Bleachbit vs CCleaner 2024: Which One Is Better For Cleaning Your PC?

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Are you confused between CCleaner and BleachBit? Not sure which is superior and why?

If so, stick with us until we find your idol, who will meet all of your needs at once. Let’s start with the most fundamental comparison! This post compares BleachBit and CCleaner.

It is unavoidable that, depending on how you use your computer, it will eventually slow down. Whatever care you take with your computer, it will eventually slow down.

Many temporary and useless files accumulate over time. The presence of numerous unnecessary files and background processes adds to the chaos.

Even if you are a power user, manually deleting these files is nearly impossible. The good news is that you can restore your PC’s optimization with a number of applications. CCleaner and BleachBit are the two best cleaner apps.

This article compares CCleaner and Bleachbit. It compares their features, pricing, compatibility, and operation.


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Pricing $29.37 Free
Best for

It can clean and optimize your computer’s performance, as well as protect your privacy so that your computer runs faster and smoother.

BleachBit offers tons of features to clean your computer. User interface is simple and easy to use, which makes it very easy to use.

  • It provides purge temp files
  • Clutter reduction is it's main feature
  • It offers application uninstall
  • It has registry cleanup
  • It offers simple operation
  • It has multi-platform feature
  • It is free of charge and no money trail
  • It provides command line interface
  • It is a fairly capable and efficient free version
  • Additional advanced features are included
  • Update software and drivers
  • Multi-browser compatibility to improve performance
  • Protect your privacy and monitor threats
  • It’s easy to use
  • This version is portable
  • This is ideal for permanently erasing private files
  • The ability to shred files very effectively
  • It’s completely free and based on open-source
  • A bundle of tools must be disabled manually
  • Privacy protection is weak
  • Doesn’t have a startup optimization feature
  • Monitors threats but does not include it
  • Built-in features are limited
Ease of Use

Using such a great navigation experience, you won’t have to spend much time learning and will be able to scan your computer, get advice, and take action to ensure your computer runs smoothly.

There’s nothing particularly fancy about BleachBit’s interface, but it’s very easy to use, so it’s very user-friendly. Using a single click, you can delete recommended files.

Value For Money

It offers all the features you need to improve your computer’s speed, as well as privacy-protecting features. You will be able to clear your history automatically, use junk guard, receive automatic updates, and get priority support with CCleaner Professional. CCleaner Business Edition includes more business-oriented features such as anti-theft protection, and a free trial is available.

BleachBit is a free cleaning tool based on open-source code. There are no trials, price lists, or hidden charges but its Privacy protection is weak and the Built-in features are limited.

Customer Support

It has email, call and help book facilities available 24*7 for the users. They are always available in the respective social media handles to help the customers.

There are not available on weekends. They provide customer support through templates and emails. They are not so quick as well.

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Bleachbit vs CCleaner 2024: Overview

We’ve covered everything you need to know about BleachBit vs CCleaner in this post to help you make an informed decision.

What Is BleachBit?

BleachBit does not always come with as many features as other free software.

Although BleachBit has a broad range of features for cleaning your computer, most of the files deleted while cleaning your computer cannot be recovered.

The user interface is simple and straightforward, making it very simple to use.

BleachBit - Bleachbit vs CCleaner

Unlike other apps, you will not be forced to use bundled apps or extensions on your search bar. BleachBit is available in 64 languages.

It does not require any technical knowledge to use because it is so simple to use.

What Is CCleaner?

If we’re looking for maintenance tools, CCleaner or crap cleaner is a great choice.

CCleaner - Bleachbit vs CCleaner

It can clean and optimize your computer’s performance, as well as protect your privacy so that your computer runs faster and smoother.

BleachBit vs CCleaner: How to Get Started?

Let’s have a look at a glimpse of how to go ahead with these platforms.


BleachBit is very easy to use. It shouldn’t take long for you to find the download button when you visit the BleachBit official website.

BleachBit is a computer tool that must be downloaded and installed on your computer before use. Choose the version that corresponds to your operating system on the official download page.

Installation is fairly straightforward after the download. Once you have installed BleachBit, you can immediately start using it.


On the official CCleaner website, you will find two buttons that let you choose between purchasing CCleaner Pro or downloading the free CCleaner version.

