7 Best Press Release Distribution Services 2024: (Best Features & Pricing)

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If you are looking for The Best Press Releases Distribution Services 2024, you are in right place. Read till the end for all information.

Obtaining the press coverage that your organization deserves is no easy task.

It takes time and effort to cultivate connections with reporters and editors who will devote the necessary attention to your growth.

Similar to guest blogging, your brand name increases through the careful selection of sources that portray you in the best light imaginable.

Press Release

As a result, a press release distribution service is employed to assist in spreading the news about your company’s latest product launch or milestone.

Given the effectiveness of press releases as a marketing strategy for digital growth, numerous digital marketing organizations include press release distribution in their ongoing services.

With many business owners unaware of the critical nature of focusing on the objective of a press release, knowing which service provides the highest return on investment is critical.

I’ll discuss the finest press release distribution services available right now in this piece.

This will be determined by a variety of criteria, including the following:

  • The reach of the distribution.
  • The features that you’ll receive from various services.
  • The duration of time required for the news release to get live.

And plenty others.

Let us begin.

7 Best Press Release Distribution Services 2024

As of the right moment, the following are the top press release distribution services.

1. PRWeb

The most effective method for disseminating your news release to hundreds of sources.

By syndicating your release to PRWeb’s network of sources, you may take advantage of their distribution network.

PRWeb now has enhanced capabilities that make it simple for reporters and bloggers to incorporate multimedia information into your release, thereby increasing digital word-of-mouth.

PRWeb - Best Press Release Distribution Services

Whether you’re launching a new product, announcing the opening of a virtual conference platform, or simply sharing corporate news, PRWeb can assist you in spreading the word.

Additionally, PRWeb offers assured press release distribution to all major search engines, news organizations, social media platforms, blogs, and podcasts, providing you with the resources necessary to easily generate your content.

This is beneficial for enhancing your search engine optimization efforts by building backlinks pointing to your website.

Significant Characteristics:

  • Utilize the tools provided by PRWeb to create a tale that will capture the public’s attention.
  • Allow PRWeb to distribute your press release to selected media outlets based on editorial focus, geography, and circulation size.
  • Attract attention to your social media links with photographs, videos, and quotations.
  • Increase your brand’s visibility, having a noticeable impact on how your target audience interacts with your content across several online channels.


Pricing plans offered by PRWeb include:

  • Basic: $99 per press release
  • Standard: $189 per press release
  • Advanced: $289 per press release
  • Premium: $389 for each news release

2. PR Newswire

PR Newswire was intended to help you listen to your customers, share your story with the media, create engaging content, and track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

If you want to accomplish all of that, PR Newswire may be the ideal solution for your organization.

Whether you’re a seasoned public relations professional or just getting started, PR Newswire will equip you with the tools necessary to rapidly distribute noteworthy material across social media, search engines, and top-tier publications.

With PR Newswire’s services, you can generate compelling material that increases demand, engages readers, strengthens client relationships, and instills investor confidence.

PR Newswire

Along with premier distribution, PR Newswire provides an excellent range of branding and measuring tools that enable you to assess the performance of your initiatives.

Using their range of tools, it’s easy to keep track of emerging issues, influence conversations, and make the best distribution decisions.

PR Newswire enables you to connect with and interact with your target audience in order to increase brand exposure and revenue.

Create a multimedia newsroom for your organization that highlights popular headlines, RSS feeds, and press releases.

Utilize PR Newswire’s tools to create compelling content and locate potential sources of coverage in relevant publications.

By distributing your message through the industry’s largest distribution network, you’ll be able to interact directly with important influencers.

Planning and execution of communications are critical components of a successful communications campaign, which is why PR Newswire offers an unequaled range of planning and measurement tools.


Their website contains no information on pricing. To learn more about this, you’ll need to create an account (which is completely free).

3. PR Underground

The best option for people interested in being featured on sites such as Google News.

PR Underground automates the distribution of press releases, the management of media relations, and the tracking of social activity.

PR Underground can assist you with developing interesting content and reaching the right people at the right time.

With their press release builder, PR Underground makes it simple to produce compelling news stories.

PR Underground

These press releases are then broadcast through Google News, Bing, Twitter/Apple News/Instaper, and over 80 internet news sites.

This enables you to generate content rapidly, distribute it to specified media outlets, and track the outcomes.

