Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy 2024: How to Fix? Best Methods

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If you are interested in learning the full story behind the “Can’t Take  Screenshot Due To Security Policy? How to Bypass It”, then this article is for you.

Here is how you can take screenshots despite the security policy restriction:

Basically, it prevents sensitive information from being leaked; unauthorized access, accidentally sending personal information, etc.

The restriction can be bypassed in a few ways. It is possible to take screenshots with third-party applications. Simply allow the screen to be captured.

Let’s get started!

Do you get a message saying “Can’t take pictures due to security policy”?

Frequently, we find ourselves in situations when we do not want to write down or memorize information we find online or on our cell phones.

The screenshot is taken as a result. The process is much easier when a photo is taken and used as a reference. We no longer need to find pens and paper or go through apps on our phones to write something we need to remember.

Like memos have been replaced by screenshots. Screenshots are images that represent a memory for us. When we are unable to recall something, there is no need to worry about it.

The image can be found in the gallery. Think of a time when this could have been the perfect solution, but it was impossible.

Another issue is the “Cannot take screenshot due to security policy” notification. Isn’t that annoying? Let’s take a screenshot anyway and bypass the notification.

What Is the Purpose of the Screenshot Restrictions?

Many apps don’t allow us to take screenshots due to their security policies. The Android operating system is prone to this issue. Our banking apps don’t let us take screenshots, so we are unable to do so.

What causes this to happen? Apart from the fact that it is extremely sensitive information, there are other reasons to protect your banking data.

The process of taking a screenshot is incredibly simple, and we can do it at any time, even if we bypass the security settings.

As a result, almost everyone can take a screenshot through their mobile devices. Everything digital is susceptible to hypothetical compromise.

You could send an incorrect screenshot, lose your phone, and have unauthorized access to your photos.

I cannot take screenshots due to a security policy?

There are so many advantages to this kind of restriction. Screenshots are often abused in the first place. In the same way that false screenshots spread fake news, misinformation does as well.

But the most important thing to remember is that there are malicious people and malicious software out there.

The Trojan horse malware we have in this case is called Gh0st RAT. RAT refers to Remote Access Tool, so it’s an intriguing name. This “tool” allows remote screenshot capture, which is dangerous.

Malware designed for Windows, however, cannot be used on any other operating system. You don’t have to worry if you don’t own a Microsoft phone. If your laptop is running Windows, make sure the security software is up-to-date.

We are not allowed to take screenshots of Android OS devices because Android OS developers place a high value on privacy.

Without this restriction, any other app could easily record or capture screenshots of what we do on a daily basis. In the absence of this restriction, all other apps would be able to record or screenshot activities.

Are there any security policies that prevent me from taking a screenshot?

The phone policy is largely responsible for this. You might not be able to take screenshots on your Android device. You have also been restricted from using your account.

Chrome’s Incognito Mode can also be a factor. You cannot take screenshots while in incognito mode. There’s no way around this, and you shouldn’t. Just exit this mode and go back to Chrome regularly.

If you have another browser installed, you may use the Firefox equivalent of the Incognito Mode and take a screenshot. It has its own policy, which is the third reason.

Even WhatsApp prevents us from taking screenshots in certain applications, such as banking, investment, and financial apps. There are many reasons why, very sensitive information, hackers, human errors like sending photos inadvertently.

Security policy prohibits us from taking screenshots, and we must treat this message seriously. However, screenshots are a useful feature, and they are available everywhere – Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc.

Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy”?

While bypassing this restriction in some cases may not be smart, it is sometimes useful to do so. We need to remember our billing information, but we are on the road, so we cannot write it down.

Can't Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy

If we don’t have the time, we trust that nobody will steal our data or hack our phones. It’s for this reason that we want screenshots to be available whenever we want.

Screenshot of a financial application

This is possible but isn’t recommended. The alternative is to install a third-party app if you think it’s necessary and doesn’t have the energy to write it down or just believe it’s more convenient.

