10 Best Pop-Under Ad Networks 2024: (High Paying)

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In the fast-paced digital advertising landscape, publishers are continually seeking reliable and lucrative ways to monetize their online content.

Among the diverse array of ad formats available, pop-under ads have emerged as a popular choice for publishers aiming to maximize their revenue streams.

Pop-under ads are non-intrusive and appear in a new browser window behind the user’s active window, making them less disruptive than pop-up ads.

This article explores the top pop-under ad networks that have proven to be exceptionally beneficial for publishers, providing them with a seamless and profitable advertising experience.

What Are Pop-Under Ad Networks?

Pop-under ad networks are an essential component of the modern digital advertising landscape, offering publishers and advertisers a unique ad format that strikes a balance between visibility and user experience.

Pop-under ads are a type of online advertisement that appear behind the user’s active browser window, remaining hidden until the user closes or minimizes their current window.

This non-intrusive characteristic distinguishes pop-under ads from their notorious counterpart, pop-up ads, which appear over the active window and can be more disruptive to the user experience.

The concept of pop-under ads was introduced to address concerns about the intrusive nature of pop-up ads.

As internet users became more accustomed to pop-up blockers and their ability to eliminate pop-up interruptions, advertisers sought an alternative ad format that could still capture users’ attention without disrupting their browsing flow.

Pop-under ads were developed as a solution to this challenge, as they remain hidden until the user finishes their current task and subsequently discovers the ad in a new browser window.

Pop-under ad networks act as intermediaries between advertisers and publishers, facilitating the delivery of these ads to targeted audiences.

Publishers opt to join these ad networks to monetize their online content by displaying pop-under ads on their websites.

Advertisers, on the other hand, leverage these networks to reach specific audiences with their promotional messages.

10 Best Pop-Under Ad Networks in 2024

Let’s see whether your favorite Pop-Under ad networks cut!

1. ClickAdilla:

ClickAdilla is a cutting-edge self-serve advertising network that offers a diverse range of ad formats and advanced cost models to cater to advertisers’ specific needs.

With an extensive reach of over 4.5 billion users across more than 240 countries, ClickAdilla provides premium adult and mainstream traffic in all major verticals, ensuring high-performance campaigns.

ClickAdilla Overview

One of the remarkable features of ClickAdilla is the ability to choose between two cost models: CPM (Cost Per Mille) and CPA Goal (Cost Per Action).

This enables advertisers to optimize their campaigns efficiently by predicting which traffic segments are most likely to generate quality conversions at their desired target price.

ClickAdilla Pros and Cons

ClickAdilla Pros

  • Premium, high-converting traffic sources.
  • Excellent targeting capabilities for precise campaigns.
  • Full integration with top tracking platforms.
  • Diverse ad formats for wider reach.
  • Wide range of global payment methods.
  • Easy account funding with a $50 minimum.
  • Effective in popular verticals like dating, gambling, and crypto.

ClickAdilla Cons

  • The ad approval process may take time.
  • Limited ad format options for certain niches.

2. Zeropark:

Zeropark has been a preferred choice among performance and affiliate marketers since its establishment in 2011.

The platform’s unparalleled inventory size, combined with competitive pricing and user-friendly interface, makes it the number one traffic source for thousands of advertisers.

ZeroPark Overview

Monthly, Zeropark offers a staggering 60+ billion pop ad impressions worldwide, providing extensive reach and exposure for advertisers.

Impressively, these impressions are available at an incredibly low cost, starting from just $0.0001 per view.

This affordability, coupled with the availability of traffic from all Tier 1 (T1), Tier 2 (T2), and Tier 3 (T3) Geos, makes Zeropark a compelling option for advertisers seeking quality traffic across various markets.

Zeropark Pros and Cons

Zeropark Pros

  • Enormous inventory size for extensive reach.
  • User-friendly and clean UI.
  • Competitive bidding algorithm for optimized campaigns.
  • Access to quality traffic from all T1-T2-T3 Geos.
  • Integrations with popular trackers for seamless tracking.
  • Personalized onboarding with live one-on-one sessions.
  • Dedicated Account Management service for higher spending levels.

Zeropark Cons

  • Due to the vast inventory size, some optimization work may be required.
  • Lacks AI-based optimization towards an eCPA goal.

3. TwinRed:

TwinRed is a prominent self-serve adult popunder network renowned for its vast global inventory and exclusive dating traffic.

The platform boasts a high click-through rate in Tier 1 and Tier 2 GEOs, ensuring access to premium traffic that converts exceptionally well.

TwinRed- Best Pop-Under Ad Networks

One of the platform’s key strengths lies in its exceptional tracking capabilities, providing advertisers with valuable insights into the performance of their campaigns.

