What are ISP Proxies?

Static residential proxies (ISP Proxies) with IPs you can keep for life
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Top ISP proxy locations

United States 3,288,978 IPs

Canada 278,903 IPs

India 3,313,471 IPs

Japan 377,526 IPs

Germany 1,101,110 IPs

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TwinStrata's ISP proxy network boasts over 72 million+ IPs from 195 countries, providing extensive coverage worldwide.

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Accelerate your projects with a complimentary Proxies Manager, providing innovative tools and features to streamline your proxy usage.

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To safeguard your reputation and ensure trustworthy data, our proxies adhere to ethical sourcing and meet compliance standards. Twinstrata fully complies with data protection laws, including GDPR and CCPA, respecting privacy rights.

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With over 700,000 ISP IPs and cutting-edge tech, our premium proxy services are favored by developers for their ability to target any location.

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ISP proxies common questions

An ISP proxy acts as an intermediary IP address hosted on a datacenter but registered under an Internet Service Provider (ISP). It combines the speed of Datacenter Proxies with the authenticity of Residential Proxies, utilizing real IP addresses assigned by ISPs.
Yes, ISP proxies can be advantageous in specific scenarios where high speed and undetectability are crucial. Despite being pricier, they offer a blend of fast speeds and the ability to remain undetected, making them suitable for various purposes.
ISP proxies operate similarly to other proxy servers by forwarding requests using a different IP address while concealing the user’s original IP. They utilize residential IP addresses provided by ISPs, avoiding the need to manage end-users’ internet connections.
ISP proxies, unlike Datacenter proxies, utilize residential IP addresses provided by ISPs instead of IP addresses unaffiliated with ISPs. This makes it less likely for the IPs to be blocked by target websites, enhancing their effectiveness for scraping activities.
Yes, we provide a free trial for Rotating ISP Proxies to allow clients to experience their performance before making a purchase. Simply click on the “Contact sales” button and fill out the contact form to request the trial. Please note that the free trial can be used only once.