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The Real ROI of SMB Cloud vs. SMB NAS

May 29, 2014 /

Small businesses can range in size from a few employees to a few hundred and the IT needs of these organizations are similarly varied. As they climb their way up from “small” and into “medium” those IT needs evolve, one of which is the ability to collaborate among their…read more

File Storage vs Object Storage?

May 15, 2014 /

The fact that data is growing exponentially comes as no surprise to today’s IT professional. The question is, what is the best way to support that growth while enabling the business to leverage these data assets as an information advantage? Today, IT professionals have essentially two options. The first…read more

Key questions when selecting a cloud-based provider

May 9, 2014 /

Companies should remember to align potential benefits with business objectives, and be prepared to ask vendors critical questions about the architecture and management of the service being considered. Before selecting a cloud-based services provider, companies should be prepared to ask potential vendors critical questions regarding the architecture and management…read more

IBM Cloud Market: One-Stop Cloud Shop

May 8, 2014 /

IBM’s marketplace combines mobile and SaaS apps, platform and infrastructure services, and third-party services. Think of it as IBM as a service. That’s how Robert LeBlanc, senior VP at IBM, characterized the IBM Cloud Marketplace announced on Monday at IBM’s Impact Event in Las Vegas. "It’s one place where you can…read more

How IT Can Remain Relevant In A Cloud World

May 7, 2014 /

How will cloud computing alter the role of today’s IT professional? Will IT as we know it disappear altogether or will IT pros remain in high demand with increased cloud adoption? To be sure, cloud computing is fundamentally changing how businesses consume technology, however, in many instances, IT’s role…read more

Cloud Trends in Data Protection

May 7, 2014 /

By David A. Chapa, Chief Technology Evangelist, office of CTO On April 22, 2014, I presented a tutorial at SNIA DSI Conference on Data Protection transitioning to the cloud.  As an industry, we have been talking about Cloud for many years; I would say the formal use of the term…read more

Storage budget plans still coping with capacity and performance

May 6, 2014 /

Non-stop data growth and the need for speed are still the driving forces behind storage budget plans for 2014. Rich Castagna analyzes the results of our twelfth annual survey. About the survey This is the twelfth year we’ve fielded the Storage magazine/SearchStorage.com Purchasing Intentions survey. Storage magazine subscribers and…read more

Data Protection and the New Cloud Reality

May 6, 2014 /

Mention the words “data protection” in most IT circles and the first words that come to mind are “security” and “encryption.” Those who specialize in backup and recovery, however, understand that it incorporates a lot more, both in terms of the threats that data protection is supposed to meet…read more