10 Best Instagram Proxy Providers 2024 🚀 Which One Is The Best?

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Are you searching for the best Instagram proxy providers? You’re in the right place!🚀

If you’re like me and love sharing your life on Instagram or managing multiple accounts, you know how tricky it can be sometimes.

Whether it’s keeping your privacy on point or making sure you’re not getting blocked, finding the right proxy is a game changer.

So, I did the research to figure out the best Instagram proxy options out there. Why? Because staying connected, safe, and active on our favorite app shouldn’t be a hassle.

Let’s get into it and make our Instagram experience smoother and more secure.🌐🛡️

Best Instagram Proxy Providers

What is Instagram Proxy?

Instagram proxies are specialized servers that mask your IP address, enabling the management of multiple accounts and automating interactions on Instagram without triggering security measures. They’re essential for social media professionals and marketers.


  • Multiple Account Management: This enables handling several Instagram accounts simultaneously without triggering security alerts.
  • Geographical Flexibility: Access Instagram content from various locations worldwide, which is useful for market research and global content strategies.
  • Automation Compatibility: Often used with automation bots for tasks like liking, commenting, and following, helping to avoid detection and bans.
  • Types of Proxies: Includes Residential, Datacenter, and Mobile proxies, each offering different levels of reliability and risk.
  • Security and Privacy: Enhances anonymity and security when accessing Instagram, though quality varies with the type of proxy.

Quick Comparison Table:

Provider Features Pricing Info IP Pool Size Support Type
  • Fastest response time
  • Huge, dynamic residential proxy network
  • Extensive resources for Instagram automation
Residential proxies start at $4/GB. 65M+ unique IP addresses Comprehensive
  • Dedicated proxies
  • Prioritizes privacy
  • Lightning-fast and reliable
Plans start at $5 per GB per month. Over 1 million High Quality
  • Over 96% success record on Instagram
  • 3.5M IP addresses on 3G and 4G networks
Starts at $99 per month for 15 GB. 191 million IP pool Reliable
  • Ethically supplied proxies
  • Proxies from over 195 countries
Residential proxies start at $7 for 1 GB. 8M+ Excellent
Bright Data
  • 72 million unique IP addresses
  • Dynamic residential IPs
Residential proxies start at $10.50/GB. 72 million 24/7 Support
Proxy Seller
  • Sells private Socks5 and HTTPS proxies
  • Two-factor authentication
Pricing is not explicitly listed. Not specified 24/7 Availability
  • Over 9.75 million unique IP addresses
  • Rotating residential proxies
Affordable plans start as low as $0.35 per GB. 9.75 million Good Support
  • Permanent and dynamic home proxies
  • Rotating residential IPs
Starts at $15/GB for the Starter plan. 52 million IPs Responsive
The Social Proxy
  • High-quality 5G and 4G proxies
  • Suitable for multiple Instagram accounts
Offers bulk purchase discounts. Not specified Good Service
  • Over 5 million residential IP addresses
  • Dedicated browser extension
Packages start from around $79 per month. Over 5 million Reliable Service

10 Best Instagram Proxy Providers 2024

I have compiled a list of recommended proxy service providers for your convenience. All of these have been tried and shown to work well together and be reliable.

1. Smartproxy

Smartproxy stands out as a leading Instagram proxy service, known for its fast residential proxies and the ability to target 195 locations through a large and dynamic network with separate subnets.

It offers IP addresses from both computers and mobile devices, along with extensive resources for Instagram automation and excellent customer service.

While affordable and user-friendly, making it popular for social media automation and sneaker copping, Smartproxy does have limitations like 30-minute sticky sessions and shared, changing IP addresses.

Smartproxy Overview

Features Of SmartProxy:

  • Large IP Pool: Access to over 65 million unique IP addresses globally.
  • Global Coverage: IPs available in 195+ locations, including cities and states.
  • User-Friendly: Easy integration with HTTP(s) or SOCKS5 proxies.
  • Flexible Pricing: Pay As You Go options for residential proxies.
  • Rotating/Sticky Proxies: Offers both rotating and sticky residential proxies.
  • Targeting Options: Country, city, and state-level targeting.
  • High Performance: Fast speeds (<0.6s) and high success rate (99.47%).

