8 Best AI Copywriting Tools 2024: Which Is The best Tools?

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Although AI copywriting tools may seem alien to some, they have been around for a while and have transformed the industry.

Grammar and plagiarism detection tools like Grammarly are available, and services like Copy.ai and Jasper can write an entire article from scratch for you. AI copywriting is a developing field.

Make sure your content is written in the appropriate tone and format, using artificial intelligence to make your brand message stand out.

These writing aids accomplish this. Writing assistants powered by AI can expedite the writing process and enhance the content so that more people will read it.

This article reviews AI copywriting and explains what it is, how it functions, what to look for in software, and how much it costs to use this kind of software.

Are AI Copywriting Tools Necessary? Benefits & Advantages

The following is a list of some of the main reasons why you should use copywriting software with artificial intelligence:

1. Prevent Writer’s Block

There are times when writing is impossible. Many writers face this kind of writer’s block when they write for blogs, businesses, and authors.

As I previously stated, you just sit around and don’t have any writing ideas. You can continue writing content while expanding your company with a copywriting tool.

2. Multiple copies can be created in no time

These tools are highly sophisticated and efficient. They can quickly generate a large number of copies of the content.

It will take a few hours for us to do a good job if we write the content ourselves. You save time.

3. Save tons of money

You can also save money by using these tools. Our responsibility is to run a business, so we frequently employ expensive writers to create our marketing copy.

Because they charge so much for this, these copywriting programs will perform the same tasks as human authors for a much lower cost.

4. Creative writing techniques

The majority of these resources are also useful for copywriting. People frequently use these tools to create sales pages for their websites or blog posts.

However, these tools are capable of more than just this. They are also capable of more. It is safe to assume that any software you choose will have many features and applications.

Difference between AI Copywriting & AI Content Writing

By using copywriting techniques, you can improve the chances that You will purchase something you write.

Writing copy for PPC landing pages, social media ads, and sales copy is a common practice.

A type of writing called content writing is intended to amuse or educate readers. Although it may aid sales, there are other objectives than that.

In other words, content writing increases traffic, while copywriting increases sales.

This post’s objective is to discuss the top artificial intelligence copywriters who can create marketing materials and sales copy for you.

Read the Best AI Copywriting tools article if you’re looking for AI tools to assist you in creating lengthy, SEO-friendly content.

8 Best AI Copywriting Tools 2024

Below are some of the best AI Copywriting Tools mentioned here; you should read them till the end.

1. Jasper

Jasper is the best solution to make more copy and content for your brand. More than 40,000 copywriters, business owners, and marketing firms use it.

To make Jasper write long-form content like “Write a paragraph about bitcoin” quickly, you can use Boss Mode. Jasper makes good content.

Sometimes, it will give you a different copy than you want, but you can always start over and improve it.

Jasper.ai Overview - Best AI Copywriting Tools

With Jasper Boss Mode, you can write high-quality content that is 100% unique and SEO-friendly.

Jasper has been used by me every day to make high-quality content and send personalized emails to our clients.


  • Uses AI to create tested copy that is highly effective at increasing sales.
  • You can use this to create text of the highest caliber for advertisements, emails, websites, directory listings, blogs, and other purposes.
  • What you write can be translated into a wide variety of languages.
  • More than 50 copywriting techniques, including AIDA and PAIN-AGITATION-SOLUTION, can be aided by it (PAS).
  • In addition to using GPT-3, the best AI language model in the world, Jasper AI is instructed by copywriters and other industry professionals adept at creating persuasive copy.
  • The content passes the plagiarism test and is original 99.999% of the time.


  • Starter Plan: For as little as $40 per month, you can access 35,000 words per month and all short-form copywriting templates. The Jasper Starter plan is excellent if you need an artificial intelligence writing tool to create short-form content such as headlines and product descriptions.
  • Boss Mode (sometimes known as “boss mode”): This $82/month subscription gives you access to 100,000 words and the long-form helper, which You can use to create complete blog entries, among other things. You can use this plan to create long-form content such as blog articles, emails, social media posts, and other types of material.

Another advantage of Jasper AI is that it offers all users a free 5-day trial.

2. Writesonic

Writesonic AI copywriter was created to design content for landing pages that are more likely to convert.

You can create various projects with its assistance, including blogs, Facebook ads, product descriptions, and more, in 24 different languages.

Writesonic Overview - Best AI Copywriting Tools

Writesonic is often used to automate and accelerate content marketing by thousands of marketers, companies, and business owners.


