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Cloud Storage News Roundup – 6/20/2014

June 20, 2014 /

Hybrid Storage Provider Egnyte Turns To Google’s Cloud To House Future Customer Data Egnyte, a company that sells a hybrid storage solution that includes a cloud-based component, is turning to another provider to help house its growing set of customer data: Google. Read more here. Introducing Cloud Storage Online…read more

Storage and Cloud News Roundup – 6/6/2014

June 6, 2014 /

In Big Companies, the Public Cloud is Leaving the Private Cloud in the Dust “For years we’ve been told that enterprises wouldn’t put their sensitive data into the public cloud, particularly Amazon Web Services. We’ve been reminded, over and over, that companies value control and security too much to…read more

Cloud Standards Are On the Way…

June 5, 2014 /

While some might say it’s still too early to tie down the cloud with standards, other’s see the massive shift of apps and storage to that new world as an indicator that it’s now or never. Standards, they argue, will be the key to the future of the cloud…read more

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2014 For Cloud: Winners & Losers

June 4, 2014 /

Gartner’s annual graphic of competitive positioning among tech providers reflects challenges for Rackspace, Dimension Data, and some other vendors. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2014 for cloud computing makes it clear that Amazon has maintained its leadership position and Microsoft has moved up the ranks. But what happened to Rackspace, Dimension…read more

IBM to end NetApp sales in May

May 29, 2014 /

According to a Bloomberg report , IBM is ending its nine-year OEM relationship with NetApp this month. The goal: higher sales of IBM’s own internally developed products. IBM’s hardware sales have taken a beating lately, which led to the sale of the low-end server business to Lenovo. IBM, which…read more

The Real ROI of SMB Cloud vs. SMB NAS

May 29, 2014 /

Small businesses can range in size from a few employees to a few hundred and the IT needs of these organizations are similarly varied. As they climb their way up from “small” and into “medium” those IT needs evolve, one of which is the ability to collaborate among their…read more

Rackspace Addresses Cloud Storage Outage

May 28, 2014 /

Solid state disk capacity shortage disrupts some Cloud Block storage customers’ operations in Rackspace’s Chicago and Dallas data centers. Rackspace has acknowledged a problem with its Cloud Block storage service in two data centers, but it corrected the problem at one of them on Thursday and said the issue…read more