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Cloud Gateways 101

August 20, 2014 || Enterprise Networking Planet, Julie Knudson

July was a red-hot month for the cloud gateway market....A growing interest in object storage is among the factors Nicos Vekiarides, vice president of cloud technology, enterprise and midrange systems division, at EMC Corporation, said is influencing innovations in the cloud gateway sector. "From a consolidation perspective, you're talking about massive scale, so certainly everybody likes the idea of a smaller footprint, maybe even fewer data centers, and that's one of the things that it enables," he explained. Read the rest of the article


EMC Acquires TwinStrata – Innovation Through Acquisition

July 15, 2014 || IT-TNA, Colm Keegan

During  World this past May,  CEO Joe Tucci stated that ’s dual innovation strategy will consist of dedicating 10% of their annual revenues towards R&D and acquisitions. True to his word,  announced today that they have acquired ’s software technology enables businesses to seamlessly attach their on-premise applications with  from providers like , and . The idea is that organizations can use solutions like the CloudArray software product to create a low cost tier of storage in the cloud to decrease costs, improve data resiliency and to federate access to information on a global scale. Read the rest of the article.


Gateways To The Clouds

July 14, 2014 || Forbes, Tom Coughlin

EMC announced that they will acquire TwinStrata, whose CloudArray gateway product encrypts and compresses data before sending it to the cloud, at an estimated purchase price of about $100 million.  Start-up CTERA recently raised $25 million in funding.  CTERA offers a suite of products including a cloud storage gateway.  Several other companies such as Nasuni and Zadara offer products that provide gateways to connect local storage with cloud storage services.  Most of these companies charge for these storage gateways by the location or the amount of data that is served. Read the rest of the article.


Data Storage Choices for Midsize Firms

July 14, 2014 || Midsize Insider, Marissa Tejada

Cloud storage provider TwinStrata took a look at data storage patterns in their latest research featured in CloudTech. The findings reveal that inactive data — data that has not been touched for two months — is being stored at 56 percent of firms. Meanwhile, 22 percent of the organizations polled admitted that a quarter of their data was inactive. More than half of the data at the sixty percent of the firms that stored more than a petabyte of corporate data was inactive. Nearly 80 percent of firms would rather buy more storage than delete it.

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Beyond the magic of EMC’s VMax

July 10, 2014 || Computer Dealer News, Paolo Del Nibletto

EMC is going to increase overall VMax capacity for big data through an acquisition of Natick, Mass-based cloud storage vendor Twin Strata Inc. Company executives told CDN that this deal, when integrated, will bring a reliable connection from physical on premise data centres to hybrid or public clouds in a way where enterprises and mid-market customers can access multiple avenues of data securely. Read the rest of the article.


How EMC plans to change the storage landscape

July 10, 2014 || TechRepublic, Nick Heath

On the one hand EMC is taking steps to make it easier to push data from its storage to public cloud services, acquiring Twin Strata, a company that makes the cloud storage gateway technology CloudArray.

CloudArray is a caching appliance that can automatically replicate the data stored on it and move it cloud storage. Twin Strata co-founder Nicos Vekiarides said the company plans to integrate CloudArray into the VMax3 data services platform "to allow users to automatically tier workloads even more seamlessly for off-premise storage capacity expansion, data protection and disaster recovery". CloudArray supports various public cloud storage services, including Amazon S3.

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EMC sees TwinStrata as a cloud tier for storage

July 9, 2014 || TechTarget, Sonia Lelii

While EMC's TwinStrata acquisition brings the storage giant into the cloud gateway business, its major goal is to provide a cloud tier within its high-end array platform.

EMC disclosed the acquisition Tuesday as part of its launch of new VMAX enterprise arrays. While EMC will continue to sell TwinStrata CloudArrays, its main use for the technology will be to embed its software into the VMAX architecture to allow customers to move data between private and public clouds.

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Neuralytix’s Opinion on EMC’s Acquisition of TwinStrata

July 9, 2014 || Neuralytix, Ben Woo

On June 8, 2014, TwinStrata announced that EMC has agreed to acquire them. No financial details were disclosed, and EMC does not have a press release on its website announcing the agreement. Neuralytix has a positive opinion of TwinStrata's strategy and CloudArray product. CloudArray enables customers to create hybrid clouds across geographically dispersed regions; but most importantly, it enables on-premise, private clouds to integrate seamlessly with public cloud providers including Amazon AWS, EMC Atmos, Google Cloud Storage, HP Cloud Services, OpenStack, and RackSpace. Read the rest of the article.