Pros and Cons Of Smartproxy:

Pros Cons
Extensive IP Pool: Over 65 million IPs No Free Trial: No option to try before buying
Global Reach: Coverage in 195+ locations Complex for Beginners: Challenging for new users
Optimized for Web Scraping: Ideal for data extraction
User-Friendly: Easy integration and use
Flexible Pricing: Pay As You Go options
High Performance: Fast and reliable connections
  • Read the Full Review of Bright Data Here.


2. MarsProxies

MarsProxies is highly recommended for Instagram proxies due to its unmatched reliability and performance. It stands out by offering dedicated proxies, ensuring users do not share their IP addresses, which reduces the risk of social media bans.

Prioritizing privacy and security, MarsProxies protects sensitive information like login credentials and payment details. Known for its fast and reliable connections, it offers a smooth experience on social networks, free from the usual limitations of free proxies.

For those serious about Instagram success, MarsProxies is a game-changing option, offering speed, security, and reliability.

MarsProxies Overview

Key features of MarsProxies:

  • Over 1 Million IPs: A vast network of IPs worldwide for efficient web scraping.
  • Transparent Pricing: Clear plans with no hidden costs or bandwidth limitations.
  • 24/7 Support: Dedicated round-the-clock customer support.
  • Dedicated IPs: Each proxy is reserved for individual user privacy.
  • HTTP/HTTPS Support: Compatible with HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Pros and Cons Of MarsProxies:

Pros Cons
Large IP Pool: Access to over 1 million IPs for diverse geographic coverage. Potential Cost: Pricing may be higher for certain plans or extensive usage.
Dedicated IPs: Offers enhanced privacy and security for users. Specific Feature Details: Limited detailed information on advanced features and capabilities
24/7 Customer Support: Round-the-clock assistance for any issues.
Transparent Pricing: Clear and straightforward pricing with no hidden fees.
HTTP/HTTPS Compatibility: Suitable for common web protocols and applications.


3. Soax

With a success record of over 96% on Instagram, SOAX’s mobile proxy pool has 3.5M IP addresses on 3G and 4G networks.

SOAX’s filtering capabilities are quite versatile, letting users choose their preferred country/region, city, and ASN.

Since most social networking sites only allow addresses within certain ranges, that’s the standard by which Instagram accounts are managed. The period of the mobile proxies used by SOAXs may be set anywhere between 90 seconds and 10 minutes.

Soax Overview

Features Of Soax:

  • Global Coverage: Wide-reaching network for extensive geographic access.
  • Huge Proxy Pool: Access to a large number of proxies.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate and use.
  • Excellent Support: Reliable customer service and support.
  • Seamless Web Scraping Experience: Optimized for efficient data extraction.
  • Decent Proxy Speed: Offers good speed for proxy services.
  • Scalable Payment Plans: Flexible pricing options to suit different needs.
  • Global Compliance: Adherence to international standards and regulations.

Pros and Cons Of Soax

Pros Cons
Extensive Global Coverage: Wide-reaching network for global access. Pricing: It may be expensive for certain plans or extensive usage.
Large Proxy Pool: Offers a vast number of proxies for diverse needs. Complexity for New Users: Interface and features might be overwhelming for beginners.
Optimized for Web Scraping: Efficient and effective for data extraction.
User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate and use.
Responsive Customer Support: Provides reliable and helpful support.


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4. IPRoyal

IPRoyal is a leader in ethically supplied proxies, offering authentic user IPs to avoid user flagging or banning. It provides access to proxies in over 195 countries with city-level targeting for increased efficiency. The service ensures legality in accessing websites.

IPRoyal’s features include dynamic IP assignment, automatic IP rotation, and continuous proxy connections. It offers residential-based dedicated proxies, among other advanced options.

The website claims a 99.67% success percentage with permanent traffic for IPRoyal. IPRoyal is the best social media marketing service available.

Features Of IPRoyal:

  • Growing IP Pool: The proxy server pool is continuously expanding and currently boasts over 8 million IP addresses.
  • Flawless Anonymity and Performance: Focus on maintaining user anonymity and high-performance standards.
  • Easier Order Management: Streamlined process for managing proxy orders.
  • Convenient Ordering Experience: Enhanced user experience for easier proxy purchasing.
  • Greater IP Variety: Offers a wide variety of IP addresses to cater to different needs.

Pros and Cons Of IPRoyal:

Pros Cons
Affordable Pricing: Offers proxies at a competitive price. Privacy Concerns: It may not be the most privacy-friendly option.
High-Quality Proxies: Known for providing high-quality proxy services. Limited Advanced Features: May lack certain specialized features.
Wide Location Availability: Proxies are available in numerous locations.
High Uptime: Reliable service with high uptime.
Unlimited Bandwidth: Some plans offer unlimited bandwidth.


