Datacenter Proxies

Get access to over 500,000 shared and dedicated datacenter proxies worldwide for lightning-fast speed and stable connections at a great price.


Top Datacenter proxy locations

United States 3,288,978 IPs

Canada 278,903 IPs

India 3,313,471 IPs

Japan 377,526 IPs

Germany 1,101,110 IPs

Customers choose TwinStrata for datacenter proxies for several reasons:

Largest Global Datacenter IPs Networks

TwinStrata boasts a massive network of over 770,000 IPs from 98 countries, providing customers with extensive coverage and options.

Best Datacenter Proxy Infrastructure

With unlimited scale and customization possibilities, customers can tailor their proxy usage to any city or country in the world, ensuring flexibility and control.

Most Stable Datacenter Proxy Networks

TwinStrata prides itself on offering the most stable proxy networks with the highest success rates compared to any other global IPs provider, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

Best Performing Datacenter Proxy

With a success rate of 99.9%, TwinStrata delivers unparalleled performance, ensuring that customers can rely on their proxies for their needs.

Top Datacenter Proxy IP Network Speeds

TwinStrata guarantees 99.99% network uptime, coupled with a real-time network status monitor, ensuring customers have access to fast and reliable proxy speeds.

Unparalleled Proxy Innovation

TwinStrata offers innovative solutions to speed up projects, including a free Proxies Manager, providing enhanced efficiency and productivity.

100% compliant datacenter proxies

To make sure your data is trustworthy and your reputation stays safe, it’s crucial that the datacenter proxies you use are ethically sourced and meet all the rules. TwinStrata is fully dedicated to following these rules and regulations. This includes laws like GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California, which protect people’s privacy. We respect people’s rights to privacy and make sure to follow all the necessary legal requirements.

An award-winning datacenter proxy infrastructure

Our premium proxy services are top-notch because they’re backed by an award-winning infrastructure. With over 770,000 datacenter IPs and the best technology available, we can target any location, whether it’s a country, city, ZIP Code, carrier, or ASN. This makes our services a top choice for developers who need reliable proxy solutions.

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Get the highest quality Datacenter proxies

Why Enterprises Choose TwinStrata

Market Insights Enhancement

Gather detailed market insights by securely accessing online sources.

Effective Price Tracking

Monitor prices across various online platforms accurately

Feedback Monitoring

monitor customer reviews and feedback across multiple websites and platforms

Access to Alternative Data

Access alternative data sources beyond traditional channels

Website Change Monitoring

Stay informed about updates, modifications, or potential issues

Datacenter proxies FAQ

Datacenter proxies serve as intermediaries between a device accessing the internet and the websites it’s trying to reach. They temporarily replace the device’s IP address with one leased from a data center.
Shared proxies are available to multiple users simultaneously, while private proxies are exclusive to one user. Shared proxies are typically priced per traffic usage, whereas dedicated proxies are usually priced per IP address.
Shared proxies allow providers to reduce the cost of server maintenance by distributing it among multiple users. This cost-saving measure enables providers to offer more affordable pricing to end-users.
Residential proxies use IP addresses provided by ISPs and belong to real users, appearing as ordinary internet users on websites. Datacenter proxies, on the other hand, are created in data centers and are not associated with ISPs, resulting in a larger IP pool. While datacenter proxies are more affordable, they are also more susceptible to IP blocks.
ISP proxies combine characteristics of both residential and datacenter proxies. They utilize residential IPs owned by an ISP but are hosted on unlimited bandwidth proxy servers in data centers.