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Data Protection and the New Cloud Reality

May 6, 2014 /

Mention the words “data protection” in most IT circles and the first words that come to mind are “security” and “encryption.” Those who specialize in backup and recovery, however, understand that it incorporates a lot more, both in terms of the threats that data protection is supposed to meet…read more

Why local data storage laws won’t work

March 21, 2014 /

Perhaps you may have read that Brazil recently abandoned their controversial proposal that would have forced global internet companies to store data on Brazilian users inside the country. While many of us can surmise a number of reasons the viability of such a measure might have been unlikely, the…read more

Cloud Storage SLAs versus Architectural Visibility

September 28, 2011 /

If you are using or thinking about using cloud storage, you are likely familiar with service level agreements (SLAs) from cloud providers that offer guarantees around the availability of your data and sometimes the durability of your data. The numbers associated with the guarantees are often expressed in 9’s.…read more