  • A service that uses artificial intelligence to create copy that your customers will enjoy.
  • Uses the AIDA and PAS copywriting formulas to create content for various platforms, including websites, digital ads, articles and blogs, eCommerce, press releases, YouTube videos, and more. 
  • There are over 20 different kinds of copies. 
  • Gives access to the original content. 
  • In addition to GPT-3, the best AI language model in the world. 
  • You can create compelling product descriptions to increase the number of clicks, sales, and revenue from your products—age model.


Writesonic and Jasper both offer free trials of their software. Writesonic stands out in terms of pricing because it provides various options in addition to the free plan.

Writesonic offers several ways to get started, including a free trial, a monthly subscription, and a pay-per-use option. Bloggers, freelance writers, and students will benefit from the Writesonic Basic plan.

Writesonic Pricing Plan

This plan costs $12.67 monthly and includes the same features as the free trial. The pay-as-you-go option is one of the most noticeable aspects of the Writesonic service’s pricing mechanism.

You only need to sign up for a subscription service once you intend to use this product regularly. It’s as easy as using PAYG (Pay as you go).

Payment options at Writesonic are more flexible than those at Jasper.

3. Copy.ai

Want to create marketing copy and overcome writer’s block quickly? Then Copy.ai is your best bet.

When it first started, it went by the name Tagline.ai. It assisted people in creating taglines and slogans for their companies.

When the audience began requesting the lengthy copy, the company realized how beneficial it could be and launched copy.ai.

Copy.ai-Review - Best AI Copywriting Tools

They even received $2.9 million from craft ventures to accelerate product improvement and provide everyone with access to advanced AI so that people could launch their businesses.

More than 250000 marketers have used Copy.ai in the past for their routine marketing copy requirements.


  • You can use it to write digital ads, social media posts, website copy, eCommerce copy, blog content, and sales copy for your company or website.
  • In addition to GPT-3, the best AI language model in the world.
  • There are 25 languages available right now.
  • Copy.ai has a Chrome extension.

Pricing of CopyAI:

CopyAI’s pricing structure is straightforward; you can pay monthly or annually, but paying annually saves you money on the annual plan.

Let’s look at the CopyAI pricing model in more detail:

The free plan at CopyAI includes ten credits per month, a one-time bonus of one hundred credits, the ability to write content in more than 25 languages, and access to more than 90 copywriting tools.

The free plan, however, is not suitable for actual use; however, you can use it to evaluate the tool before making a purchase.

Here’s the pricing structure of CopyAI:

In addition to the free plan, CopyAI has two other plans: Pro and Team. The Pro plan is best suited for small businesses and startups, whereas the Team plan is best suited for large teams and corporate organizations.

  • Pro Plan: CopyAI offers two paid plans. The free ones: are Pro and Team. The team is best for large and larger organizations, while Pro is best for small businesses and startups.
  • Team Plan: CopyAI’s Team plan is intended for large teams and agencies, but it is only available annually. This package includes unlimited credits and projects, the ability to write content in more than 25 languages, access to more than 90 copywriting tools, and priority support.

4. Copysmith

Copysmith is powered by AI and has been conditioned for a high-performing copy. With its aid, you can produce enormous content at once.

Many writers and online creators use Copysmith, including marketing firms, internal marketing teams, independent contractors, and owners of online shops.

Copysmith Main - Best AI Copywriting Tools

They have raised $10 million to continue simplifying the process.


  • With Copysmith, you can write Amazon product descriptions, Facebook and Google ads, blog posts, help with article writing, and many other things for your company.
  • You can arrange and edit all of your copies in one location.
  • CSV files can also be imported and exported.
  • Along with sharing, you can work together with your coworkers.
  • The Chrome extension is available.
  • A Shopify app that helps you create effective product descriptions.
  • The top AI language model in the world, GPT-3, is also used.


  • Starter plan: It gives customers 50 credits per month, which is roughly 650 pieces of content. It also provides users with 20 plagiarism checks, most content types, and email support. You will be charged $19 monthly.
  • Professional plan: This plan includes all of the features of the basic plan plus long-form content development, 100 plagiarism checks per month, and third-party app integration. This is also the first Copysmith plan to offer unlimited credit. For a $59 monthly fee,
  • Enterprise Package: All of the professional plan’s features are available, are provided with unlimited credits, and come with 50 custom generators.

Copysmith Pricing Plans

5. Snazzy AI

Snazzy AI, also known as Smart Copy after the Unbounce acquisition, is one of the market’s most advanced AI writing technologies.

Snazzy AI could be right for you if you want to create high-quality and simplified content for your marketing goals. It is built on GPT-3, the world’s most powerful AI algorithm.

Snazzy AI Main

Snazzy AI lets you make content in minutes that is fully optimized for search engines and gives you optimal content that is right for any marketing goals.


