Bright Data Scraping Browser Review 2024: Ultimate Tool For Web Scraping?

Bright Data Scraping Browser Review


For the purpose of data scraping, the Bright Data Scraping Browser is an all-in-one automated web browser. It's a solid option for data scraping tasks because to its many useful features. You may save time, money, and resources with the Bright Data Scraping Browser since it is a one-stop-shop browser.

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  • Easy to learn and quite effective.
  • 100% focused customer support.
  • Extensive configuration options and preferences for proxy service usage.
  • Flexible pricing structures.
  • A reliable and speedy data network.


  • Certainly not the cheapest service around.
  • There may be additional cost laws to meet consumer demands.


Price: $ 15

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Looking for a detailed Bright Data Scraping Browser Review, Don’t worry I got you covered.

The internet is an enormous pool of data that can be incredibly valuable for businesses, researchers, and individuals. However, accessing this data can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to data scraping.

Data scraping is the process of extracting data from websites automatically, and it is often used for research, marketing, and other purposes.

Data scraping can be done manually, but this is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of technical expertise. 

Fortunately, there are software tools and services available that can automate the data scraping process and make it easier to access the data you need.

But, it can also be challenging, especially when dealing with site blocks, CAPTCHA, and other bot detection scripts. The average total cost of a data breach is $3.62 million in 2017, a decrease of 10 percent over last year.

That’s where the Bright Data Scraping Browser comes in. So, let us discuss in detail about how the Bright Data Scraping Browser helps you in data scraping in our detailed Bright Data Scraping Browser review. 

Proxy network

What Is Bright Data Scraping Browser?

The Bright Data Scraping Browser is an all-in-one automated browser designed specifically for data scraping purposes.

It is powered by an award-winning proxy network that offers over 72 million IPs and the ability to target any country, city, carrier & ASN.

This premium proxy service is a top choice for developers who need to scrape data at scale. Moreover, it is Puppeteer compatible, which means it is more powerful than automated and headless browsers.

Bright data browser scraping review

The Bright Data Scraping Browser is designed to make data scraping fast, easy, and secure. It uses advanced technologies such as AI-driven captcha and bot detection that ensures smooth data extraction.

With the Bright Data Scraping Browser, users can quickly and securely extract data from any website without any hassle.

Features Of Bright Data Scraping Browser

Bright Data’s scraping browser offers a number of features designed to help with Web Scraping at scale. 

1. Automatic management of website unlocking operations

The program has a key feature of automatic management of website unlocking operations. This includes solving CAPTCHAs, fingerprinting browsers, and a variety of other tasks.

This can save time and resources for developers who need to scrape large amounts of data from websites.

2. Outsmart bot-detection software

Another important feature of Bright Data’s scraping browser is its ability to outsmart bot-detection software.

In addition to bypassing bot-detection systems using AI technology, scrapers can also produce better unlocking rates when using proxies instead of AI technology.

Brightdata features

3. Highly scalable

Bright Data’s scraping browser is also highly scalable, allowing developers to grow their scraping projects with as many browsers as they need.

The browsers are hosted on Bright Data’s infrastructure, which is designed to handle large amounts of traffic and requests.

4. Compatible with both Puppeteer (Python) and Playwright (Node.js)

Finally, Bright Data’s scraping browser is compatible with both Puppeteer (Python) and Playwright (Node.js), which allows developers to interact with browser sessions and perform website interactions to retrieve data.

This can be useful for scraping projects that require clicking buttons, scrolling, or adding text to web pages.

Benefits Of Using Bright Data Scraping Browser

In addition to handling new blocks, CAPTCHA solving, fingerprints, and retries automatically, Bright Data Scraping Browser also appears as a real user.

This means that you don’t have to worry about unblocking sites or building your own infrastructure, saving you time, resources, and cost.

Additionally, the Bright Data Scraping Browser is ideal for scaling. You can scale thousands of sessions at once using browsers hosted on Bright Data infrastructure optimized for data scraping.

This feature saves you resources and time and makes it easy to handle complex unlocking operations.

One of the most significant challenges in scraping data at scale is dealing with website blocks. The Bright Data Scraping Browser, however, is automatically in charge of all website unlocking processes.

It includes CAPTCHA solving, selecting headers, automatic retries, browser fingerprinting, cookies, and Javascript rendering, among other features. This means that you can save time and resources and focus on your data scraping project’s main goals.


The pricing of the Bright Data Scraping Browser is designed to be flexible and accessible to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

The company offers four pricing tiers, including Pay As You Go, Growth, Business, and Enterprise, to meet the needs of different users.


The Pay As You Go plan is designed for users who need to scrape data occasionally or in small volumes. It is a no-commitment plan that allows you to pay for only what you use. The pricing for this plan is $20.00 per GB, plus $0.1 per hour.

The Growth plan is ideal for businesses that need to scrape data more frequently or in larger volumes. It includes a discount of 10% on the Pay As You Go plan and costs $500 per month. The pricing for this plan is $17.00 per GB, plus $0.1 per hour.