Create a linked newsroom to house all of your content in one place, complete with connections to your press releases, images, and video.

Significant Characteristics:

  • Minutes after you send out your press release, it may appear in Google News for keyword combinations from your headline.
  • Your press release is distributed to over 80 regional online news websites, ensuring that you immediately reach a big and diverse audience.
  • With a customized outreach message, contact the appropriate media and influencers.
  • Distribution is not the only service offered by PR Underground; they also provide media monitoring tools.
  • Additionally, you can examine related trends from all major social media networks, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, in your press release.


The four pricing plans are as follows:

  • Starter: $49.99 per release
  • Gold: $99 per month
  • Premium: $149 per month
  • Promax: $309 per release (up to 750 words)

4. 24-7 Press Release

The best option for businesses in need of increased brand exposure.

The user-friendly, unique cloud-based platform used by 24-7 Press Release is suitable for distributing your news to both traditional and digital media.

Additionally, you may use their platform to send media alerts, pitch stories, and monitor coverage.

They have a vast network of contacts in both traditional and digital media, which means your release is likely to be picked up by big news organizations.

24-7 Press Release - Best Press Release Distribution Services

Its principal function is to provide a platform for marketing your business or brand in the manner which you desire.

24-7 Press Release has the experience that comes with years of providing press releases. You will have complete control over what is said and how it is presented for the most part.

When you utilize this service, your news is also shared with significant search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and others.

Significant Characteristics:

  • Their web distribution partners can improve your visibility by allowing their users to read your narrative.
  • Your news release will remain online on the Press Release Newswire website 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for as long as you choose.
  • Not only does 24/7 Press Release distribute your news to journalists, bloggers, and customers, but it also provides website owners with new original content that can be shared online to increase brand visibility.


Newswire offers five different pricing plans, including:

  • Simple Post: $19 per release
  • Visibility Boost: $49 per release
  • PR Network PLUS: $89 per release
  • Integrated Media PRO: $139 per release
  • Mass Media Visibility: $389 per release

5. EIN Presswire

The best option for publishing a news release within a few hours. If you’re searching for an easy-to-use tool for creating and uploading press releases, EIN Presswire is a great option to explore.

They enable you to disseminate press releases via their wire service and through partnerships with additional wire services and search engines.

This enables journalists and bloggers to easily locate your story. Additionally, you may use their platform to monitor the number of times your release is viewed.

EIN Presswire

During work hours, it normally takes them roughly an hour to check releases for distribution, and six hours overnight and on weekends.

If they approve a press release without scheduling it to go public at a later date, they will distribute it immediately.

This also means that you can schedule the release for a future date and time.

Significant Characteristics:

  • With a simple click, reach millions of people through their extensive network of trusted news sites.
  • Obtain publication on appropriate websites that handle themes directly linked to your business.
  • Establish relationships with journalists and media influencers to help spread the word about your story.
  • Budget-friendly and cost-effective budget options enable you to make an impression without breaking the bank.


  • Basic: $99.95 for a press release
  • Pro+: $399 plus free shipping for ten releases
  • Corporate: $999 plus 10 releases for free

There will be no free press releases offered in the future for the Pro+ and Corporate plans.

6. Business Wire

This is the best option for individuals looking to harness the power of narrative in their business.

Business Wire is a full-service public relations business that assists clients in spreading the word about their stories.

They’ve been in the company for a long period of time and have a sizable network of contacts in both traditional and digital media.

Since 1961, Business Wire has distributed news to periodicals and significant online news providers.

Business Wire

Its distribution service, which comprises an up-to-date collection of trending news websites and media outlets, is critical for corporate communications, investor relations, public policy, and marketing experts, among others.

Business Wire’s unique NX Network high-speed infrastructure, in conjunction with agreements with dozens of international news organizations globally, enables your most critical news to reach the broadest audience possible for maximum impact.

Significant Characteristics:

  • You will be able to accomplish your business exposure goals by utilizing their team’s skill in both creating and sending press releases in accordance with solid business principles.
  • They can aid you every step of the way because they are a well-established firm with an excellent team of press release pros.
  • They offer a wide range of multimedia services to help you communicate your message effectively.


The company offers three pricing plans that cater to all types of media coverage, including regional, national, and logical. These are the prices:

  • Local: $475
  • Regional: $510
  • National: $940

Press releases with 400 words are used to determine prices.

