SmartProxy Review 2024: An In-Depth Analysis and Review

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Did you know that the amount of data being generated, copied, and consumed across the world has been insanely increasing? It is estimated that the total data created will reach a sky-high of 180 zettabytes in the next two years by 2025.

While this sounds enormous and complicated, this fact also brings satisfaction because, as an online business owner, you have a lot of scope to boost your online presence worldwide.

You also have a huge scope to hit the data jackpot for your next data collection from across the globe by choosing the right and smart solution. 

Are you looking for an ideal tool that serves all your proxy and web scraping needs? Look no further because I have a perfect solution for you. Please read this Smartproxy review below to explore the top scraping and proxy service providers that I’ve personally tried and tested.

All You Need to Know About Smartproxy 

smartproxy overview

Particular Details
Brand name Smartproxy
Products Offered Proxies (Mobile, Residential, ISP, Datacenter, Dedicated Datacenter) 

Scraping browser (Social media, SERP, E-commerce, Web and no-code API)

Multiple tools

Pricing Starts $8.5
Pay-as-you-go Yes
Data-rollover No
Customer Support Live chat and email 
Authentication Whitelist, User:pass
Countries Worldwide
Minimum purchase 1 GB 
Pricing Model Subscription, pay-as-you-go
Trial Available No

Established in 2018, Smartproxy has been a versatile proxy and web scraping solution provider in the web market. Known for its high-quality proxies, it is an ideal solution for any business size, be it a start-up, an enterprise, or a university.

Their proxies can be used for multiple niches, including social media, retail, market research, and much more. 

This platform is mostly known for its residential proxies, which have been immensely purchased to date. It has recently launched the ISP proxy service, which seems to be loaded with a lot of functions.

In addition to their scrapers and proxies, users can also experience the site unblocker solution that has recently been introduced.

Smartproxy also offers multiple free tools to its users on all their plans.  Smartproxy also offers multiple free tools to its users on all their plans, some of which include an address generator and a proxy checker. 

Smartproxy boasts an impressive network of over 65 million proxies spanning 195+ countries worldwide.

This platform, known for its outstanding services and features, has successfully served the requirements of over 50,000 users globally. Not just this, but they’ve also earned a lot of awards and titles from top media firms. 

I was hoping you could read below to explore this platform more with me. 

Various services offered by Smartproxy 

1. Proxy services 

proxy services

Smartproxy is your go-to destination for all things proxy-related. It provides a diverse array of proxy solutions, including residential, mobile, and dedicated DC proxies.

Their residential proxy service, boasting a pool of over 55 million IPs, is a standout offering. If you’re in need of mobile proxies, their service offers access to 700+ ASNs.

While the recently launched ISP service is new, it’s definitely worth considering. All of these services support SOCKS5 and HTTP protocols with IPv4 compatibility. Smartproxy’s main focus is on platforms such as YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Shopify, and similar online platforms.

2. Scraping services 

Scraping services 

Smartproxy provides a range of web scraping solutions designed for five different APIs. One of the exceptional ones is their no-code scraper solution, which allows you to achieve your goals without expecting you to write codes.

Their web scraping API boasts an impressive 100% success rate. These scraping solutions are tailored for platforms like TikTok, Amazon, Google Images, Google Shopping, Reddit, and others of a similar nature.

The price plan here falls under the mid to high-range scale. If you’re in search of effective solutions for your large business or website, Smartproxy’s scraping options can be an excellent choice for you.

Key highlights of SmartProxy 

1. Versatile tools 

Versatile tools 

When compared to all the platforms available on the internet, Smartproxy offers amazing and multiple tools for its users to enhance their productivity.

The best part is that they’re all free of charge and available with every package. The tools are Chrome browser extensions, Firefox browser add-ons, X browsers, proxy checkers, address generators, and no-code scrapers. 

2. Data Tracking 

Smartproxy provides you with user-friendly visual graphs that accurately depict traffic requests and usage.

You have the flexibility to extract this data by using a filter based on sub-users or specific dates. Additionally, you can access detailed statistical data for all your targets.

