Android TV vs Roku 2024: Which Has More Value For Money?

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Roku’s popularity has grown even among those who are just starting out with streaming media. They have dominated the market for streaming players for some years.

Other options exist besides them for you to consider. Since that’s what this essay is about, I compared and contrasted the Roku and Android TV streaming media players.

Android TV has some cool new features, but it isn’t as refined as Roku.

Android TV vs Roku: Appearance & Feel Comparison

These smart televisions need little setup and learning curves. You may put them to use by integrating them into your existing infrastructure. Distinctive differences exist b/w the Roku TV & Android TV user interfaces.

Roku Tv - Android TV vs Roku

Home Screen of Roku

Since 2012, Roku has maintained the same user interface. Anyone, even those unfamiliar with streaming video, should have no issue following the 33 grid.

Non-technical users have appreciated its simplicity and usefulness. Your services, even those you haven’t installed, may be searched via a uniform interface.

If you “follow” a program, you’ll get updates whenever new episodes are added.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are still the most popular channels on Roku, even though Roku has its own entertainment channel. You can use a voice remote to operate your gadget hands-free.

Home Screen Of  Android TV

Android TV is a must-have since it is both stylish and easy to use. In this article, I’ll contrast the Chromecast and Android TV home screens to show you how they vary.

On the main menu of an Android TV, you may find a grid of widgets that you can arrange in any way you choose. The most frequently used applications have been consolidated into a single menu bar.

The “Recommended” section features videos from some of the services you’ve indicated as favorites. The supplementary applications you’ve installed are detailed below.

Column widths may be altered per preference on the Android TV platform. Here’s a convenient method to catch up on all your reading. The necessity to key in show titles by hand is eliminated with Google Assistant.

Apps Comparison

The hardware isn’t the deciding factor between a Roku and an Android TV; rather, it’s the availability of third-party apps.

The variety of video and audio applications available for Roku reflects the device’s adaptability as a media streaming platform. Roku gives you access to both well-established and cutting-edge media.

Tubi, Crunchyroll, PlutoTV, and Plex are just a few examples. Android TV has several advantages over Roku, however, Roku still lacks support for streaming video platforms like Twitch.

Chromecast support means you can send anything from your computer or mobile device to your TV through your Android TV. The speed and stability of native applications much outweigh those of their browser-based counterparts.

The market for smart TVs powered by Android is expanding quickly. Twitch, Netflix, HBO Now, YouTube, Hulu, Spotify, and Disney+ are just a few of the many streaming media services available.

Gaming Comparison

Even if Android TV and Roku aren’t designed for gaming, there are still possibilities for casual players. Roughly twenty video games may be accessed using Roku’s gaming channel.

Play some chess or poker while you wait for the next AAA game to come out. Android TV expands the NVIDIA Shield’s gaming library significantly. We need video gaming systems.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of games that may be enjoyed. Games like Minecraft: Retail Edition, Crossy Road, and Final Fantasy IX are being used in advertisements.

Integration Of  Mobile Devices

If you own a Roku or Android TV set-top box, you may improve your viewing experience by streaming material from your smartphone to it.

Chromecast support is integrated right into Android TVs, making it easy to beam your favorite programs and movies from your mobile device to the big screen.

Android TV and NVIDIA Shield applications allow you to control your TV from your mobile device. It’s possible to use the Roku app as a remote and a search engine.

You may put the TV on hold and come back to it later on your phone.

Android TV vs Roku: Television Comparison

Let me begin with the TVs. The manufacturers sell Roku and Android TVs. These goods are made by two different companies. Roku-compatible TV brands include TCL, Hisense, Philips, RCA, Hitachi, Sanyo, and Westinghouse.

TCL, Hisense, Philips, Sony, and Sharp are just a few of the manufacturers that provide Android TVs. Each brand has several variants available.

The screen sizes of TCL’s Roku televisions range from the standard 28 inches to the more extravagant 75 inches. Sony’s XBR Z9G 98-inch Android TV is currently the best-selling model available.

Roku and Android TV are just two examples of streaming gadgets that work with any and all television sets. More recent versions come preinstalled with THX certification, Dolby Vision HDR, and Dolby Atmos audio.

Android TV vs Roku: Hardware Comparison

It’s possible that you need a new television, but this isn’t one of the main reasons. A Roku streaming stick or box, an Android TV stick or box, or both may be connected to the TV for online viewing.

Official Boxes Of Android TV

Google’s first recommendation was for the NVIDIA Shield TV. Put your TV and DVD collection on hold and use this streaming gadget instead. The Pro version may be expensive.

Android televisions have captured a larger percentage of the market. The Xiaomi Mi Box S and the Ematic Jetstream AGT419 are two consumer-friendly media streaming devices.

Both topics have been addressed in earlier posts.

Streaming Devices Of Roku

HDMI cables may be used to connect Roku streaming sticks and boxes to a TV. The newest and finest Roku devices, the Ultra, Premiere, Streaming Stick+, and Express have been made available to the public.

Like the Amazon FireStick, the Roku Express costs less than $30. This is the most cost-effective and convenient choice if you just require a streaming subscription.

Both the processing speed and picture quality on this Roku device are terrible. To provide voice instructions, Express+ is essential. The Roku streaming media device is examined here for the first time.

Contrast that with the subpar audio and 4K video on the Express and you’ll see why. history of steady employment The Streaming Stick+’s voice-activated remote control might replace your TV’s remote.

USB may be used to power any Roku stick. The Roku Ultra excels in playing video stored locally on a hard drive or SD card, as well as content streamed via Ethernet.

If you’re on a budget, consider the Roku Ultra LT. This model lacks features like USB playback, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, fast channel access, programmable shortcut buttons, and a remote finder.

Android TV vs Roku: Pricing Comparison

As a general rule, the price of a Roku streaming device is less than that of an Android TV. A brand-new Roku TV may be purchased throughout the week for less than $200.

A fully working smart TV, suitable for a bedroom or kitchen, may cost as low as $150, depending on its size and capabilities.

Although there are some smaller, more reasonably priced smart TVs available from Google, the price gap between premium models continues to expand.

Accordingly, Roku is more popular than Android TV. If everyone’s instruments were around the same price, it would be fairer.

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Conclusion: Android TV vs Roku 2024

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