Graphy Vs Skillshare In 2024– Which One Is Right for You?

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Are you looking for an efficient way to grow and build a community through educating the audience? If the answer is yes, you have visited the appropriate site.

But before doing this, you need to know which learning site is better than the other in different aspects.

Here in the article, we are going to make a fair comparison between the two most efficient online learning communities namely Graphy vs Skillshare

Both of the communities are getting higher reach in online teaching since the time of the pandemic.

These platforms are similar yet different than each other.

Therefore, to know the difference and make a definite choice between Graphy vs Skillshare, keep on reading the article.


Check out


Check out
Pricing ₹2,999/month $ 32 per month
Best for

This service is an excellent method to share and enhance your learnings with your audience

Skillshare is also a digital platform for the online learning community for those who are keen to learn and grow from educational videos

  • Easy to sign up
  • Get an insight about the platform
  • Enables to choose the time to start
  • Variety of fields
  • The facility of catalog
  • Shared learning experience
  • Offline viewing for Premium Students
  • Provision of referrals
  • Offers 24 x 7 chat support
  • You can experience live teaching and interactions
  • It hosts webinars
  • Provides highly educated teachers.
  • 30 days free trial
  • Very affordable for premium payment plans
  • None
  • It is a little hard to search for things at a glance
  • Many reviews suggest that the billing doesn’t get stopped
Ease of Use

It is easier and faster to operate for anyone as compared with Skillshare.

You will get high-quality courses and materials easily as it is an easy to use digital platform.

Value For Money

They only charge 5 % of each transaction

The monthly pricing for Skillshare is $ 32 per month

Customer Support

Offers 24 x 7 chat support

Quality of support is not good.

Check out Check out

Graphy Vs Skillshare In 2024: Overview

What Is Graphy?

Graphy is a digital platform that permits users to make and sell online courses.

This service is an excellent method to share and enhance your learnings with your audience, at the same time making money out of it.

Here, you can launch courses, host live sessions, and make your community better and bigger – everything at one site.

Anything you create with this platform is yours (be it your audienwebsite, community,your mailing list, and even the brands associated with it).

Graphy Vs Skillshare

The most assuring thing about this website is that it is a trending product of the most reliable online educational brand of India – unacademy.

Graphy is convenient in its use which makes it comforting for beginners. It is the right place for people to explore the world and share their knowledge on certain topics.

Everything you see on this platform is hosted on their safe server and therefore there is no risk of losing track of anything in case anything goes wrong while launching a course or hosting a session.

The significant policy to consider is that they don’t change the subscription cost plan which means they earn money when you earn.

As a teacher, you can charge students the amount you want for your course.

In the beginning, you can sell your courses for free and later charge them as per your skills and experience.

What Is Skillshare? 

Alike Graphy, Skillshare is also a digital platform for the online learning community for those who are keen to learn and grow from educational videos.

Most of the courses which are rendered by this platform concentrate more on practical interactions rather than lecturing with the main objective of learning by accomplishing significant projects.

Therefore, the skills are trained and learned by task-based classes.

The courses provided by skillshare are design, lifestyle, technology, photography, gaming, cooking, music, creative arts, and entrepreneurship.



The educators and students get the opportunity of presenting their projects online on various subjects.

It is a New York-based enterprise and people from different regions come to this fantastic digital learning community to find motivation and get inspired to grow.

It facilitates you to provide quality educational content to the viewers with not so much effort.

The teachers are selected here based on their expertise in their respective fields.

Moreover, it is easily accessible and therefore well organized to use. Also, some of the video library provided by skillshare is available for free.

The best part about it is that it is consists of a variety of courses in its catalog which gives you a wide range of options to choose from.

How Does Graphy Work?

Step 1 – Visit the official site –

Step 2 – you have two options, either to select sign up and start the process or schedule a demo to know further about the product.

Step 3 – when you select Sign Up, you can start creating your site immediately by completing the details needed.

