8 Best Mobile Proxy Providers 2024: 3G/4G/5G/LTE

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Have you ever tried to access a website on your phone and found it blocked, or just wanted to see how your online store looks in different countries? That’s where mobile proxies come in handy!

They let us browse the internet on our phones like we’re in another place, keeping our real location hidden. This can be super useful for lots of reasons, like checking out ads or making sure no one can track our online steps.

I’ve spent some time looking into the best mobile proxy providers out there, so you don’t have to.

Whether you need it for work or to keep your browsing private, I’ve got some top picks that’ll help you stay secure and see the web from different spots around the globe.

Let’s dive into the world of mobile proxies and find the perfect one for you!🌐✨

Best Mobile Proxy ProvidersQuick Comparison Table

Provider Proxy Pool Size Protocols Locations Coverage Rotation Options Support
Bright Data Over 7.5 million IPs HTTP and HTTPS Nearly every country Unlimited concurrent requests 24/7 live support
Oxylabs Over 20 million IPs HTTP/S, SOCKS Over 180 countries Automatic IP rotation 24/7 live support, dedicated account managers
Rayobyte Over 750,000 mobile IPs HTTP/Socks5 Major cities in the US Rotating and static IP options Multiple support channels
AirProxy Not specified HTTP(S), SOCKS Italy Automatic and limitless IP rotation Support through Telegram and email
3G Proxy More than 130 mobile providers in 45+ countries Not specified 45+ countries Not specified API access, Chrome integration
ProxyLTE Thousands of IPs SOCKS5, HTTPS Specific states in the US IP rotation varies by plan Not specified
Proxyrack Around 500,000 IPs HTTP, SOCKS, UDP Primarily in the United States Manual and automatic rotation Not specified
Proxy-Cheap Not specified Not specified EU and US Not specified Not specified

What Are Mobile Proxies?

Mobile proxies are specialized proxy servers that utilize IP addresses allocated to mobile devices by cellular networks.

These proxies route internet traffic through mobile IPs, offering enhanced anonymity and significantly lowering the likelihood of detection or blocking. This makes them particularly valuable for tasks like web scraping and managing multiple social media accounts.

Mobile proxies are characterized by their dynamic IP rotation, which mirrors the natural movement of mobile users between different network towers, thereby ensuring a more organic browsing experience.

They are especially adept at accessing location-specific content and conducting mobile ad verification. However, their use comes with a higher cost compared to standard proxies, primarily due to the expenses associated with mobile data plans.

8 Best Mobile Proxy Providers 2024

Here is the list of best mobile proxy providers:

1. Bright Data

Bright Data was the first company to offer mobile proxies on the market and remains one of the most prominent providers of this service. The supplier’s ethical business methods have earned it a stellar reputation throughout the years.

As a result, it has become the mobile proxy supplier of choice for a large number of Fortune 500 firms in addition to normal customers.

Bright Data possesses the world’s largest network of mobile proxies, which comprises over 7.5 million IPs distributed throughout nearly every country on Earth.

Few IPs belonging to Bright Data are banned or blocked due to the company’s large network. Users can choose between standard IP addresses and dedicated IP addresses, which are groups of addresses that can be used to target a specific website exclusively.

Bright Data enables users to select from an almost infinite number of geolocations and send an infinite number of concurrent requests.

Additionally, Bright Data is incredibly user-friendly since users may connect to their mobile IPs through the proxy manager interface or a Chrome extension.

Those who can afford Bright Data’s prices will find that the service is well worth the cost. The introductory plan includes 17 GB of traffic ($30 per GB) and a monthly commitment of $500.

The company provides numerous other packages that are largely geared toward large businesses, including one with a whopping 2 TB of traffic. Bright Data does not have a refund policy; however, it does provide a free trial to customers who wish to evaluate the service.


  • Web Data Collection: Bright Data offers robust solutions for web data collection.
  • Proxy Services: Provides a variety of proxy services, including residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies.
  • Data Scraping Solutions: Offers tools and services for efficient data scraping.
  • High Uptime: Guarantees 99.99% uptime for stable connections.
  • API Integration: Offers a good API for flexible setup and network management.
  • Concurrent Requests: Allows for unlimited concurrent requests.

Pros and Cons Of Bright Data:

Pros Of Bright Data:

  • Efficiency and Reliability: Known for its efficient and reliable services.
  • Flexibility: Offers flexible solutions tailored to different needs.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface and easy setup.
  • Strong Customer Support: Provides good customer support.
  • Large Network: Access to a vast global network of IP addresses.
  • Secure Online Identity: Ensures absolute protection of users’ online identities.