Additionally, TwinRed offers easy-to-use custom tools, streamlining the process of fine-tuning campaign parameters for optimal results.

TwinRed stands out by providing the Interstitial ad format in addition to pop ads.

This offers a valuable alternative for advertisers looking for varied ad formats, as Interstitial ads share several features with pop ads while offering unique benefits in specific cases.

TwinRed Pros and Cons

TwinRed Pros

  • Offers both CPM and CPC cost models.
  • Global inventory with high traffic volume.
  • Exclusive dating traffic for targeted campaigns.
  • Excellent tracking capabilities for campaign insights.
  • Easy-to-use custom tools for hassle-free campaign optimization.
  • Availability of Interstitial ad format for varied options.
  • Performs well in Tier 1 and Tier 2 GEOs.

TwinRed Cons

  • Does not excel as a one-size-fits-all solution for all campaign types.

4. AdMaven:

AdMaven, an established advertising network since 2010, offers a wide range of cost models, including CPV (Cost Per View), CPM (Cost Per Mille), and CPA (Cost Per Action).

With a global reach, AdMaven delivers ads on both mobile and desktop devices, ensuring comprehensive coverage for advertisers.

AdMaven Overview

One of AdMaven’s notable strengths is its impressive traffic volume, delivering over 500 million pop impressions daily.

This abundance of traffic provides advertisers with ample opportunities to run high-impact campaigns. AdMaven allows advertisers to place CPV bids as low as $0.0002, which translates to an equivalent of $0.20 CPM.

AdMaven Pros and Cons

AdMaven Pros

  • Abundant traffic with 500M+ daily pop impressions.
  • Offers multiple cost models for flexible campaigns.
  • Strong performance in various verticals.
  • Easy campaign creation process for advertisers.
  • Low minimum deposit of $50 for accessibility.
  • Supports a wide range of payment methods.
  • Geolocation-specific recommended rates for optimized bids.

AdMaven Cons

  • A basic reporting system may need third-party tracking.
  • The user interface may feel unusual to some advertisers.

5. PropellerAds:

With an impressive daily ad impression count of over 3 billion, PropellerAds operates in more than 195 Geos, encompassing tiers 1 to 4.

This extensive global reach ensures advertisers have access to a diverse audience across various regions.

Propellerads Overview

The platform caters to a wide range of popular verticals, including crypto, gambling, games, betting, sweepstakes, Nutra, mainstream dating, eCommerce, Forex, and Finance.

This diverse array of verticals offers advertisers the opportunity to target audiences in different industries, allowing for maximum campaign flexibility.

PropellerAds Pros and Cons

PropellerAds Pros

  • Impressive daily ad impression counts (3 billion+).
  • Global reach in over 195 Geos (tiers 1 to 4).
  • Diverse offerings across various popular verticals.
  • The abundance of advanced targeting options for precise campaigns.
  • Low minimum deposit and affordable bidding options.
  • Suitable for both experienced advertisers and newcomers.
  • A reliable source of quality traffic.

PropellerAds Cons

  • Account manager assistance is limited to Platinum advertisers.

6. PopAds:

This ad network is exclusively dedicated to pop ads, providing advertisers with unparalleled control over their campaigns.

With PopAds, advertisers have the flexibility to set their budgets, target specific visitors, and regulate rates.

PopAds Overview

Furthermore, the platform grants complete authority over traffic quality and delivery speed.

PopAds supports both Adult and Mainstream offers, offering a wide array of pop ad formats, including Popunder, Popup, Tabunder, and Tabup.

Advertisers can effectively cater their campaigns to their target audience using these diverse formats.

PopAds Pros and Cons

PopAds Pros

  • Abundant traffic volume for extensive reach.
  • Target traffic based on quality rating.
  • Offers various pop ad formats for campaign flexibility.
  • Geographical reach includes Tier 1 Geos.
  • Bot-free traffic ensures genuine visitors.
  • Category and keyword targeting options for precise audience selection.
  • Converts well in popular verticals.

PopAds Cons

  • No personal account manager is available.
  • Best performance achieved with desktop targeting.

7. TrafficStars:

TrafficStars is a leading self-serve, adult ad network renowned for its global inventory of high-quality, converting adult traffic.

The platform primarily focuses on exclusive members’ area traffic, offering advertisers premium ad placements that are particularly effective for dating affiliates.

TrafficStars Ad Networks

With a high volume of traffic in Tier 1 Geos, TrafficStars presents advertisers with lucrative opportunities to target premium markets.

However, even in low-payout countries, advertisers can still achieve satisfactory results.