7. GlobeNewswire

Best for incorporating multimedia into press releases to effectively communicate your message.

GlobeNewswire’s specialized distribution methods can assist you in reaching out to the media, investors, and customers.

You can utilize targeted distribution strategies to increase brand awareness, increase online visibility, and get further media attention.


By translating your content into the target audience’s native tongue, you may communicate with them more effectively and earn their trust.

This means that the contents of your press release will boost their likelihood of doing business with you.

GlobeNewswire’s solution was designed to function in conjunction with your day-to-day communications, since flexibility, automation, and intuitiveness are key.

Significant Characteristics:

  • GlobeNewswire distribution of your press releases enables you to generate, publish, and track your news on a global scale.
  • You can utilize their Press Release Distribution service to target a particular country or specific sort of media. This will enable you to save expenditures while increasing your reach.
  • Increase the reach of your story by issuing a press release on their website, which has long been the go-to source for breaking business and financial news.
  • Utilize multimedia to increase your visibility and engagement, as well as to assist you in telling your narrative more effectively.


The logged-out version of their website contains no pricing information. By creating an account on their website, you’ll be able to learn more about what they have to offer.

Send2Press, eReleases, Associated Press, and PR Pro are more press release delivery providers not listed in this article.

What Are Press Release Distribution Services?

Press release distribution services are online media platforms that enable you to submit a press release and share it with media outlets, blogs, social networking pages, journalists, newspapers, and magazines, among others.

If you want to spread the word about your business and let people know what you’re up to, press releases may be one of the most effective methods.

Generally, businesses take this technique to increase their visibility and trustworthiness. Additionally, it is an excellent method of attracting media attention.

The top distribution businesses for press releases have a broad reach and can assist you in getting your message in front of the right people.

There are numerous press release services accessible, but not all of them are created equal.

The best ones have a large reach, are simple to use, and offer a range of services that enable you to communicate your story most effectively.

Consider some of the characteristics that the top press release services should possess.

Qualities of a Good Press Release Distribution Service

The following are the characteristics you should look for when selecting a press release distribution provider for your business.

1. A Good Reach

The top press release services have a broad reach, which means they can help you reach as many people as possible with your message.

This entails obtaining coverage for your story in prominent newspapers, periodicals, and news websites, particularly those covering your industry.

Nobody wants to read about how fantastic a company is if it is in a different industry and the products or services offered are irrelevant.

Additionally, a broad reach enhances the likelihood that your story will be picked up by other media outlets, resulting in additional exposure as a result of the first press release.

2. Distribution Channels

When selecting a press release distribution business, it is critical to consider the channels they have access to.

Channels include the following:

In general, larger organizations that have been around longer had access to more channels than their competitors.

The simplest way to determine which ones they use is to explore their website or contact them directly.

Once you’ve identified a company with a large number of high-quality distribution channels, it’s critical to calculate the maximum number of press releases that can be issued simultaneously to various media outlets.

If you require a large amount rapidly, you want a solution that will not break your budget or require a long wait time before shipping.

With many of the major press release services distributing information to channels such as ABC, CBS, Cision, Fox, and NBC, it’s critical to understand the level of exposure you’ll receive from such outlets.

3. Ease of Use

The best distribution systems for press releases are simple to use.

This requires a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to send and track your press release. Additionally, you should be able to obtain assistance if necessary.

The top businesses have customer service specialists available to answer your inquiries and assist you with any issues that may arise.

Using a difficult-to-use press release company can be a complete misery. This is especially true if you are a new business owner with no prior experience utilizing similar services.

4. Analytics

It is critical to have an interface that assists you in comprehending the stats associated with your press releases.

This data can assist you in fine-tuning your strategy and determining what works and what does not.

The finest press release providers include complete analytics, which enables you to track how many people view your release, how many clicks through to your website, and where the majority of your traffic originates.

Developing the appropriate optimization for placements, syndication, and locating industry-specific material can be difficult.

Having the correct analytics in place can assist you in streamlining your efforts and optimizing your distribution.

The ability to provide precise reporting in real-time benefits businesses of all sizes – from startups to those who use press release writing services for reputation management.

5. Multimedia & Customization

The finest press release service is one that enables you to integrate multimedia in your releases (such as photographs and videos).

