How To Download Facebook Videos | Easy Ways To Save Videos FREE

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Facebook is one of the most used and popular social networking sites today. It has millions of users who daily login to their account and shares some amazing moments in form text, images or videos.

Moving forward from the trend of sharing texts to images and now uploading videos, we can find many videos in our news feed. And you might wanna download some videos and save them in your pc or laptop to watch them later or to share it with your friends.

But sadly, Facebook does not offer any such feature via which you can download videos from their site. So, today in this post I will be sharing some cool tricks using which you can easily download facebook videos online and save them directly in your pc or laptop.

Download Facebook Videos Using Online Websites

There are many video downloading websites using which you can easily download any facebook video. These websites also offer various options allowing you to select the quality of the video in which you wish to save them. You just need the URL of the video which you want to download and past them where required. Here are some of the best sites that I found helpful in downloading Facebook videos.

1. Downvids

Downvids is one of the best site using which you can easily download facebook videos. The website supports formats like 480p, 720p, and HD quality and you can download your video in any of the mentioned formats. Downvids also has a huge collection of WhatsApp videos that are available from the video library of the website. Follow the below steps to download facebook videos from Downvids.

  • First, go the webpage of the video you want do download.
  • And copy the URL of the webpage(URL can be found in the address bar).

copy the video url

  • Now visit
  • Paste the URL of the video in the empty field.


  • Select the video format in which you want to save the video and click on download button.
  • Downvids will then load the video in your desired format
  • Now just click the download and save button on the screen.

2. Getfbstuff

Getfbstuff is another great website which makes downloading videos from facebook very simple. The website offers you two formats in which you can download any video, which are HD quality and SD quality. Here are the exact steps you need to follow to download videos using Getfbstuff:-

  • First, go the webpage of the video you want do download.
  • And copy the url of the webpage (URL can be found in the address bar).
  • Now visit
  • Paste the URL of the video in the empty field and click download.Past fb video url here
  • Now click on Download Video HD Quality (to download in High Definition qulaity) or SD Quality ((to download in Standard Definition quality).

select facebook video quality

3. Fbdownloader

Fbdownloader is another clean and easy to use video downloader. Unlike the other mentioned above, this websites has options for downloading both public and private Facebook videos which might come in handy for some people. Follow these simple steps to get started with FB Downloader.

Download Facebook VIdeos

  1. First, go the Facebook page of the video you want to download.
  2. And copy the URL of the video. It can be found by copying the URL from the address bar.
  3. Now visit FB Downloader.
  4. Paste the URL that was copied in the previous steps into the input box on the homepage and click go.

Download Facebook VIdeos

Once the page reloads click on the video format that you want to download. The options are usually Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD).

Some other websites are mentioned below, you can also try downloading Facebook videos from these sites.

Download Facebook Videos Instantly

If you don’t want to waste much time in downloading videos from websites, you can also download facebook videos instantly. This is a much simpler and cleaner method which can be used to download facebook videos. What you need to do is..

  • Go to the video which you wish to download.
  • Now in the URL (found in the address bar) just replace “www” with “m”, press enter and play the video.
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download facebook videos online

  • Now just right click on the video and click “Save video as…” and save the video in any folder you like.

Download facebook videos

Conclusion: Dow

So, now that you know some methods to download facebook videos online, you can easily save any video you like in your desktop or laptop and watch them later. And if you know some other methods to download facebook videos do let me know in the comment section below, I would love to know them. I hope these methods were useful and you found this post interesting.

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