Does the Apple AirTag make noise? – Unraveling the Noise Mystery!

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Quick Answer: YES, the AirTag makes a sound when looking for a device through the Find My app. It also makes a noise when you set it up for the first time and change the battery successfully.

Have you ever wondered how the Apple AirTag manages to make a noise when it’s separated from your iPhone or iPad?

Here’s the scoop: Apple has ingeniously incorporated a diaphragm hidden neatly beneath a plastic cover to create this chime in specific situations. And guess what? It’s all for your benefit! 

This clever feature is designed to help us find our lost items effortlessly. All we need to do is open the Find My app, and voilà, the AirTag emits a sound (not too loud, around 60 dB) audible enough to pinpoint its location.

Let’s explore the magic behind this little device!

Key Takeaways

  • AirTags feature built-in speakers for audible alerts.
  • These alerts include beeps and chirps for various purposes.
  • Notably, AirTags sound during setup, tracking, and battery replacement.
  • Low battery status doesn’t trigger sounds, but they do occur during battery replacement.
  • Users can easily enable, disable, or pause AirTag sound alerts via iPhone settings.

Why does an AirTag make noise?

AirTags have distinct sounds for various situations, such as initial setup or using the ‘Find My’ app to locate an item.

They also emit a series of beeps when the battery runs low, signaling the need for battery replacement.

Does the Apple AirTag make noise

However, concerns arose after AirTags were misused for stalking purposes, prompting Apple to implement an alert system. This system triggers a beeping sound on an AirTag if it moves away from its owner, alerting people nearby.

To address this concern, anyone with an NFC device can scan the AirTag’s embedded tag, contact the owner, and facilitate the safe return of lost items. If it’s being used maliciously, it can be disposed of.

This safety feature aims to prevent misuse of AirTags and enhance user security.

How to Customize an AirTag’s sound?

Currently, Apple does not offer the option to personalize the AirTag’s sound, and there is no flexibility in the sounds it emits.

However, it produces multiple distinct sounds, and Apple support has created a helpful guide to assist users in distinguishing between these sounds effortlessly.

It is still possible to play a sound on command. Here is how it works:

Your device needs to be open in Find My App

Navigate to items

Select your AirTag. The AirTag will play a sound when this is done

Additionally, users can instruct Siri to play a sound on their AirTag. To do that, ask Siri to “find your item” or “play a sound on your item.”

Disabling the AirTag’s sound

Although the alert system is designed to prevent the AirTag from being misused for criminal purposes, there are situations where it can be bothersome.

This is especially relevant in cases of intentional item sharing, as it can result in the AirTag emitting continuous beeping. For example, if your spouse borrows an item tagged with your AirTag, it may beep until the item is returned.

The AirTag sound can be turned off easily by following the steps below:

1. Go to Find My Application to find your application

2. In the bottom-right corner, select the Me panel

3. A toggle switch will be located next to Item Safety Alerts

The Item Safety Alerts should be disabled. No noise alert will be triggered even if you’re far away from your AirTag.

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Wrapping up: Does the Apple AirTag make noise?

While some users may prefer AirTags to operate silently, the beeping sound is valuable to the user experience.

It enhances convenience and aids users in quickly locating their items, minimizing the risk of loss. Although there may be situations where the sound is inconvenient, it’s reassuring to know that you can disable it when needed.

However, exercising caution and using this feature responsibly is essential, ensuring that the AirTag’s tracking functionality is not exploited inappropriately.

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