtualized environments. CloudArray allows you to keep a partial or complete copy of your data locally while still replicating it to the cloud. With CloudArray’s sophisticated cache policy manager, you can also dictate exactly how much data is cached for each volume.

Get all the capacity you need at a price you can affordVolumeDetail

With CloudArray, you have access to unlimited storage at a price you can afford. CloudArray is available as a bundled solution with cloud storage, or you can “bring your own cloud.” Either way, our subscription model means you pay monthly for what you need today rather than making a large capital expenditure for what you think you might need for the next 3 to 5 years. The bundled subscription also includes all file transfer fees so you won’t get crushed by the hidden costs of moving data to and from the cloud.

Install in minutesCloudArrayInstallation

CloudArray software takes just minutes to configure as a physical or virtual appliance and easily connects to your existing local storage devices, as well as over 20 cloud storage providers. All administration functions are presented through our intuitive web-based user interface and portal so there is no need to deal with yet another command line interface.

Plan for the unexpected with on-demand disaster recoveryDisaster_recovery_test

CloudArray stores your configuration files in our online portal, giving you two easy ways to recover from a disaster even if your original CloudArray implementation is lost. With DR Anywhere, you can quickly spin up a new CloudArray on demand at a secondary site or in a cloud compute environment to access and recover your data.

Encrypt your cloud data in flight and at restEncryption_AES256bit

CloudArray was built from the ground up with the security you need to confidently store data in the cloud. By default, CloudArray uses sophisticated 256-bit AES encryption to protect your data in the cloud, then we protect your metadata with a separate set of AES-256 keys, doubly encrypting your data. Those keys are kept apart from your data – stored locally on your CloudArray appliance. Since your keys are not stored with your data in the cloud, and your cloud data is encrypted, the risk of unauthorized access is virtually eliminated.

Save space with lightweight snapshotsSnapshot_scheduler

CloudArray uses snapshots to preserve a view of your data at a specific moment similar to volume-level SAN snapshots. Since CloudArray snapshots take place in the cloud, no additional bandwidth is required. And unlike copy-on-write snapshots, there is no performance impact or thrashing. These snapshots also provide up to a 20x capacity savings over traditional full backups, reducing space requirements while providing continuous, offsite data protection. These snapshots and their retention policies are managed through an intuitive online scheduler built into CloudArray.

Minimize impact on your network with WAN optimizationBandwidth_Throttling

With so much data going to the cloud, it’s natural to worry about the impact on your network. CloudArray incorporates sophisticated data reduction technology to minimize the amount of data you push through to the cloud (and conveniently saves you money by reducing how much data you have in the cloud). We couple that with a granular bandwidth scheduler that enables you to throttle your bandwidth usage based on your business requirements.

Quickly move data to, from and between clouds Cloud Migration

If you’re looking to move larger amounts of data into the cloud, you can use CloudArray for secure, bulk ingestion. Quickly load data in encrypted, object format on-premise, securely ship the encrypted disks to the cloud provider for bulk ingestion, then access the data directly from the new provider. Once your data is in the cloud, CloudArray offers self-service cloud-to-cloud migration capabilities any time you want to change or diversify cloud providers to reduce technology risk, satisfy compliance obligations, gain better pricing or improve security.