5. Bright Data

With 72 million unique IP addresses, Bright Data has more than any other proxy service. Bright Data provides a wide variety of proxies, but we’re particularly interested in their dynamic residential IPs.

The provider’s success rate is above 99%, and their response time is under 1.08 seconds, which is excellent. Bright Data’s primary benefits lie in its patented and compliant proxies, limitless concurrent queries, seamless interfaces, complete transparency, and more.

Also, you may get an Instagram proxy service with 24/7 worldwide support and personal account managers.

Bright Data Proxy Providers

Features Of Bright Data:

  • Large Proxy Networks: Offers award-winning proxy networks for various applications.
  • Web Scraping Solutions: Provides powerful web scrapers and ready-to-use datasets.
  • High Usage Control: Allows for effective management of proxy usage.
  • Flexible Pricing: Offers pricing flexibility to suit different user needs.
  • Strong API Support: Features a robust API for integration and automation.
  • High Success Rate: Ensures a high success rate for proxy connections.
  • Geolocation Targeting: Allows targeting based on geographic location.
  • Large Geographic Coverage: Extensive coverage with a focus on city, ASN, and zip code level targeting.
  • Stable and Fast Proxies: Known for battle-tested stability and speeds in their proxy services.

Pros and Cons Of Bright Data:

Pros Cons
High Usage Control: Effective management of proxy usage. Learning Curve: There may be a steep learning curve for new users.
Pricing Flexibility: Offers flexible pricing options. Cost: It can be expensive, especially for high-end features.
Strong API Support: Robust API for integration and automation.
Goal-Oriented Proxies: Proxies designed for specific objectives.
High Success Rate: Ensures a high success rate for connections.
Large Proxy Pool: Capable of handling high loads with a vast number of proxies.


6. Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller is an emerging service selling private Socks5 and HTTPS proxies, showing promising potential for future success.

To enhance user security, it incorporates two-factor authentication, ensuring safe access to restricted content without risking personal information.

The service provides access to an extensive range of over 300 networks, subnets, and proxies from more than 15 countries, with precise targeting capabilities down to the local level.

Particularly for Instagram, its IPv4 proxies offer several valuable features, including proxy replacement or a money-back guarantee within 24 hours of receiving personal proxy data, high-speed connections of up to 1 GBPS, and dedicated proxies for individual users.

Proxy-Seller Overview

Features Of Proxy Seller:

  • Flexible Payment Options: The service provides flexible payment options to suit different user needs.
  • Good Location Coverage: Proxy Seller offers proxies from a wide range of locations, ensuring good coverage.
  • High-Speed and Stable Proxies: The proxies provided are known for their high speed and stability.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed for easy navigation and use.
  • Authentication: The service uses username and password authentication.
  • Refund Policy: They offer a 24-hour refund policy.
  • High-Quality Private Proxies: The service includes ISP, IPv4, IPv6, and Mobile 4G/5G/LTE proxies.

Pros and Cons Of Proxy Seller:

Pros  Cons
Versatile Proxy Options: The variety of proxy types (datacenter, ISP, residential, mobile) caters to diverse needs. No Free Trial: Lacks an option to try the service before purchasing.
Flexible Payment Plans: Accommodates different budgets and usage patterns. Complex for Beginners: The range of options and technical details might be overwhelming for new users.
Wide Geographic Coverage: Availability in over 50 countries enhances usability for international tasks.
High-Speed Connections: Generally offers fast internet connectivity, which is beneficial for time-sensitive tasks.
User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies the process of selecting and using proxies.
Robust Customer Support: Readily available assistance improves user experience.
Quality of Service: High-quality private proxies ensure reliable and secure connections.


7. ProxyEmpire 

ProxyEmpire provides its customers with over 9.75 million unique IP addresses from over 170 different countries. You may filter out certain regions, cities, Internet service providers, and more with the use of its rotating residential proxies.

All major software stacks are compatible with ProxyEmpire’s proxies, and the service supports all common proxy protocols.

It also offers residential proxies or ISP proxies that remain static over time, allowing customers to keep the same IP address for as long as they choose.