Step 4 – when you are done with signing up, you will get a prompt to enter a code which would be sent to your assigned email.

Step 5 – now, you can design your landing page according to what you like. Place your best photograph and inform the viewers about your courses and how you want to contribute to your job as an educator.

Graphy Vs Skillshare


All these steps when followed till the end lead to the completion of the process to be a member of Graphy.

How Does Skillshare Work?

Step 1 – visit

Step 2 – in the right top of the page, you will see the ‘sign up’ option. select it and fill up the necessary details about yourself such as email id.

Step 3 – once you sign up, you will have the option to go for a free trial plan or to continue using the regular payment plan.

Step 4 – Now you will see the option “create a class”. You can design your class the way you want.

Step 5 – to put your picture and details, go to profile settings.

Graphy Vs Skillshare

All these steps when followed till the end lead to the completion of the process to be a member of skillshare.

Graphy Vs Skillshare: Battle of the Features

Major Features And Benefits Of Graphy 

  • Easy to sign up: It takes fewer than 60 seconds to begin your website. To enhance a credible personal brand users just need to add an interesting description, an image, featured media, and positive testimonials. The signing process on Graphy is quite convenient and easy to use. Just visit the website and select ‘Sign Up’.
  • Make changes in course: In Graphy, you can alter your course content based on people’s insight, feedback, and the learning curve.
  • Get an insight about the platform: You are enabled to ‘schedule a demo’ so that to have more and clearer understanding of the digital platform.

  • Various benefits to educators and students: Here, all the students move toward a certain type of learning aim at the same speed incoherent based courses and this is why the peer-to-peer learning and community engagement are available (adding as a benefit for the educator). Moreover, the learners get full-fledged knowledge about specific topics they’ve chosen. Educators and students can make proper and efficient interactions on the points of the topics. This not only ensures students’ growth but also the educator’s.
  • Accessibility to choose payment plans: In this course, the teachers can choose premium pricing for the content they would teach because of the quality of content they render – based on years of work and experience.
  • Enables to choose the time to start: This website enables you to attain a fixed enrolment time and starting period. One more option available here is to choose is having evergreen courses which you are free to enroll in at any point in time.
  • Variety of fields: The best part about Graphy is that you can choose any genre or field – from artificial intelligence to lifestyle.

Major Features And Benefits Of Skillshare

  • Shared learning experience: Skillshare gives you a shared learning experience.
  • Class creation: On this site, the facility of class creation is available to the users. Here the system gets itself a constructor to guide you.
  • Teacher compensation: This website also renders compensation to the educators.
  • Multiple classes available: Various types of classes are available here such as Publishing Classes, Group Classes, Free Classes, Promoting Classes, and Catalogue of Premium Classes.
  • Networking: In skillshare, networking is done quite efficiently.
  • High-quality courses/ materials: On this website, you will get high-quality courses and materials easily as it is an easy-to-use digital platform.

  • The facility of catalog: A catalog of premium classes is available on this platform.
  • Good support: Both teachers and students can get excellent support in the learning process. It also assists you in building a channel to interact with students and on in-depth topics of specific fields.
  • Provision of referrals: You are provided with referrals who can help you by linking you with experts who can guide you and solve your queries about anything related to the website.
  • Feedback: the website enables students to give you feedback on your teaching. 
  • Offline viewing for Premium Students: This site enables you to download the videos and watch them even when there is no internet connection available. This saves your time and assists you in many ways.

Graphy Vs Skillshare: Features Verdict 

We have discussed the significant features of two digital learning platforms – Graphy and Skillshare. Both of them consist of useful and effective features.

But if there is a choice to make between them, which one should you go for?

Well, as you can see Graphy not only have more features but is also more efficient in its features.

It serves users more broadly. Moreover, it is easier and faster to operate for anyone as compared with Skillshare.

There is more facility offered to both educators and learners whereas in skillshare not so many benefits are given.