CCleaner, like BleachBit, requires downloading and installation before use. It is highly recommended that you try the free version before upgrading to the paid version because it is nearly as good as the paid version.

How To Get Started

It is possible to start the first assessment of your computer once you have installed CCleaner. You can then approve the deletion of junk files and learn how to further optimize your computer.

Verdict:  For the first time, downloading, installing, and running BleachBit and CCleaner are both quite simple.

BleachBit vs CCleaner: Optimization Process

Optimization is a major process and it’s important to have a brief knowledge about the same. So let’s go and know more.


BleachBit uses a very simple optimization process, assessing your computer’s files and showing you the results. Once you approve the results, the files are deleted.

BleachBit not only deletes useless files, but it also analyzes and deletes browser history and files, cleans up junk files, and can even locate and delete unused Windows registry data.

Additionally, BleachBit can also work with other third-party formats such as OpenOffice, SQL, and others to maximize your computer’s optimization performance.


Before the optimization process begins, Ccleaner runs an assessment process.

An assessment process identifies files that aren’t being used by your operating system anymore, such as unused files, old files, or files that are no longer necessary.

CCleaner can also check settings, browser files, and even outdated software. Each of these factors can slow down your computer or cause long-term issues with your operating system.

Of course, any unused files can be deleted with your permission during the optimization process.

Verdict: Both BleachBit and CCleaner have an evaluation process that serves as excellent preparation for the optimization process.

The two tools are also very effective at optimizing the computer by focusing primarily on deleting files and other aspects, which is why they are tied in this category.

BleachBit vs CCleaner: File Deletion

Below we have mentioned the details related to the file deletion of both platforms.


When it comes to deleting files, BleachBit is a real surprise. Its main function is to remove files from a computer to improve its performance.

The free version of BleachBit, however, offers some pretty advanced file deletion capabilities.

BleachBit lets you ensure that every file on the storage drive is permanently deleted, up to the point you will no longer be able to recover it.

BleachBit is so effective at erasing files that it can even erase all evidence that they ever existed on your storage drive.

These steps are more than sufficient to remove any files that may damage your computer.


When the assessment check is completed, CCleaner can access registry files, system files, and even browser junk files. This allows it to clean out your computer by removing files.

To give it full access rights, you need only run it as an administrator. You will not lose your data, however.

CCleaner will not touch your personal files. The software will only analyze the most critical files, which are the ones that slow down computers and make them difficult to use.

Every file deletion will also require your permission, so don’t be surprised if some files vanish. The ability to delete Flash player cookies is another advantage of CCleaner.

Verdict: CCleaner’s comprehensive file deletion process, which includes detecting and assessing more file types and formats, is far more effective than BleachBit’s. CCleaner thus wins this category.

BleachBit vs CCleaner: Privacy Protection

Privacy or protection of any data comes first over everything. Let’s know together how these platforms work in this field.


BleachBit’s primary function is to delete files to improve computer performance.

As a result, it lacks privacy protection features and requires the use of third-party tools to obtain them.

Because of BleachBit’s privacy policy and responsibility statement, no files or private information will be compromised, but you won’t have to worry about privacy violations.


Ccleaner protects your privacy when using a public or shared computer by deleting web browser history, saved passwords, and temporary internet files.

This will prevent others from knowing what you’ve done, what you’ve downloaded, and most importantly, from viewing your saved passwords.

CCleaner Features

You can set up the paid CCleaner version (Professional) to delete all cookies from your browser when you close it, ensuring complete privacy.

Verdict: Even in the free version, CCleaner offers more advanced privacy protection than BleachBit.

BleachBit vs CCleaner: Startup Optimizer

Below we have mentioned a glimpse of Startup Optimizer.


Regardless of how effective BleachBit is at removing junk files, it does not offer a way to scan and manage startup programs on your computer.

A slow startup and slow operating and performance of a computer are often due to too many unnecessary startup programs.

Although, if you plan to use BleachBit, you will have to manually manage your startup programs.


Ccleaner knows that some programs automatically launch on startup, so it makes it easy for you to access start-up programs through CCleaner.

You can disable or completely remove a program from the start-up menu if you don’t want it to start every time your computer boots.

You will not only save time by not having to close programs you aren’t using right when the computer starts, but you will also improve the startup speed of the computer.