ProxyEmpire Overview

Features of ProxyEmpire:
  • Targeting Precision: Offers precise targeting options, including country, city, state, ASN, and ISP targeting.
  • No Hidden Fees: The pricing is transparent, with all features included in the stated price.
  • Unlimited Concurrent Sessions: Allows for an unlimited number of concurrent sessions.
  • Large Proxy Pool: Offers over 9 million rotating residential proxies.
  • Advanced Filtering Features: Equipped with advanced filtering capabilities for specific requirements.
  • Ethically Procured Services: Ensures that the proxies are ethically sourced.
  • Variety of Proxy Types: Provides proxies for both mobile and residential use.
  • Security and Performance: Focuses on fast speeds and advanced security protocols.

Pros and Cons Of ProxyEmpire:

Pros Cons
Precise Targeting: Offers detailed targeting options like country, city, state, ASN, and ISP. Complexity for Beginners: Advanced features may be overwhelming for new users.
Large Proxy Pool: Over 9 million rotating residential proxies are available. Limited Proxy Types: Focus mainly on residential and mobile proxies, which might not suit all use cases.
Advanced Filtering Features: Useful for specific and sophisticated proxy requirements.
Web Scraping Tools: Includes tools like Custom Parser, Scheduler, and Web Crawler for data gathering.
Ethically Sourced Proxies: Emphasis on ethical procurement of proxy services.
Developer-Friendly Integration: Hassle-free integration with good documentation and API support.
Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees, with all features included in the pricing.
Unlimited Concurrent Sessions: Allows numerous simultaneous connections.


8. NetNut

NetNut offers both permanent and dynamic proxies for homes for sale. Despite its emphasis on big and medium-sized enterprises, it is possible to get both kinds of proxies with as little as 1 GB of traffic.

With NetNut, you may stay with the same IP address for as long as it’s usable or forever if you’re using an ISP proxy.

NetNut Proxy Overview

Features Of NetNut:

  • User-Friendly Dashboard: NetNut provides a dashboard that is easy to navigate, allowing users to monitor and adjust their proxies efficiently.
  • Real-Time Proxy Management: Users can manage their proxies in real time with just a few clicks.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: The service offers analytics to track usage and performance.
  • Large IP Pool: NetNut boasts a sizeable IP pool of 52 million IPs.
  • Variety of Proxy Types: Offers static residential, rotating residential, and datacenter proxies.
  • Global Locations: Proxies are available in over 150 countries, providing extensive geographic coverage.
  • High Performance and Stability: Combines the stability and performance of data center IPs with the resilience and stealth of residential IPs.
  • Trustpilot Score: NetNut has a Trustpilot score of 4 out of 5, indicating good customer satisfaction.
  • Pricing Options: Offers competitive pricing with different rates for datacenter, static residential, and rotating residential proxies.

Pros and Cons Of NetNut:

Pros of NetNut Cons of NetNut
Large IP Pool: Offers a vast selection of 52 million IPs. No Free Trial: There is no free trial period for testing the service before purchase.
Global Reach: Availability in over 150 countries for extensive coverage. Complexity for Beginners: The range of features and options might be overwhelming for new users.
Diverse Proxy Types: Includes static residential, rotating residential, and datacenter proxies.
High Performance and Stability: Balances the benefits of data center and residential IPs.
User-Friendly Dashboard: Intuitive and easy to manage proxy settings.
Real-Time Proxy Management: Efficient and immediate adjustments to proxy settings.
Comprehensive Analytics: Detailed tracking of usage and performance.
Good Customer Satisfaction: Indicated by a high Trustpilot score.


9. The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy provides high-quality 5G and 4G proxies, perfect for social media marketers and businesses. Their fast IP network supports multiple Instagram accounts safely with a large pool of real user IPs.

Features include easy data scraping, optimized automation, IP changes, access logs, REST API support, and enhanced Instagram account management.

The Social Proxy Overview

Features Of The Social Proxy:

  • High-Quality Mobile Proxies: Offers 4G and 5G mobile proxies, providing high-speed and reliable connections.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Users have access to unlimited bandwidth, allowing extensive data usage without restrictions.
  • Secure Encryption: Ensures secure connections with robust encryption, enhancing privacy and security.
  • IP Rotation Enabled: Features automatic IP rotation, which is essential for tasks requiring a dynamic IP address.
  • API Enabled: Provides API access for advanced users who need to integrate the proxy service with their applications or systems.
  • Private and Unlimited Connection: Ensures a private connection with no limitations on usage.
  • Support for Major Browsers: Compatible with major web browsers, enhancing usability across different platforms.