Graphy provides live session recordings, unlimited learners, in-built email integration, mobile applications for both iOS and android, course notifications, an Indian, in-app community interaction, and many more while skillshare lacks behind in all these.

All this makes Graphy a better option than Skillshare . 

You will enjoy operating Graphy more than Skillshare. Hence all the points mentioned above make Graphy a winner in the aspect of features.

Pricing Of Graphy

They only charge 5 % of each transactions. 

graphy price

Pricing Of Skillshare

– The monthly pricing for Skillshare is $ 32 per month.

– The annual pricing for Skillshare digital platform is $ 180 per month.

– 30 days free trial package.

– The premium membership offers exclusive discounts to your selected creative services like Squarespace and Adobe starting at $ 12 monthly for its annual subscription.

– Provides special payment plans for teams and businesses.

– Offers refund facility on the yearly premium membership payments.

Graphy Vs Skillshare

Graphy Vs Skillshare: Pricing Verdic

From the above mentions, it is probably clear for you to guess the more preferable option.

Graphy has more perks in its payment plans than of Skillshare.

Graphy Vs Skillshare: Pros and Cons

Pros Of Graphy

  • It tends to maximize the revenue.
  • It offers 24 x 7 chat support.
  • You can experience live teaching and interactions.
  • It hosts webinars.
  • Any number of audiences can join the classes.
  • Data-driven insights are available.
  • Users can build communities on their own and then make good professional connections. 
  • There is no requirement for a subscription fee in Graphy.

Pros Of Skillshare

  • Offers various types of videos are made using high-quality editing and videography skills. 
  • Provides highly educated teachers.
  • 30 days free trial is available which is enough to analyze any service.
  • Very affordable for premium payment plans.

Cons Of Graphy 

  • None 

Cons Of Skillshare

  • It is a little hard to search for things at a glance. You are required to take some extra steps to analyze your searches.
  • The courses and the teaching methods vary which can create confusion among the students.
  • The instructions and marketplace are not vetted. There is a probability of someone taking place of the instructor and doing his/her work.
  • You are not the owner of the platform which simply means not being accessible once the subscription period is over.
  • Many reviews suggest that the billing doesn’t get stopped.


How can I teach at Graphy?

There are a few steps to follow to teach at Graphy: Step 1 – Organise an eye-pleasing website and set up your brand. Step 2 – Keep hosting interaction-based live sessions to be in touch with all the learners. This will make your community and brand grow at a good pace. Step 3 – Launch courses and sessions to initiate the generation of revenue.

Does it take time to begin the website at Graphy?

No, it doesn’t take long to start your website. It just takes less than 60 seconds to begin the site

What type of courses are offered by skillshare?

The courses offered by skillshare are design, lifestyle, technology, photography, gaming, cooking, music, creative arts, and entrepreneurship.

How does Skillshare want to teach the learners?

Skillshare emphasizes more on practical knowledge and less on bookish topics. The educators give tasks and a period to complete them.

Final Verdict – Graphy Vs Skillshare

So far, we have discussed thoroughly two digital learning platforms which are Graphy and Skillshare.

Both of them serve the same purpose but in different ways. We can make a clear comparison between the two and decide the most suitable platform.

Although both Graphy and Skillshare have some fall-offs, these two are considered two of the most efficient online learning platforms where you can build and grow your education-based business.

On one hand, Graphy has better and more efficient features than that of skillshare.

On the other hand, skillshare is better in terms of its pricing style.

But only good pricing can not make the whole experience good. There are more cons in skillshare than pros. While on Graphy there are various pros and no cons.

Graphy is the platform for opting for hosting paid online sessions and webinars.

Moreover, this platform renders live session integrations, in-built email, live session recording, an Indian payment gateway integration, in-app community interaction and, mobile applications for both iOS and Android.  

All of these points make Graphy a more preferable and better option to choose.

Therefore, Graphy is the absolute winner.

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