Screenshots can be taken with any third-party app for Android. However, a random app might be able to take a screenshot of the built-in screenshot feature being blocked.

Financial apps do not permit screenshots, which is a good and a bad thing at the same time. Nevertheless, they only disable the built-in feature, so you can bypass it.

Restricted App Screenshot

Screenshots are often restricted in many apps. Say you try taking a screenshot of something on WhatsApp or Facebook, and you receive that message. This happens all the time.

Similar to what we would do with financial apps, you can do this too. You can take screenshots with any third-party software. Enable the screen capture option, and you’re done.

An important piece of information can be captured in a screenshot.

Deleting Company Accounts

You might not be allowed to take screenshots if you have a company account attached to your phone. But don’t worry, you can fix this problem easily. Just follow these steps.

It is either necessary to contact your company’s IT department in order to

For will need to either contact the IT department of your company up > Accounts. They will need to either contact the IT department of your company or tap on Remove account. This is definitely going to stop the notification.

Cast Screenshot Trick

Don’t be fooled by this trick. Then you can take a screenshot on the other device after casting your screen to the other device.

Using an app such as Team Viewer, connect two different devices, and try taking a screenshot while accessing a restricted app on one of the devices.

Google Assistant Screenshot

You can use Google Assistant to take a screenshot. You can ask the Google Assistant to take a screenshot by saying “Ok, Google.” Next, you can say, “Take a screenshot.

It may work. It’s possible to do it another way. By opening the Google Assistant with the same command, “Ok, Google. “, you can pick a quick question and then share the screenshot.

Changing the settings is necessary if you are having troubles with Google Assistant and cannot capture the screen.

Go to Settings > Google > Settings for Google apps > Search, Assistant and Voice > Google Assistant.

You need to tap on General in the Google Assistant settings. The option to use the screen context will be available. It can be toggled on and off. It should now be possible for the assistant to take a screenshot.

Permission to store media

Because of security reasons, the screenshot notification doesn’t always appear. Your storage isn’t allowed to write to it, so it appears that way. Phones that use SD cards are more likely to experience this issue.

The screenshots need to be allowed to be saved to your SD card. The Apps section can be accessed by going to Settings. You can access more by tapping on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select Media Storage, select Enable, then tap Show system apps. You should be able to store all types of media in this way.

How To Take a Screenshot?

Knowing how to bypass the screenshot restriction, as well as how to actually take a screenshot, is extremely valuable.

The good thing about a new device is that it comes with a tutorial, such as a walkthrough, for all its features.

But many of us fail to use this feature, and the reality is that whenever we need to take a screenshot we don’t know how to search online to find out how.

1. Windows Screenshot

Taking a screenshot with Windows is fairly straightforward. The PrtScn key can be accessed by clicking on it on your keyboard. From right to left, it usually precedes the backspace key.

The screenshot can be saved in two ways. Paint, the app, can be used to save it. Hold Ctrl + V and open Paint. It will appear as a screenshot, and you can save it wherever you wish by clicking on the save icon.


The second way to get an image file instantly is to press the Windows key and the PrtScn key simultaneously. As a result, screenshots are typically saved in C:/Users/YourUser/Pictures/Screenshots.How To Take Screenshot On Windows Laptop - Can't Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy

2. Android Screenshot

Almost all Android devices allow you to take a screenshot by holding the Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously.

How To Take Screenshot On Android Phone

The gallery makes it easy to view right away. To take a screenshot on an older Samsung smartphone, you have to press the Power button and Home button simultaneously. Most Android phones support this method.

3. iOS Screenshot

When you hold the power button and home button simultaneously on any iPhone, iPod, iPad, or so forth of the older generations, you get a screenshot.

The Power button plus Volume Up button is pressed on newer generations. The screenshot is immediately added to the gallery.

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Conclusion: Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy

I hope, now you are able to take the screenshots easily. If you still have doubts, you can write them down here in the comments section and I shall reply back to help you. 


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