The Business plan is the most popular plan and is designed for businesses that need to scale their data scraping operations.

It includes a discount of 25% on the Pay As You Go plan and costs $1000 per month. The pricing for this plan is $15.00 per GB, plus $0.1 per hour.

Finally, the Enterprise plan is designed for businesses that need unlimited scale and a premium service level agreement (SLA).

The pricing for this plan is custom and is based on your specific needs and requirements. This plan includes features like dedicated account management, custom pricing per GB, and 24/7 support.

Also, if you wish to SAVE more, you can pay annually and save up to 40%

How Scraping Browsers Outperforms Headless Browsers?

Scraping Browser, a GUI (Graphical User Interface) browser, outperforms headless browsers in several ways when it comes to scaling data scraping projects and bypassing blocks.

1. Bypassing Bot Detection Software

Bot detection software is becoming more and more sophisticated, making it difficult for developers to scrape data from websites.

Bot detection software is easily able to detect headless browsers, which are commonly used to scrape the web.

However, Scraping Browser is less likely to be detected because it uses a GUI interface, which makes it appear more like a real user browser.

This means that developers can use Scraping Browser to scrape data without worrying about being detected and blocked.

2. Built-In Website Unlocking Functions

Website blocks are automatically unlocked by Scraping Browser. These functions include solving CAPTCHAs, fingerprinting browsers, automatically retrying, selecting headers, and cookies, and rendering JavaScript.

This means that developers do not have to spend time and resources manually unlocking websites or finding workarounds for blocked content. Scraping Browser takes care of it all automatically.

Scraping vs haedless browser

3. Easy to Scale

Scraping Browser is hosted on Bright Data’s servers, which means that developers can easily scale their web scraping projects by opening as many Scraping Browsers as they need without having to invest in expensive in-house infrastructure.

This makes it easy to manage large data scraping projects and ensures that developers can access the data they need quickly and efficiently.

4. Ability to Interact with Websites

A scraping Browser is a GUI browser, which means that developers can use it to interact with websites in ways that are not possible with headless browsers.

For example, developers can hover over pages, click buttons, scroll, and add text. This makes the Scraping Browser an ideal choice for web scraping projects that require website interactions to retrieve data.

5. Enhanced Debugging Capabilities

Scraping Browser provides enhanced debugging capabilities compared to headless browsers.

Developers can use the GUI interface to see what is happening on the website in real time and can easily identify any issues or errors that occur during the scraping process.

This makes it easier to troubleshoot problems and ensure that the data is being scraped correctly.

FAQs On Bright Data Scraping Browser Review 2024

👉 When is it necessary to use an automated browser for scraping?

Automated browsers are used for data scraping when JavaScript rendering of a page or interactions with a website are required, such as hovering, changing pages, clicking, and taking screenshots. They are also useful for large-scale data scraping projects targeting multiple pages.

👉 What is Scraping Browser?

Scraping Browser is an automated browser controlled by high-level APIs such as Puppeteer and Playwright. Website unblocking is automatically handled under the hood by it, including CAPTCHA solving, fingerprinting, header selection, automatic retries, and JavaScript rendering.

🤔 Is Scraping Browser a headless or a headful browser?

The Scraping Browser uses a graphical user interface and is also called a headful browser. However, developers interact with Scraping Browser through an API like Puppeteer or Playwright, making it functionally headless. Scraping Browser is opened as a GUI browser on Bright Data's infrastructure.

👉 What is the difference between a headless and a headful browser when it comes to scraping?

Headless browsers refer to web browsers without a graphical user interface, and they can be used to scrape data when used with a proxy. However, they are easily detected by bot protection software, making large-scale data scraping difficult. GUI browsers, such as Scraping Browser, use a graphical user interface, and they are less likely to be detected by bot detection software.

🤔 What makes Scraping Browser superior to Chrome Headless or Python Selenium web scraping?

Scraping Browser comes with an auto-unblocking feature that automatically removes restrictions. It is possible to scale web data scraping projects without infrastructural requirements by using Scraping Browsers, which employ automated unlocking and run on Bright Data's servers.

👉 Is Scraping Browser compatible with Puppeteer scraping?

Yes, Scraping Browser is fully compatible with Puppeteer.

🤔 When should I use Scraping Browser instead of other Bright Data proxy products?

Scraping Browser is an automated browser dedicated to scraping data, powered by Web Unlocker's automated unlocking technology. Scraping a Browser is necessary when a developer needs to interact with a website to retrieve its data. It is also ideal for any data scraping project that requires browsers, scaling, and automated management of all website unblocking actions.

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Conclusion: Bright Data Scraping Browser Review 2024

In conclusion, data scraping can be a challenging task, especially when dealing with website blocks and other bot detection scripts.

The Bright Data Scraping Browser is an all-in-one automated browser that makes data scraping easier and more efficient.

With Puppeteer compatibility, automatic unblocking of sites, CAPTCHA solving, fingerprints, retries, and more, it offers a wide range of features and benefits.

It is an excellent tool for scaling, saves resources & time, and is ideal for handling complex unlocking operations.

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