Verdict: CCleaner has a feature that helps you efficiently handle start-up programs, so CCleaner wins this competition since BleachBit doesn’t have an integrated feature for auto start-up programs.

BleachBit vs CCleaner: Threat Monitoring

Let’s have a view on the field of Threat monitoring for both platforms.


Neither BleachBit nor its threat scanning capabilities are integrated.

So, although this feature is now common in cleaning computer programs, if you decide to use BleachBit to monitor your threats, you will need a third-party program.


When downloading, CCleaner’s real-time threat monitoring is a very useful feature. It also works as well as some antivirus programs.

It can also be very useful for detecting hidden threats when thoroughly scanning your computer’s files.

One of the most significant advantages of CCleaner’s threat monitoring feature is that it has been designed to thoroughly inspect system files.

Threat monitoring, in conjunction with thorough scanning, can serve as a backup to ensure your computer is not slowed down by viruses.

A computer’s performance can be slowed down by viruses and malware, which can cause serious problems.

Verdict: Despite its powerful file removal technology, BleachBit lacks an important feature that could complement it.

CCleaner, however, combines its ability with powerful threat protection, making it a multipurpose tool.

Therefore, CCleaner wins in this category.

BleachBit vs CCleaner: File Shredding

Come and have a deep knowledge of file shredding while working with the respective platforms.


Among BleachBit’s many capabilities is its file-shredding capability. BleachBit shreds the files and removes them from the hard drive by shredding them. Other cleaning tools delete the files.

As a result, there is more disk space, as well as improved disk performance. It is not possible to find or recover a file if you attempt to do so.


Like BleachBit, CCleaner doesn’t shred every file when it’s deleted. You can, however, manually shred files CCleaner offers to ensure they cannot be retrieved.

It will allow you to recover any files you accidentally delete or change your mind about, as you will be able to change your mind later.

However, shredding files on your storage disk will allow you to accept the fact that they can’t be recovered, gaining benefits for your disk in return.

Verdict: With both tools, you can efficiently shred files, which is essential to the true cleaning of your computer.

Despite their differences, both methods are as effective, so this is a tie.

BleachBit vs CCleaner: File Compatibility

File compatibility is a major part of any system. Let’s have a view of how these platforms work with this.


BleachBit is highly adaptable and can work with a wide range of file formats, making it extremely versatile.

It can remove cache, delete cookies, clear browsing history, handle temporary files, and delete system files (junk) that aren’t visible.

BleachBit won’t miss any of your computer files, so you don’t need to worry.


Aside from working with nearly any file type, CCleaner is highly compatible with all of the operating system’s standard formats.

Furthermore, CCleaner ensures that your browser is as fast as your PC by analyzing web-based data and cookies.

CCleaner, in addition to working with drivers, ensures that your computer is always up to date. You won’t have to worry about your computer running smoothly if you use CCleaner.

Verdict: There is no clear winner in this category as BleachBit and CCleaner both support all standard file formats and types, and both offer additional browser and application support.

BleachBit vs CCleaner: Advanced Features

Let’s know more about the advanced features.


There are not many features in BleachBit, but the ones it provides are more than enough to make sure your computer is safe, it is clean, and runs correctly.

With additional and advanced features, BleachBit can work with almost any browser out there to “vacuum” it out and prevent the computer from being slowed down by it.

BleachBit’s command-line interface can also be used to automate some of its functions if you are skilled enough. BleachBit can be used to write your cleaning feature if you are skilled enough.


The proper cleaning and optimization of your computer will allow CCleaner to provide advanced and additional features that will help improve the performance of your computer.

You can run a PC health check with CCleaner, and it will provide quick solutions to your computer’s problems. It will even tune up your computer automatically based on these recommendations.

CCleaner’s greatest strength is its one-click update function, which can update all of your drivers and software at once, closing security gaps and ensuring that older versions do not slow down your computer.

The program can also perform a variety of important tasks on your computer, such as starting up programs, and apps, and even checking the health of your browser, to ensure that your PC is running as efficiently as possible.

Verdict: There are not many advanced features in BleachBit, as it’s pretty minimalistic software.

In contrast, CCleaner offers a complete set of tools that work together to optimize your computer, which is why CCleaner won this category.

