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Modernizing offsite data protection: Time to get rid of your tapes!

Viewable On Demand (Originally aired April 10, 2014 at 11AM ET)

April 10, 2014 11:00 AM ET Many IT teams frustrated with tape backup maintenance, failures and lengthy recovery times are looking for a reliable alternative. Join this webinar to hear how organizations of all sizes have modernized their offsite backup strategy. Together, Veeam andTwinStrata will discuss how to:
  • Fully automate and simplify your offsite backup process
  • Ensure triple offsite redundancy, at a lower cost
  • Affordably recover from a disaster site in just hours
  • And more!
Save hundreds of hours in backup maintenance and management, and lower your overall costs. Register now

Case Study: Moving from Tape Backup to Cloud Storage

Viewable On Demand (Originally aired July 25, 2013)

Join us for this webinar featuring IT Director Brian Israel of Indiana Wesleyan University as he discusses the University's decision to move away from its poor-performing tape backup system and implement a cloud-integrated storage solution based on TwinStrata. He'll discuss the challenges the school faced with its tape backup system, the reasons they decided on cloud storage and the benefits they've achieved as a result of their decision. You'll also hear from Cloud Computing Practice Director Rod Rudd of MMY Consulting and TwinStrata CEO Nicos Vekiarides.

Veeam and TwinStrata: On-Demand Disaster Recovery for Virtualized Environments

Viewable On Demand (Originally aired July 11, 2013)

Every IT department wants a disaster recovery site – but many have difficulty allocating the thousands – or even tens of thousands – of dollars to support a hosted, collocated or cloud compute environment that is dormant most of the time. This educational webinar shows how you can use Veeam and TwinStrata to obtain a viable disaster recovery plan that’s affordable to everyone.

How Bit9 Put Their Trust in Cloud Storage for Offsite Data Protection

Viewable On Demand (Originally aired June 21, 2013)

This webinar features Bit9 Director of IT, Bill Suarez, as he walks you through his company's decision to turn to cloud storage to handle their offsite data protection program and what happened when he was actually faced with a disaster scenario. Also featured is a brief demonstration of TwinStrata's CloudArray software and the encryption and data protection features that made it an ideal choice for a security company like Bit9.

Affordable, On-Demand Disaster Recovery: Introducing CloudArray DRaaS

Viewable On Demand (Originally aired May 30, 2013)

Designing a disaster recovery solution is about finding a balance between data protection and affordability.  While colocations offer rapid disaster recovery and business continuity in hours or even minutes, they are an expensive and high maintenance option.  Lower cost data protection, through tape or disk backup, may cost less, but comes with a much higher price in longer recovery times. TwinStrata Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) helps find the balance between these two options by giving you affordable, on-demand disaster recovery. In this webinar TwinStrata CEO, Nicos Vekiarides, lays out the challenges associated with traditional disaster recovery strategies and how CloudArray DRaaS can help you solve these problems.

How to Cram Big Data into a Small Storage Package (Hint: It’s Not Dedupe)

Viewable On Demand (Originally aired April 11, 2013)

This webinar sponsored by Google Cloud Storage and TwinStrata discusses how to address some of the common and often devastating issues surrounding the storage and management of data. Analyst Marc Staimer of Dragon Slayer Consulting will examine in depth the problems created, common workarounds and why they fail, and a simpler, far more effective alternative. Among the issues discussed are offsite backup, offsite active archiving, business continuity, disaster recovery, disaster tolerance and scaling capacities in the data center and in the public cloud. You'll be sure to learn something that you'll be able to use immediately to make you more effective at your job.

Cloud Storage in Action: Cost Savings, Lower Maintenance and Improved Disaster Recovery

Viewable On Demand (Originally aired January 31, 2013)

In a recent survey, more than two-thirds of respondents with plans to implement cloud storage agreed "It seems like we are always running out of storage." Sound familiar? Meanwhile, a separate study of TwinStrata customers revealed that 4 out of 5 customers who have used TwinStrata for more than three months reported have lowered operational expenses and improved disaster recovery, and 7 out of 10 reported lower capital expenses and reduced overall maintenance. How did they achieve it? You’ll hear about how and why customers have implemented cloud storage, and you’ll see how customers have compounded the benefits of cloud storage over time.

Get Rid of Your Backup and Archive Headaches

Viewable On Demand (Originally aired November 01, 2012)

There’s no question that having an effective backup and archival storage strategy is critical to your organization. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend so much time on it. Wouldn’t it be nice to just set it and forget it? No more tape. No more capacity problems. Lower resource requirements. And quick, easy access to your data whenever you need it – even after disaster strikes. On November 1st, experts from Amazon Web Services, TwinStrata and ZSL Associates will discuss how their customers are using cloud storage to reclaim the time and resources previously devoted to backup and archive. What’s more – their new cloud-enabled strategy delivers greater access and nearly unlimited capacity at lower costs and minimal maintenance. Join this webinar to hear how you can get rid of your backup and archive headaches.

3 Steps to Eliminate Storage Administration Headaches: From Storage Management to Storage Value

Viewable On Demand (Originally aired September 27, 2012)

Today, the data center is moving from virtualization to cloud computing, with an eye toward reducing IT complexity and costs while increasing flexibility and business responsiveness.  In reality 60-70% of IT budgets are devoted to maintaining existing infrastructures not on creating business value. IT personnel are stretched too thin to truly respond to the needs of the business and spend most of their time just keeping up. This is particularly true when it comes to the storage infrastructure. Countless hours and millions of dollars are spent on the “must-haves” of provisioning, performance tuning, expansion, backup, archival, disaster recovery, as a necessary cost of doing business.

In this webinar, experts from Storage Switzerland, IBM and TwinStrata will share their insight on steps that IT can take to reduce the amount of time spent on the storage must haves so that they can instead focus on initiatives devoted to business value.

Four Easy Steps to the Cloud: Taking the Storage Path

Viewable On Demand (Originally aired August 6, 2013)

Sponsored by Google and TwinStrata, this webinar discusses how you too can begin to take advantage of the cloud's lower costs by integrating cloud storage into your infrastructure strategy in preparation for a hybrid - or even fully cloud-based - environment.