Cons Of Bright Data:

  • Pricing: More expensive compared to other proxy service providers.
  • Complexity for Beginners: It might be complex for beginners or small-scale users.


2. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is a reputable mobile proxy provider known for its advanced proxy solutions and extensive IP pool sourced from real mobile devices. With its reliable services and competitive pricing, Oxylabs has become quite popular among businesses and demanding users.

Oxylabs Proxies

With access to over 20 million mobile IPs worldwide, Oxylabs allows you to filter IP addresses by country and ASN (Autonomous System Number). This extensive IP pool ensures a high level of IP diversity and enables you to overcome challenging geo-restrictions.

Oxylabs’ mobile proxies come with automatic IP rotation, which helps avoid IP blocks and enhances the success rates of your scraping jobs. The proxy pool is continuously expanded to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Oxylabs provides 24/7 live support, allowing customers to reach out for assistance at any time. Their dedicated account managers offer advice on target scraping and ensure a smooth user experience.

Overall, Oxylabs is a trusted mobile proxy provider that offers a robust and innovative solution for data gathering and web scraping needs. With its extensive IP pool, reliable services, and responsive customer support, Oxylabs has established itself as a top choice for businesses and demanding users.


  • Extensive Proxy Network: Offers residential, mobile, and data center proxies with a large pool of IP addresses.
  • Global Coverage: Covers over 180 countries with its proxy services.
  • Performance and Speed: Known for high-speed and efficient data retrieval.
  • Security Measures: Prioritizes security with encryption and secure proxy use.
  • Proxy Management Tools: Provides user-friendly dashboards and tools for managing proxy settings.
  • Customer Support: Offers responsive and accessible customer support with a dedicated account manager for each client.
  • Scraper APIs: Includes various scraper APIs for efficient data extraction from different websites.
  • Web Unblocker: An AI-powered proxy solution to bypass anti-bot systems on complex sites.

Pros and Cons Of Oxylabs:

Pros Of Oxylabs:

  • Diverse Range of Proxies: Wide selection of proxy types for different use cases.
  • Reliable Performance: High uptime and reliability for continuous data extraction.
  • Advanced Security: Strong focus on securing user data and activities.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to manage and control proxy settings.
  • Comprehensive Customer Support: Accessible and efficient support system.

Cons Of Oxylabs:

  • Higher Pricing: This may be more expensive compared to other proxy service providers.
  • Learning Curve: It can be complex for beginners to navigate and utilize all features.


3. Rayobyte

One of the most prominent US-based providers of 4G mobile and DSL/cable proxies is Rayobyte. Rayobyte collaborates directly with ISPs, a fact that contributes to their stellar reputation for reliability.

They stay on the straight and narrow by paying these service providers a certain amount each month to use their IP addresses.

Rayobyte Overview

Rayobyte has built a stellar reputation in the business because of this approach, which shows their commitment to being honest and professional.

Almost every major city in the US is covered by the company’s outstanding collection of over 750,000 mobile IPs. The ability to specify a certain city as your target location is a standout feature of Rayobyte’s mobile proxy packages.

This strategy offers a concentrated and personalized experience, which is great for those who want to focus on a certain topic, but it could be too limiting for other people.

However, this feature highlights Rayobyte’s dedication to providing personalized services.


  • Types of Proxies: Rayobyte provides Datacenter, Residential, ISP, and Mobile proxies.
  • Proxy Protocols: Supports HTTP/Socks5 protocols.
  • IP Rotation: Offers both rotating and static IP options.
  • Authentication: Includes both username/password and IP whitelist authentication methods.
  • Speed: The speed is considered average.
  • Free Trial: A free trial is available.

Pros and Cons Of Rayobyte

Pros Of Rayobyte:

  • Variety of Proxy Types: Offers a diverse range of proxies to suit different needs.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Pricing is mid-range, offering options based on bandwidth or IPs.
  • Support Availability: Multiple support channels enhance customer service.
  • Resell Program: Features a reseller program for their residential proxies.
  • Proxy Tools: Includes tools like Proxy Pilot for managing proxies and an API for enhanced user experience.

Cons Of Rayobyte:

  • No Refund Policy: There is no refund policy in place.
  • Poor Customer Support Response: The response time for customer support is not as quick as some competitors.


4. AirProxy

AirProxy is an Italian firm that exclusively employs premium 4G/LTE proxy servers. Given that all of their proxies are located in Italy, this supplier is somewhat specialized.

If you don’t mind where your proxy is located, AirProxy is an excellent alternative. As a gateway server, the company employs dedicated fiber rather than a VPS, and each user has access to a dedicated SIM card.