Additionally, it should enable you to personalize your press release by altering the layout and design.

Additionally, some press release distribution platforms include multimedia capabilities that enable you to generate films and photos that aid in the promotion of your story.

This is a fantastic feature because it ensures you’re producing high-quality material that will help you stand out from the competitors.

6. Comprehensive Services

The best press release distribution businesses offer comprehensive services that enable you to communicate your message most effectively.

This includes providing pre-written templates, advice on how to write an effective press release, and possible suggestions for contacting other media outlets.

They should also assist you in tracking the results of your campaign to determine its effectiveness.

Access to these services can be quite beneficial, particularly if you’re new to press releases or lack experience with them.

7. Pricing

When shopping for a press release distribution business, one critical thing to consider is pricing.

The best services offer affordable pricing so you won’t have to drain your bank account each time you send out a press release, which means you won’t have to make any sacrifices if you’re on a budget.

The reality is that there are numerous mediocre businesses that charge exorbitant charges for their services.

On the other side, inexpensive press release delivery services may not include all of the capabilities you desire. Finding a healthy balance can be difficult, but it is not impossible.

To ensure you’re getting the greatest bargain available, you must shop around and compare your selections. Bear in mind that some providers charge on a per-word basis, which means that the longer your press release, the more you’ll spend.

8. Same Day Distribution

Same-day press release distribution services are quite advantageous because they enable you to immediately spread the word.

Utilizing an immediate service provider is an excellent approach to obtain an advantage over your competitors when your news is timely and may even save you money in the long run.

After all, the sooner you distribute a press release, the sooner it will be seen and the sooner people will begin taking the necessary activities.

9. Blogger Outreach

Numerous media channels and websites to which public relations firms have access are connected to bloggers or other internet influencers.

If you have the opportunity to connect with this network through a blogger outreach service, you should use it considering the benefits it will bring to your campaign.

Blogger outreach is especially valuable since it enables you to connect with influencers who may be overlooked in a standard press release distribution strategy.

This results in increased visibility for your business.

10. Professional Press Release Writing

Whether you submit one or numerous press releases, you should never have to worry about their quality.

Whatever form of press release you’re sending, having one that is well-written is critical if you want it to get noticed and spread by the media.

The top public relations distribution company will give professional press release writing (or proofreading/proof editing) that ensures your message reaches the widest potential audience while being accurate.

In such circumstances, proofreading may be included as a benefit of your subscription, ensuring that your press release is error-free prior to submission.

Additional content production services are given by press release websites

Several of the largest press release distribution sites have begun shifting their business strategies away from pure press release distribution and toward content marketing.

As a result, some of these services provide content other than press releases. This may involve the following:

  • Posts on blogs
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Webinars

Offering this type of information enables the leading public relations distribution companies to compete more effectively. Additionally, it expands your alternatives for promoting your company’s purpose or brand.

Customer Support

24/7 customer assistance is critical for any organization, but especially those who provide consumer-facing services, such as press release distribution businesses.

If you’re weighing your alternatives and believe you may want assistance at any time, you need to feel confident that the company you’ve picked will be there for you.

Having someone available to answer your concerns and assist you with troubleshooting is a must-have for any organization.

National vs International Distribution

Whether you’re going national or international, it’s vital to understand your target audience.

There are a few points to consider while selecting the best service for you:

  • The news release’s language
  • The cultural environment within which the press release will be sent
  • Which countries are served by the service

While national press release distribution is appropriate in some circumstances, worldwide press release distribution may be the ideal option if you want to reach a global audience or if your firm is multinational.

Specialized distribution services with a focus on this type of distribution have a larger reach than those that are primarily focused on national distribution.

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Conclusion: Best Press Release Distribution Services 2024

So that’s it, then. A list of the best press release distribution services.

These companies all provide identical services at comparable prices, as you can see.

The personal interaction you have with each organization and your account manager will play a significant role in your success.

Try out a few different press release distribution services and see which one is the best for you.

B2B and trade media may be stronger for some, while consumer and mainstream media may be stronger for others.

Avoid being dazzled by salespeople who promise to GUARANTEE your organization 1000s of pieces of coverage when purchasing these services.

Using a press release distribution service can help you get your story in front of a wider audience, but whether or not it does so depends on the quality of the material you provide.


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