  • The Snazzy AI Chrome extension allows you to copy text directly from websites.
  • Allows you to create content for 90 different situations
  • The GPT 3-language model is used.


  • Free Plan: While this plan is free to use and has fantastic, casual capabilities, it has a daily limit of only five content-generating attempts. This is sufficient for testing, but if you intend to use it to create content, you will almost certainly need more credits.
  • Essential Plan: If you pay annually, you will receive a 49% discount on the premium plan, which includes 200 credits and 3 projects per month.
  • Unlimited Plan: For annual payment methods, this plan comes at $40 per month, and you will have access to an unlimited number of credits and projects.

6. Anyword


  • You can use it to write landing pages, blog posts, emails & other content.
  • Conversions are increased by 30%
  • A high-performing copy can be made for every channel and format.
  • GPT-3, the best AI language model, is used.
  • With Custom mode, you can teach your AI Copywriting tool to write copy that sounds like your brand, your competitors, or your best live ads.
  • You can customize content to the voice of the brand.

Anyword Overview


Anyword accepts payments in two different ways, one for Everyone and another plan exclusively for Businesses.

  • Starter: $24/month, AI text generation, 20,000 words credit/month 

Data Driven: $83/month, with 30,000 words credit and the ability to track the performance with score and analytics

  • Plan for Businesses includes personalized packages for Professionals and Large business organizations. If you run an agency or are a large company marketing team, this customizable plan is just for you.

7. Closercopy

Closercopy can be your go-to writing tool to create effective advertisements and sales copy.

Closercopy Main

You can learn how to create sales messages based on real-world examples by using the AI copywriting tool Closercopy. Closercopy is a tool for digital marketers and salespeople that many large companies use.


  • You can write long-form sales pages and blogs.
  • Uses 200+ marketing frameworks that are easy to set up and use immediately.
  • Easy to write for your social media with the help of an input box and outline the project.
  • You can write a full sales letter about your business in just a few minutes.
  • Hand-picked templates that have been added with insights and advice from experts
  • It facilitates teamwork.
  • You can use more than 127 languages.
  • Sales AI is a feature to create Sales Pages, ads & email campaigns.
  • Blog-AI writes high-ranking blog posts.
  • Story-AI makes interesting stories.


People like the pricing of this AI-based copywriting tool because its pricing plans offer a plethora of capabilities at a very reasonable price compared to other artificial intelligence products.

Closercopy Pricing Plans


  • Power Plan: The plan starts at $49.99 monthly and allows 300 runs for 2 members. 
  • SuperPower Plan: For $79.99 per month, the SuperPower plan includes Unlimited Runs and can have 3 members.
  • SuperPower Squad Plan: You will get unlimited revisions for $99.99 per month, but you can add up to 5 team members.

The lifespan of ClosersCopy: This software is available to you on an as-needed basis. Here are the details for the lifetime deal:

8. Outranking

Do you want to create SEO-friendly content?

You should look into Outranking, which assists in the creation of excellent SEO-friendly content that ranks!

Outranking Main

Outranking is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence-powered writing and research platform that can assist you in creating high-quality SEO-friendly content in a fraction of the time.

This is the right tool for you if you’re looking for an AI Content Creation tool to help you make your content more SEO-friendly. Outranking is for those who write content and work with SEO.


  • An AI wizard can create a title and outline in less than 15 minutes, saving you time.
  • Facts are gathered and written down from the top of the page.
  • You can link WordPress and Google Docs.
  • With an instant SEO score, you can predict the success of your content.
  • It will assist you in learning how to create SEO-friendly content.
  • An artificial intelligence assistant that analyses SERPs (Search engine results pages) to assist copywriters in writing content outlines and paragraphs, answering questions, and creating great content that Google loves.


Outranking Pricing plans

You can pay for Outranking in three ways: Solo, Pro, and Company.

Solo: 79 dollars/month for 10 SEO documents/searches and unlimited AI writing

Pro: 149 dollars per month for SEO documents and searches, unlimited AI writing, and 20+ SERP analyses.

Company: 30 SEO Documents for $219 a month. You can use them to make websites, blogs, and more: more than 100 SERP analyses, a support team, and collaboration of up to three people.

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Conclusion: Best AI Copywriting Tools 2024

Whether you work as a freelance copywriter, in a marketing firm, or in any other business, AI copywriting tools can help you quickly achieve your business goals.

The GPT-3 autoregressive language model is used in all of the AI copywriting tools mentioned above.

We considered how simple it was to use, how good the content was produced, and how much it cost.

Even so, it is critical to try out a free trial or a sample written by these tools before purchasing them. It takes time to decide which AI writing tool to use.

Jasper is the best AI copywriting tool because it can assist with everything from copywriting to long-form content.

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