The best part? You can choose to extract this information on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis, or you can customize the duration to suit your specific needs.

3. Flexible price plans and options 

Smartproxy offers a 14-day money-back option for their solutions with no questions asked and a pay-as-you-go option for their residential proxy solutions.

Some of their self-service products also offer a refund policy. While the majority of their plans are in the mid to high range, the basic plan on this platform starts at $8.5.

They accept payments through Alipay, PayPal, crypto, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and credit cards

4. Smart suggestion tool 

Smart suggestion tool 


Smartproxy offers a smart suggestion tool for its scraping APIs and residential proxy solutions.

By adding a couple of details like title target, usage frequency, and scraping type, the tool suggests a suitable plan for your needs. 

5. IP auto-rotation 

Smartproxy offers auto-rotating proxy solutions and keeps an IP for a longer duration. You can rotate the proxies for every request. 

6. User-friendly dashboard 

The dashboard of Smartproxy is designed in a basic yet definitive manner. The data shown on the homepage is specific to the product or solution you’ve chosen.

This means you’ll need to open multiple tabs to keep track of every proxy type. Through the dashboard, you can easily access the wallet, authorize proxy access, track your traffic, save new sub-users, and much more. 

7. Multiple resources 

Multiple resources 

Multiple resources 

Smartproxy offers an entire page of documentation that offers in-depth knowledge on every category, its features, how to use it, how to make changes, automation tools, configuration guides, integrating and automating tools, how to use the operating systems, and much more.

Its technical section offers complete insights with code samples, extra tips, how to troubleshoot on your own, and more.

Pros and Cons 


  • Smartproxy supports the majority of the protocols 
  • It offers 
  • Detailed documentation for adaptability 
  • Multiple resources are needed to understand the software 
  • Round-the-clock assistance for their clients through email and live chat 
  • Pay-as-you-go option 
  • Flexible price plans, starting at $8
  • Detailed yet user-friendly dashboard 
  • Wide range of coverage across the world 
  • Free tools for all price plans 
  • Dedicated account manager for all the enterprise plans 


  • While the majority of the things on SmartProxy are amazing, the ways to reach the support team are limited. 
  • They offer limited targeting options 

Who is this platform ideal for? 

Based on my experience and usage, I’d totally recommend this platform to 

  1. Individual website holders 
  2. Solopreneurs
  3. Entrepreneurs 
  4. Marketing teams 
  5. Enterprises 
  6. Universities 
  7. Researchers 

Cost Structures

Cost Structures

Here is a quick breakdown of the pricing structure of the services they offer 

1. Proxy Services 

  • Residential Proxy
    Residential Proxy 
    Residential Proxy 

The basic plan under this service starts at $8.5 per GB and gets as cheap as $4 per GB on big enterprise plans. 

  • Flexible static (ISP) residential proxies
    Flexible static (ISP) residential proxies Flexible static (ISP) residential proxies 

The basic plan under this service starts at $14 per GB and can be as low as $6.5 per GB on big plans. 

  • Mobile Proxies
    Mobile Proxies 
    Mobile Proxies 

The basic plan under this service starts at $21 per GB and gets as cheap as $13 per GB on big plans. 

  • Datacenter Proxies
    Datacenter Proxies Datacenter Proxies 

The Datacenter proxy service plan is available based on price per GB and price per IP. The basic plan starts at $30 for 50 GB and goes up to $950 for 2 TB on a monthly subscription.  

Datacenter Proxies 

While it costs $10 for 100 IPs and $43 for 500 IPs in a monthly subscription. 

  • Dedicated Datacenter Proxies
    Dedicated Datacenter Proxies 
    Dedicated Datacenter Proxies 

The Dedicated Datacenter proxy service plan is available based on sequential and non-sequential basis. The basic plan starts at $7.5 for 3 IPs and goes up to $750 for 500 IPs on a monthly subscription.  Dedicated Datacenter Proxies 

While it costs $9.38  for 3 IPs and $750  for 500 IPs in the non-sequential monthly subscription. 