In addition, each SIM card connects to the internet through its modem, resulting in extremely quick mobile proxies. The corporation reports that the majority of IP addresses are registered with Vodafone, but users can request a change at any moment.

AirProxy Overview

Based on the primary features provided on the official website, AirProxy is best suited for social media sites such as Instagram.

Users are able to modify their IP address at any time, and instantaneous delivery is guaranteed once they subscribe to the service.

There is only one package available, and the pricing is pretty expensive overall. Access to one dedicated proxy server is provided for a monthly fee of €90.


  • Type of Proxies: AirProxy exclusively offers 4G LTE mobile proxies.
  • Dedicated Resources: Each customer receives a dedicated SIM card and modem, ensuring no shared resources.
  • IP Rotation: Offers automatic and limitless IP rotation, crucial for managing multiple social media accounts and avoiding bans.
  • Authentication: Requires username and password authentication for proxy use.
  • Protocols Supported: Supports both HTTP(S) and SOCKS protocols.
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited bandwidth is provided.
  • Ease of Use: The service is user-friendly, with an intuitive dashboard displaying proxy details.
  • Additional Tools: Includes an API for easier proxy management.
  • Customer Service: Offers customer support through Telegram and email.

Pros and Cons Of AirProxy

Pros Of AirProxy:

  • High-Quality Proxies: Known for having a 0% spam and fraud score, offering very fast and reliable proxies.
  • Security: Proxies are secure, with the company emphasizing the safety of their infrastructure.
  • Performance: Users generally experience fast and smooth proxy usage, with minimal timeouts, network errors, blocks, or CAPTCHAs.
  • Trial and Refund Policy: Offers a 3-day paid trial and a refund policy within 48 hours of the first payment if not satisfied.
  • Discounts: Provides discounts for bulk orders and available promo codes.

Cons Of AirProxy:

  • Cost: The service is relatively expensive compared to other providers.
  • Limited Location Coverage: Only offers Italian proxies, which may not suit all users’ needs.


5. 3G Proxy

The company in question does not deal primarily with 3G mobile proxies, as suggested by the name. This is one of its specializations, but there are also 4G mobile proxies available on this website.

This is a global enterprise with a sizable network that includes more than 130 mobile providers in 45+ countries. 3G Proxy was established as a testing platform for mobile marketing campaigns, direct billing, and SMS delivery, but it has numerous more applications.

The benefit of 3G Proxy is that it uses actual SIM cards rather than ISPs. Due to this feature, it is exceedingly rare that any website will restrict or prohibit you.

3G Proxy Providers

According to the company, there is always at least one SIM accessible for all supported mobile carriers, so there is no need to reserve one in advance. In addition to API access, there are a few more useful features, such as Chrome integration.

3G Proxy’s basic plan, which allows access to proxies from up to four providers, costs $149 per month. The minimal bundle contains only proxy servers from a single country.

By selecting one of the more expensive packages, you can target new countries and obtain access to proxies from additional cell operators. It is also possible to gain access to 3G Proxy’s whole network, but you will need to contact the company and seek a pricing quote.

Features of 3G Proxy:

  • Mobile Proxy Solution: Specializes in providing 3G/4G mobile proxies.
  • Extensive Network: Claims to offer a vast network for 3G mobile proxy testing.
  • Global Coverage: Provides access to a worldwide network of 3G/4G proxies.
  • Authenticity: Offers proxies that mimic real mobile users, enhancing legitimacy.
  • Use Cases: Ideal for web scraping, testing mobile services, and other mobile-specific applications.

Pros and Cons Of 3G Proxy

Pros of 3G Proxy:

  • Specialization in Mobile Proxies: Focused on providing reliable 3G/4G mobile proxies.
  • Wide Coverage: Extensive network coverage, useful for testing and scraping globally.
  • High Legitimacy: Low block rate due to the authenticity of mobile proxies.
  • Suitable for Specific Tasks: Particularly effective for tasks that require mobile IPs, like mobile app testing.
  • Mimics Real Users: The ability to mimic mobile user behavior, which is beneficial for certain types of web activities.

Cons of 3G Proxy:

  • Cost: Generally more expensive than other types of proxies.
  • Limited Availability: The availability of mobile proxies can be more limited compared to residential or datacenter proxies.


6. ProxyLTE

This is a highly specialized supplier of mobile proxy services, as its name suggests. Moreover, all proxies are headquartered in the United States. Therefore, ProxyLTE is of little value if you wish to target other countries.