Pros and Cons Of The Social Proxy:

Pros Cons
High-Quality Mobile Proxies: Offers reliable 4G and 5G proxies. Limited Browser Support: While it supports major browsers, compatibility issues may arise with less common ones.
Unlimited Bandwidth: Allows extensive data usage without restrictions. Complexity for Some Users: Advanced features may be overwhelming for beginners.
Secure Encryption: Enhances privacy and security with robust encryption.
Endless Stream of IPs: Provides a vast range of IP addresses.
Multiple Locations and Carriers: Increases versatility and geographic coverage.
Automatic IP Rotation: Essential for tasks requiring dynamic IP addresses.
API Access: Useful for integration with applications and systems.
High-Speed Connections: Speeds ranging from 100 to 400 Mbps for 5G proxies.


10. IPBurger

IPBurger offers a feature-rich Instagram proxy service with over 5 million residential IP addresses. It’s suitable for users looking to bypass internet restrictions or engage in extensive data scraping.

The service includes a comprehensive range of features, along with a dedicated browser extension and specialized base-code integration for Instagram.

However, IPBurger has a unique pricing model starting at $79 per GB per month without a free trial option.

IPBurger Overview

Features Of IPBurger:

  • Blazing-Fast VPN Speeds: Optimized network of VPN servers for fast connections, unlimited bandwidth, and no throttling.
  • Increasing Server Locations: A growing number of server locations to provide better coverage and performance.
  • Content Access from Anywhere: Enables users to access content from different geographical locations.
  • IP Address Masking: Masks your real IP address for enhanced privacy and security.
  • Anonymous Browsing: Allows users to browse the internet without revealing their identity.
  • Best-in-Class Encryption: Provides strong encryption to secure your internet traffic.
  • Dashboard Features: Includes daily usage statistics, sub-user management, and credit addition.
  • ISP Targeting and Sticky IPs: Features like ISP targeting and sticky IPs for specific proxy requirements.

Pros and Cons Of IPBurger:

Pros of IPBurger Cons of IPBurger
Fast VPN Speeds: Optimized for quick connections and unlimited bandwidth. Cost: It may be more expensive compared to basic VPN and proxy services.
Wide Server Locations: Increasing the number of server locations for better coverage. Limited Free Options: Lack of free plans or trials for testing the service.
Content Access from Anywhere: Enables access to geo-restricted content.
IP Address Masking: Enhances online privacy and security.
Anonymous Browsing: Allows browsing without revealing identity.
Device Compatibility: Works with a wide range of devices and platforms.
Network Lock Kill Switch: Protects against data leaks if the VPN connection drops.
Strong Encryption: Best-in-class encryption for secure internet traffic.
Residential Proxies: Offers reliable residential proxies from ISPs.
Advanced Proxy Features: ISP targeting, sticky IPs, geo-location spoofing, and more.

Why should you use Instagram Proxies?

Instagram proxies have several uses for social media marketers and company owners. Just a few of the many good reasons to get them are:

1. For using multiple Accounts

You’re allowed up to five accounts total before being permanently banned. Instagram proxies are a great option for those who want to utilize several accounts simultaneously.

By making the proxy IP seem to originate from your location, they protect you from having your IP address or account disabled by Instagram.

2. Automating Social Media

It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain many Instagram profiles manually. Your range will also be reduced. Instagram proxies allow you to bypass these limitations by automating your account and expanding your reach.

3. For Increased Security

Instagram proxies protect users’ privacy and anonymity by hiding their true IP addresses. Therefore, it provides an extra safeguard for all of your online accounts.

4. To Be Used As Scrap

Instagram is not lacking when it comes to information that may be put to good use. Your company may benefit from scraping data like hashtags, followers, profiles, etc., for technical and economic purposes.

However, to the best of our knowledge, Instagram frowns upon this behavior and may take severe punishment against you if you are caught in the act. Using Instagram proxies, you may scrape safely and anonymously.

Which Instagram proxy services do you recommend?

Which proxy services do you guys recommend for instagram?
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Conclusion: Best Instagram Proxy Providers 2024

In order to help you choose the best Instagram proxy, I started by explaining some key points, such as what it is and why it’s beneficial.

We next compared different proxies, taking note of their capabilities, such as their ability to protect users’ privacy and facilitate data scraping.

Additionally, if you’re not satisfied with the typical suppliers, a self-hosted Instagram proxy might be a good option.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide how you want your Instagram presence to grow.

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