Please note that the prices for all these plans are exclusive of VAT charges. 

2. Scraper Solutions 

  • Social Media Scraping API

Social Media Scraping API

This service offers a free plan with 3k requests and charges $1.2 for 1k requests under a 400K request package. 

Social Media Scraping API

Under their enterprise plan

  • SERP Scraping API

SERP Scraping API

This service offers a free plan with 3k requests and charges $2 for 1K requests under a 250K request package. 

Under its enterprise plan 

SERP Scraping API

  • eCommerce Scraping API

eCommerce Scraping API

This service offers a free plan with 3k requests and charges $1.50 for 1K requests under a 333K request package. 

eCommerce Scraping API

Under its enterprise plan 

eCommerce Scraping API

  • Web Scraping API

Web Scraping API

This service offers a free plan with 3k requests and charges $0.8 for 1K requests under a 275K request package. 

Under its enterprise plan 

  • No-Code Scraper

No-Code Scraper

Please note that the prices for all these plans are exclusive of VAT charges. 

3. Site unblocker plans

Site unblocker plans

The basic plan under this service starts at $14 per GB under the 2 GB and gets as cheap as $6 per GB on big plans. 

Site unblocker plans

Please note that the prices for all these plans are exclusive of VAT charges. 

How to create an account on SmartProxy 

Follow these simple steps to create your account on this platform. 

Step 1: Go to their official website and click on the Create Account or the Get Started icon. 

smartproxy overview

Step 2: You can either sign in by using your Google account or manually add your credentials and click on Continue. 

create account

Step 3: Now fill in the details as requested by the platform; these details will help them curate a perfect dashboard as per your needs and requirements. 

select use cases

Step 4: Select an option through which you’ll be using Smartproxy 

use of solution

Step 5: After completing all the steps, you will now need to activate your account through 

your dashboard ready

Viola. That’s it; you have your dashboard ready. 

Walk with me through the Smartproxy Dashboard.  

The dashboard here pretty much has all the necessary features one needs to manage the proxies or make changes with settings or such. 

Smartproxy Dashboard.  

Smartproxy Dashboard.  

The dashboard homepage offers a sidebar with all the solutions/ services Smartproxy offers to its clients. This overview provides an overview of all the aspects. To gain an in-depth knowledge of your proxies, you will have to select a specific service you’ve used.

For instance, if you’re looking for in-depth data on your mobile proxies, you will have to click on Residential Proxie > Mobile Proxies. 

Mobile Proxies. 

Residential Proxy

Are you unsure which plan suits your residential proxy or scraping needs? Click on Residential Proxies and select the smart plan recommendation tool. 

targeting website

Fill in the details as requested. These are some basic questions to understand your needs, such as target, headless or non-headless, and frequency of usage. 

access website

how often do you use proxies

After this, Smartproxy will recommend plans that cater to your needs. 

proxies starting from

Documentation and Resources 

It can be a daunting task to set up all the configurations by yourself and to help you navigate the same Smartproxy at every step, which offers YouTube tutorials and resources.

Click on the help & support section on the sidebar, and you’ll be redirected to the documentation page. 

Documentation and Resources 

This documentation section has everything for its users, from an in-depth guide on features and fields to integration guides, automation tools, and more.

Smartproxy also offers a separate section that offers smart tips for troubleshooting and code samples for use. 

Documentation and Resources 

Quick Links:


In essence, Smartproxy certainly offers an array of services, right from its residential proxies to scrapers for multiple niches.

What makes this platform commendable is its no-code scraper solution. Its 100% success rate on its web API scraper is definitely a bonus.

While their price plans may be a little heavy on pockets, all of their functions and features are worth the investment. Additionally, the user-friendly dashboard, the availability of free tools, and detailed documentation further enhance the user experience.

While support options may be limited, the platform’s strengths significantly outweigh its limitations. Smartproxy is a big yes for me for anyone looking for a premium proxy and web scraping solution. 

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