ProxyLTE is considered a premium service, so there’s a lot to look forward to if US exclusivity isn’t an issue. In contrast to Proxy Source, it is not feasible to target individual cities on this site; nevertheless, it is possible to target specific states.

ProxyLTE offers a substantial range of customization for prospective consumers. You can choose between SOCKS5 and HTTPS proxies, cellular or WiFi connections, periods, states, and quantities.

ProxyLTE Overview

The bad news is that ProxyLTE has access to a very limited number of IP addresses. We’re discussing thousands, as opposed to the hundreds of thousands offered by other businesses.

While the company provides clean, encrypted proxies and its network is continually expanding, the pool of IP addresses is likely to grow in the near future.

The least number of proxies you may purchase from the company is 25, which will cost you $225 each month. However, you may also purchase a weekly or even a daily subscription.

Additionally, ProxyLTE provides social proxies. These cost almost the same as the private proxies, but you can choose the quantity you purchase; you are not required to purchase at least 25 at once.

If you merely wish to test the service, you can even purchase one and subscribe for a single day.

Features of ProxyLTE:

  • Proxy Types: Specializes in mobile proxies.
  • IP Rotation: Offers IP rotation, although the control over this feature may vary based on the plan.
  • Authentication: Primarily uses IP authentication; lacks username/password authentication.
  • Location Coverage: Provides location-specific proxies but with limited coverage.
  • Traffic: Unlimited traffic with certain plans.
  • Connection Speed: Offers maximum connection speeds; specifics depend on the plan.

Pros and Cons Of ProxyLTE:

Pros of ProxyLTE:

  • Effective for Specific Use Cases: Proxies work well for tasks like web scraping, social media management, and other similar activities.
  • Mobile Proxy Specialization: Focused on providing reliable mobile proxies.
  • Unlimited Traffic: Some plans offer unlimited traffic, which is beneficial for data-intensive tasks.
  • IP Rotation: This provides IP rotation, which is useful for avoiding detection and bans.

Cons of ProxyLTE:

  • Small Proxy Pool: Compared to other providers, ProxyLTE has a smaller pool of proxies.
  • Limited Location Coverage: The range of locations covered is not as extensive as some competitors.


7. Proxyrack

As a leading provider of mobile proxy services, Proxyrack has been growing rapidly. The company’s network comprises around 500,000 IPs situated primarily in the United States.

According to the business, all of these IP addresses originate from a big household 4G internet service provider with over 53 million customers.

The majority of the addresses are located within the United States cities, and users gain exclusive access to them, so you won’t have to share them with anybody else.

Proxyrack supports HTTP and SOCKS connection protocols. Mobile IPs change at predetermined intervals, but you can reset them manually whenever you choose.

Proxyrack Overview

Proxyracks provides automatic proxy replacements and has redundant infrastructure in place to prevent substantial downtime for users.

In the event that something does go wrong, the company asserts that it can deploy new servers in less than 30 seconds. Mobile proxy services are quite inexpensive, but here, you pay for ports rather than traffic.

The least expensive plan costs only $25 per month and provides access to 25 ports. With the remaining packages, you can expect to pay approximately $1 per port on average.

The company has a great deal of faith in its mobile proxies, as it gives a 14-day money-back guarantee, which is significantly more generous than most other suppliers.

Features of Proxyrack:

  • Proxy Types: Offers a range of proxy types, including residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies.
  • IP Pool: Large IP pool for extensive coverage.
  • Protocols Supported: Supports HTTP, SOCKS, and UDP protocols.
  • Session Control: Good session control system for managing proxy sessions.
  • Global Coverage: Excellent location coverage with proxies available globally.
  • Flexibility: Flexible protocols and verification methods.
  • Additional Services: Offers both proxy and residential VPN services.

Pros and Cons Of Proxyrack:

Pros of Proxyrack:

  • Affordable Pricing: Known for cost-effective and diverse packages.
  • Proxy Pool Size: Big enough proxy pool to cater to various needs.
  • Location Coverage: Excellent coverage with proxies available in many locations worldwide.
  • Scraping Performance: Good performance for tasks like web scraping.
  • Session Management: Effective session control system for better proxy management.
  • Versatility: Supports a wide range of protocols and use cases.

Cons of Proxyrack:

  • Speed and Reliability: Some reviews suggest that improvements could be made in terms of speed and reliability.
  • Limited Information: Some users might find the information on specific features or configurations limited.
  • Customer Support: While not a widespread issue, some users might experience challenges with customer support responsiveness.


8. Proxy-Cheap

Proxy-Cheap strikes a balance between price and quality. In recent years, the company has been one of the most sought-after suppliers of mobile proxy services due in no small part to its low prices.

