Discord Server Rules 2024: Ultimate Guide | [+List & Template]

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Are you searching to copy and paste Discord server rules?

I’ve got your back! Discord is a VoIP program that has existed since 2015.

In this short time, the platform has amassed over 150 million monthly active users, making it the most popular instant messaging software. That figure is, to say the least, astonishing.

Despite the fact that the Discord software may be used for anything, it is typically utilized for gaming due to the capabilities it provides.

Within the platform, players can engage in discussions discussing the game’s rules, winning strategies, and other specifics pertaining to the game.

If you are a Discord user, you must be aware that talks like these take place in “servers,” which are divided into text and voice channels.

However, every server must adhere to certain etiquette standards. After creating a Discord server rules, it is best to establish a set of rules outlining what is allowed and prohibited on the server.

However, do you have no idea what rules to establish? Don’t worry, we’re here for that! This blog contains a copy-and-paste Discord server rules template that you may use to make your server more disciplined.

Discord Server Rules 2024: Why Are Rules Necessary In A Server?

Let’s review the significance of rules in a Discord server before moving on to a template that will assist you in maintaining a well-managed server.

As a server administrator, adopting regulations will not only assist you but also the chat members.

In general, rules make a community more robust because they create a stronger agreement between admins and members, hence decreasing controversy over rule violations and misunderstandings.

Discord Server Rules

There is a high likelihood that users will not comprehend the restrictions if they are not specified, which could lead to spamming on a server by malicious users. A server without rules resembles a double-edged sword.

Since one negative is that people may begin spamming, individuals who genuinely enjoy hanging out on the server you’ve made may no longer feel at ease due to all the spam and pointless controversy.

Users may therefore leave because they do not wish to be on a server where rules are not prioritized. Therefore, it is essential to establish a set of norms that all group members must follow.

How Do You Set Rules in a Discord Server?

Once you have created a server, you cannot immediately bombard everyone with rules they must follow, as this would negate the purpose of the rules.

There are several steps you must take. See details below:

Step 1: Before listing rules on a server, you must create a text channel titled “Rules.”

Step 2: Place the channel in read-only mode. You can do so by navigating to the section titled “Advanced permissions.”

Step 3: In the “Advanced permissions” area, disable the “Send Messages” option so that only you can send text messages in that channel.

Good Discord Server Rules Template

Before providing you with a list that you can simply copy and paste, let’s review the fundamental guidelines that everyone must abide by.

If you want your rules list to be more detailed so that everyone can understand the limits better, you can also copy the following points, if you see them applicable to your Discord server.

Discord Server Rules Templates

Respect should be shown to every member

Above all else, respect must be followed. Everyone should be respected, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Respect must first be given out in order to be returned. 

It is unacceptable to use abusive language

Be careful not to use any offensive words that may hurt another member, regardless of the language you use.

Stay calm and use only acceptable language. 

Please refrain from spamming

Spam should never be tolerated.

Send everything in moderation, whether it be messages, pictures, or emojis so that members aren’t distracted from important discussions.

Allow other users to participate as well. 

It is prohibited to post sexual content

The server is designed to accommodate users of all ages. There will be no tolerance for sexual content.

The content on the server is meant for families so that users of all ages can enjoy it. 

Seek Permission Before Advertising

If you intend to advertise a product, service, or anything else on the server, you must first obtain permission from the moderators, who will assess your advertisement and allow or reject it.

They have a dedicated channel for advertising, so please utilize it.

Appropriate Display Pictures and Nicknames Are Mandatory

The purpose of the Discord Server is to foster a well-behaved community; therefore, be sure to use only appropriate display images and aliases.

Use display images without any sexual or religious propaganda that could offend other users.

If users disregard this warning, their accounts will be removed from the server.

The raiding of Other Servers

Raiding other Discord servers without permission is not allowed on one server.

Always obtain permission from a moderator before doing such action, or you will be permanently banned.

Refrain From Threatening People

On Discord service, threatening other users is strictly prohibited.

Threats of any type, including hacking threats, death threats, abuse threats, and any other similar malicious remarks, will not be tolerated, and members who use them will be immediately banned.

Follow The Guidelines Stated By Discord

In addition to adhering to the rules of our particular server, it is essential to adhere to the main Discord guidelines.

If you do not wish to be banned from the site, it is vital that you adhere to Discord’s regulations.

Ask Permission Before Going To a Voice Channel

This does not give you permission to immediately initiate a voice call. Always permission is necessary.

Members can be banned or removed by administrators or moderators

The administrators and moderators will not hesitate to take action against members who disobey these rules, even if they have been informed of them.

The Discord server is all about creating an appropriate atmosphere where users of all types can relax.

Discord Server Rules To Be Followed

You can just copy and paste the following Discord server rules template if you want the rules to be succinct and clear, compelling every user to read them and observe them with courtesy.

I have listed the most frequent and fundamental guidelines that any Discord server should adhere to.

  • Be courteous, nice, and friendly.
  • Messages that are offensive or dangerous will not be accepted.
  • Spam is not encouraged.
  • The server is intended for private communication and not advertising.
  • Not appreciated is the use of the server for dating purposes.
  • Conversations should be conducted in English so that all members can comprehend.
  • Under no circumstances are offensive display images or nicknames permitted.
  • Politics and religion should not be discussed since they can provoke controversy.
  • False identities are prohibited; please use your actual name and photo.
  • Do not send links to fraudulent or phishing websites.
  • Spoilers are prohibited, whether from a film, an anime, or a television program.
  • The service is intended for family contexts, therefore please refrain from sending any communications that are not G-rated, adult, or pornographic.
  • Hate speech is not tolerated, and members who engage in it will be expelled.
  • Do not encourage other users to violate regulations, as this is bad in its own right.
  • Any form of plagiarism is severely discouraged on our site; give credit where credit is due.
  • Contacting server members for no valid purpose is prohibited.
  • Do not join the server with the intention of building a sub-server.
  • Members who violate a rule will receive a warning; however, they will be expelled if caught doing so again.
  • Feedback and constructive criticism are always appreciated.
  • Regardless of their age, appreciate every user.
  • Moderators or administrators are permitted to alter these rules or prohibit users based on their violation.

Funny and Informal Discord Server Rules

On the Discord network, rules can often sound condescending or severe.

This can result in unpleasant friction between members and administrators, which is unfortunate.

Therefore, it is appreciated when moderators create humorous rules that alleviate this stress.

Nevertheless, this does not imply that the rules are not significant. They should be followed equitably.

  • Respect and welcome new members with warmth. However, do not immediately begin fighting with the old members. They deserve the same degree of respect, don’t they?
  • Keep political discussions out of the Discord talks. Twitter has enough of this content.
  • Exhilaration is wonderful, but avoid spamming or spoiling movies or television series for other users.
  • Try not to turn the server into a courtroom drama, and instead engage in lighthearted dialogues that everyone can join.
  • Sexual or sexual content is strictly forbidden. Your Wattpad dreams should remain private.
  • Have something you’d like to market? Great! Just request permission from the administrators first!

Discord Server Rules For Admins

Members of Discord Servers are expected to adhere to the rules established by the group’s administrators.

However, administrators must also adhere to a few restrictions in addition to the ones listed above.

  • Make sure to use your role correctly and refrain from abusing other members.
  • Do not engage in personal vendettas against other users.
  • Ensure that you do not supply inaccurate information to users.

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Conclusion: Discord Server Rules 2024

It is difficult to manage such a big number of members on a Discord server without the implementation of rules.

The Discord server rules template can easily be copied and pasted into your server to ensure that your members follow them.

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