TrafficStars Pros and Cons

TrafficStars Pros

  • Perfect platform for dating affiliates seeking high-quality traffic.
  • Sophisticated audience targeting capabilities for precision campaigns.
  • The high volume of traffic available in Tier 1 Geos.
  • Dynamic CPM cost model for real-time bid adjustments.
  • Reliable tracking and reporting tools for campaign insights.
  • Lookalike audience creation for optimized ad placements.
  • Premium ad placements in exclusive members’ area traffic.

TrafficStars Cons

  • Traffic estimator accuracy may be unreliable.
  • The registration process might be challenging for new users.

8. Adsterra:

Popunders are a prominent ad format offered by Adsterra, known for providing substantial traffic and profitability.

With real-time bidding (RTB) available for all pop traffic, advertisers can bid on impressions, effectively reducing costs and precisely targeting their desired audience for optimal results.

Adsterra Overview

Adsterra’s impressive coverage spans 190 GEOs, allowing advertisers to target mobile and desktop users worldwide.

The platform’s advanced targeting options enable advertisers to pinpoint their desired audience with precision, enhancing the efficiency of their campaigns.

Adsterra Pros and Cons

Adsterra Pros

  • The quick and easy onboarding process for advertisers.
  • Performs exceptionally well with Adsterra’s in-house CPA offers.
  • Excellent and advanced targeting options for precise campaigns.
  • Impressive global coverage across 248 GEOs for broad reach.
  • Large network of direct publishers for high-converting traffic.
  • Variety of cost models to suit different campaign goals.
  • The proactive stance against malicious ad practices for a secure environment.

Adsterra Cons

  • A lack of demographic targeting options may limit audience precision.

9. RichAds:

RichAds is a leading advertising platform offering premium pop traffic at competitive rates. With a global reach covering over 220 countries, RichAds provides access to a vast inventory of high-converting publishers.

Advertisers benefit from a seamless campaign setup and optimization process, thanks to improved targeting and efficient automation features.

RichAds Overview

The platform’s Micro bidding technology allows for highly customizable bids, giving advertisers greater control over their campaigns.

RichAds offers advanced tools such as Automated rules, Performance mode, and the TargetCPA ad tech, contributing to exceptional ROI (up to 300%).

The platform’s efficiency in auto-optimization ensures that advertisers achieve the best possible results for their campaigns.

RichAds Pros and Cons

RichAds Pros

  • Impressions exceeding 5 billion per day for extensive reach.
  • Premium traffic sources with exceptionally high conversion rates.
  • Expert support with ready-made whitelists and custom creatives.
  • Target CPA for optimized bids and high-quality traffic (300% ROI with auto-optimization).
  • Flagship features, including Optimizer, Predictor, and Multiformat.
  • Access to adult traffic with no restrictions.
  • Global reach spanning over 220 countries.

RichAds Cons

  • Inability to block sources from the reporting tab.

10. Adcash:

The platform boasts an impressive network of over 100 RTB (Real-Time Bidding) partners, handling a massive 10+ billion ad requests every day.

Adcash has garnered significant popularity among mainstream affiliates specializing in desktop and mobile popunder traffic.

Adcash- Best Pop-Up Ad Networks

With a considerable amount of traffic and worldwide coverage, advertisers have ample opportunities to reach their target audience. 

The key to achieving the best performance lies in finding the right sweet spot for their campaigns.

Adcash offers a range of optimization and tracking tools, including user interest targeting, which ensures that ads are matched to the most relevant and responsive audiences.

This advanced targeting mechanism enhances the likelihood of generating clicks and conversions.

Adcash Pros and Cons

Adcash Pros

  • Integrates with a wide range of popular SSPs.
  • Powerful CPATarget feature for optimized bids and ROI improvement.
  • Highly responsive customer support.
  • A large network of RTB partners ensures significant ad requests daily.
  • User interest targeting enhances ad relevance and click-through rates.
  • Competitive pricing and unique performance goals for effective campaigns.
  • Offers a variety of GEOs and targeting options for diverse campaigns.

Adcash Cons

  • Difficulty in getting ISP (Internet Service Provider) targeting right.

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Conclusion: Best Pop-Under Ad Networks 2024

For publishers seeking efficient and profitable ways to monetize their online content, pop-under ad networks present a compelling solution.

Among the diverse range of options available, Adcash, RichAds, and TrafficStars have emerged as the best pop-under ad networks, each offering unique advantages and features. 

Adcash’s extensive global reach and diverse cost models, RichAds’ customizable bidding technology and pre-built whitelists, and TrafficStars’ focus on premium pop traffic and advanced targeting algorithms make them stand out as top choices for publishers. 

By leveraging these ad networks’ capabilities, publishers can effectively monetize their traffic and unlock a world of revenue potential with pop-under ads.

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