BleachBit vs CCleaner: Ease of Use

Ease of use is a primary need of any user. Have a look that who gives this facility better.


There is nothing to discover once you have downloaded and installed BleachBit, and you can easily run an assessment (called the Preview in BleachBit).

After you’ve finished the preview, you can see if BleachBit discovered any files that should be deleted. You can delete recommended files with a single click.

The interface of BleachBit isn’t particularly fancy, but it’s very simple to use, making it very user-friendly.


Although CCleaner has a lot of features crammed into one cleaner, it has an intuitive dashboard that neatly arranges all features and yet makes the cleaner easy to navigate.

From the left sidebar, you can select one of the main features, and additional options will appear.

CCleaner Ease Of USe

You won’t have to spend much time learning because you’ll be able to scan your computer, get advice, and take action to ensure it runs smoothly.

Verdict: Although BleachBit and CCleaner offer different features, they are both made to provide effortless usage, which is why this category is a tie.

CCleaner vs BleachBit: How Much Does It Cost?

It’s important to know whether your money is worth spending or not and for that it is a must to know the pricing in brief.

Here we have mentioned all the required pricing features of both platforms. Go and check it out.

BleachBit Pricing

BleachBit is a free cleaning tool based on open-source code. There are no trials, price lists, or hidden charges.

You can use all of BleachBit’s features for free if you download them from the official website.

Nevertheless, if BleachBit helped you in any way, feel free to contribute.

CCleaner Pricing

CCleaner is available in two versions. There is a more than adequate home computer version in addition to the free version.

It includes all of the features you need to speed up your computer as well as privacy-protecting features.

You will be able to clear your history automatically, use junk guard, receive automatic updates, and get priority support with CCleaner Professional.

CCleaner Pricing Plans - BleachBit vs CCleaner

There is a free trial available for CCleaner Professional, which costs $29.37. however, keep in mind that CCleaner Business Edition is needed if you want it for business purposes.

CCleaner Business Edition includes more business-oriented features such as anti-theft protection, and a free trial is available.

CCleaner Business Edition can be purchased for $33.19/year after the 30-day trial.


  • You can get both cleaners for free
  • It is very easy to delete files with both cleaners
  • Most standard files can be cleaned with both cleaners
  • Both cleaners are compatible with browsers
  • Both cleaners are easy to use and lightweight


  • CCleaner doesn’t offer a free version, while BleachBit does
  • CCleaner is not based on open source while BleachBit is
  • When compared with BleachBit, CCleaner automates the most processes
  • The support system for CCleaner is good and active; BleachBit is not
  • The advanced features provided by CCleaner, such as active threat monitoring, are not available in BleachBit

BleachBit vs CCleaner: Pros & Cons

We have some pros and cons of Bleachbit:

BleachBit Pros

  • It’s completely free and based on open-source
  • The ability to shred files very effectively
  • This is ideal for permanently erasing private files so that they cannot be recovered
  • This version is portable and does not need to be installed on your computer
  • It’s easy to use

BleachBit Cons

  • Built-in features are limited
  • Monitors threats but does not include it
  • Doesn’t have a startup optimization feature
  • Privacy protection is weak

We have some pros and cons of CCleaner:

CCleaner Pros

  • An instant speed boost to a computer as a result of combining various features
  • File deletion with advanced features and decent compatibility
  • Protect your privacy and monitor threats
  • Multi-browser compatibility to improve performance
  • Update software and drivers
  • Additional advanced features are included
  • It is a fairly capable and efficient free version

CCleaner Cons

  • During the installation process of the free version, a bundle of tools must be disabled manually

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Conclusion: BleachBit vs CCleaner 2024

What does it all come down to, in the end? Which is the best option? That is highly dependent on your requirements and price sensitivity.

BleachBit is a free download that performs similar functions to CCleaner’s free version.

I really liked the shredding features, and I also liked how it could write over a hard drive to hide the fact that it had been shredded in the first place.

CCleaner, on the other hand, is the best cleanup and optimization software available here. Customer support and a plethora of other features are uncommon in open-source applications.

As a result, keep in mind that the Professional Plus version will cost you around $40. However, one feature, in my opinion, makes it all worthwhile: the file recovery utility.

In my opinion, CCleaner is the better overall option. If you only want to use free software, I recommend you try BleachBit for free.

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