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About MemberPress

MemberPress is a WordPress plugin that offers a way for you to have  a membership site. The plugin integrates with various payment solutions and it allows you to track your subscriptions, sell digital downloads, control user permissions, and manage members online.

The plugin is an all in one solution for your business website or personal blog. The integration with payment solutions and the ability to manage members makes it a great tool to use when building a site that you want to have revenue from.

In addition, the plugin has been downloaded over 120 thousand times which means that other people have had success with it.

The plugin is the most comprehensive solution for building a fully functional membership site with WordPress. MemberPress integrates with all popular payment solutions like PayPal, Stripe, and more. It allows you to track your subscriptions, sell digital downloads, control user permissions, and manage members online.

Features of MemberPress

Content Dripping

The content that members have access to typically comes in one of two flavors: All content is available immediately, or the content is drip-fed so you don’t overwhelm your audience.

MemberPress provides you with a range of options for drip-feeding content. You can release it all at once, on a particular date and time, or on a regular basis — perhaps daily or weekly. You can also limit the number of times that people can access certain content. This is useful if you’re building modules into your site over time, for example.

Once you’ve set up your drip-feeding, all content is made available to members via a link that they have access to on the WordPress dashboard.

While it’s possible to disable this link completely if you want to keep things secret, it’s also possible to limit how much of your content new users can see until they become members.

Community Management

Another useful feature is the community management you can do directly through MemberPress. It’s simple to create groups based on specific criteria, which you can then set to appear in your site’s sidebars.

In addition, you can create different content for each group — a great way to make sure that everyone has what they need. Of course, you can also create a welcome message that new users will see when they register.

It’s worth mentioning that MemberPress recently released a Twitter-based plugin called TweetMember. If your audience is already using Twitter as part of their social media strategy, it might be a good way to build loyalty and attract the attention of new users.

Ecommerce Integration

If you eventually want to sell locked content as products, look for a plugin capable of integrating with WooCommerce or another ecommerce plugin. This will allow visitors to your site to purchase your product without leaving your site.

I’ve found that these plugins are an invaluable addition to any membership site. Not only do they create more opportunities for sales, but they also contribute to the overall usability of the site. The best part is, these plugins are fully customizable and don’t require any programming skills.

You can find plugins built for Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and more by searching on Google or checking out Rocket Lawyer’s article on the “Top 20 Freelance Marketplace Sites for Web Professionals.”

The main drawback is that your content will be locked to both search engines and visitors who haven’t purchased the product. This essentially defeats the purpose of having a membership site in the first place, but it’s still an excellent way to monetize your site if you’re not ready to sell products just yet.

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