Proxy-Cheap operates only with EU- and US-based proxies, making this service somewhat more restricted than others on this list.

However, if you do choose to target these locations, you are in excellent hands with Proxy-Cheap, which has one of the lowest ban rates on the market and an uptime of approximately 99 percent.

All mobile proxy packages include rapid setup, unlimited bandwidth, and dedicated ports from the provider. All IP addresses originate from prominent US and EU mobile carriers, including Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodafone, and AT&T.

Proxy Cheap Overview

The solution appears to have been developed with social media automation in mind, and it is compatible with all networks and platforms.

However, Proxy-Cheap can also be utilized for web scraping, SEO research, and a variety of other online activities. True to its name, Proxy-Cheap offers solutions at very low prices.

A plan for US mobile costs 50 euros per month, a plan for EU mobile costs 65 euros per month, and a plan for enterprise costs 500 euros per month. The first two are geared toward individuals, while the third is geared toward businesses.

All plans have the same functionality, although the enterprise plan’s price includes ten proxies rather than one. There is no refund policy at Proxy-Cheap, but there is a free trial.

Features Of Proxy-Cheap

  • Types of Proxies: Offers shared rotating and static residential proxies.
  • Proxy Pool: Consists of around 7 million real rotating IP addresses.
  • Location Coverage: Good coverage with a wide range of locations available.
  • User Interface: It is easy to manage and create new proxies with a user-friendly proxy generator tool.
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited bandwidth with some proxy types.

Pros and Cons Of Proxy-Cheap:

Pros of Proxy-Cheap:

  • Affordable Pricing: Known for its budget-friendly services.
  • Good Scraping Performance: Suitable for tasks like web scraping.
  • Ease of Use: Simple setup and management of proxies.
  • Large Proxy Pool: Offers a substantial number of proxies for diverse needs.
  • Versatility: Suitable for multiple proxy types and a wide range of online activities.

Cons of Proxy-Cheap:

  • Speed: The speed of the proxies may need improvement.
  • No Trial Option: Lacks a trial period for testing the service before purchase.


How Do Mobile Proxies Work?

Mobile proxy servers function by first connecting to a back-connect proxy. These servers utilize home proxy pools to cycle IP addresses and redirect queries through networked devices.

This helps the proxy service conceal the user’s IP address more efficiently by assigning a new address with each rotation. The resulting link is completely anonymous.

Anyone seeking to monitor the IP will observe that the request originated from a home address, making it appear credible.

Regarding the frequency of IP address rotation, a mobile proxy service normally assigns the user a new IP address for each web request.

In other words, anytime you visit a new website, your IP address changes. The majority of providers offer a function that allows you to retain your current IP address for an extended time.

However, it is typically impossible to use the same IP address for more than a few minutes.

Mobile proxies can not only make it appear as if you are accessing the internet from a different place, but they can also make it appear as if you are signing in from a different nation.

Mobile proxy providers give gateway control in addition to ISP control. This means that you can choose both the country and the ISP for your IP addresses.

Obviously, these are highly useful characteristics to have and will make you even more difficult to detect while surfing the web.


How much does a mobile proxy cost?

The cost of a mobile proxy depends on the provider, the location, the bandwidth, and the features you need. The most affordable plans will cost you around $25 per month. You can also use a free trial or a discount code to test their services before buying a mobile proxy

How do I choose a proxy provider?

To choose a proxy provider, you should consider your budget, your goals, your location, and your security needs. Compare different providers based on their features, reviews, and customer support. Try a free trial or a discount code to test their services before buying.

Are mobile proxies illegal?

Mobile proxies are not illegal by themselves. Still, they can be used for illegal or unethical purposes. Mobile proxies are gateways that assign a device a mobile IP address rather than a residential IP or a VPN. However, using a mobile proxy for any of the illegal acts may violate the terms of service of the websites or online services. It may result in legal consequences.

Do proxies work on mobile?

Yes, proxies work on mobile devices. You can use a mobile proxy to connect to the internet via a mobile data network, masking your real IP address


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Conclusion: Best Mobile Proxy Providers 2024

In wrapping up, I think it’s clear that mobile proxies have a lot to offer in 2024, from anonymous browsing to creating multiple social media profiles without a hitch.

While some of these services can be a bit pricey, I suggest starting with a provider that offers a free trial. This way, you can get hands-on experience and see how mobile proxies can benefit you.

After some practical use, you’ll find plenty of excellent options that provide great value. For businesses, Bright Data stands out with its impressive IP pool, but for everyday users, options like Proxy-Cheap might be more appealing.

The decision, however, is ultimately yours to make.

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