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In this post, you will get to know about eBay stealth accounts. My eBay stealth tutorial will walk you through the entire process of creating your own eBay stealth account, in addition to addressing some Frequently Asked Questions.

What is an eBay Stealth Account?

First and foremost, stealth eBay accounts are eBay accounts created using information and identities distinct from those of their actual owners.

Although it may sound like you’re a super-spy attempting to sell on eBay, these eBay stealth accounts are merely standard accounts that serve a purpose for any legitimate eBay seller opening a new account.

eBay Stealth Account

What’s the difference between a stealth account and a regular account?

All the facts and personal information used to create these accounts are either fabricated (NOT RECOMMENDED!) or stolen from someone else.

Therefore, any eBay account that does not contain the true identity of its owner is invalid. The creation of an eBay stealth account does not entitle you to access a PayPal stealth account.

It is important to remember, however, that both methods aim to circumvent eBay restrictions, such as suspended accounts and sales restrictions with which your business may have to deal.


What are the benefits of using a stealth account?

You can duplicate successful eBay listings created in your primary account when you use stealth accounts.

To maximize earnings across both accounts, you can duplicate listings in one store that perform well to maximize earnings on the other. What is superior to having a single listing on page 1? Multiple entries on page one!

Thus, you can occupy the first several positions in the search results on eBay and even in certain Google searches with the same goods, but from various retailers.

As a result, if an eBay stealth account is suspended, you may continue working on other accounts. It is always possible to create another stealth eBay account if your hidden eBay account is suspended.

Additionally, employing hidden accounts can allow you to circumvent your selling limits, as your overall limit is increased when you list across numerous accounts.

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What are connected accounts on eBay?

Connected accounts are instances in which eBay will join the accounts of a single user under the same name. These interconnected accounts are analogous to Christmas lights.

If one goes out, they all go out, even though only one was damaged (or flagged in the case with eBay accounts).

This means that if one of your linked eBay accounts is suspended, all of your other linked eBay accounts MAY also be suspended.

You may not be able to continue selling if eBay does not reinstate your account, or you may be out of action for some time due to eBay’s fairly lengthy appeals processing procedures.

How does using stealth accounts compare with using connected accounts?

Using stealth accounts will provide you with a fallback if your account is suspended, and also protects your accounts compared to using “linked accounts.”

The objective is to ensure that your primary account is constantly healthy, and you should place a great deal of emphasis on improving it. Generally, we rely less heavily on eBay stealth accounts than we do on our primary accounts.

In addition to improving your business’s sales, eBay stealth accounts increase its costs and expenses, but not its efficiency. Your other account was created using the information of family and friends (with their permission).

Do Stealth eBay accounts pose what risks?

When you open a stealth account, you will be at risk only if you use an account that:

  • Information that is false
  • You have purchased accounts
  • Accounts for which you do not know the history of the user

Using accounts with phony information is unsafe and illegal, so I do not advocate doing so. Utilizing the accounts of a family member or acquaintance is, in our opinion, the greatest alternative.


How will eBay know that I’m using a stealth account?

eBay can determine if you are using a stealth account through a variety of means. It is consequently of the utmost importance that you adhere to a specific protocol when accessing and operating stealth accounts.

In the event that you fail to comply, eBay is likely to suspend your account, especially if several accounts are associated with the same IP address or if the IP address is deemed unreliable by eBay.

You should note that eBay functions similarly to a PC. This indicates that they employ systems and algorithms to ensure that merchants adhere to their policies. Consequently, knowing the algorithm enables you to “game the system” to your benefit.

How can I avoid this?

It is essential to know the server of the remote desktop you use. We prefer to avoid utilizing static IP addresses.

If you manage accounts like these, static IP addresses will not work because your IP address is fixed. Dynamic IPs enable you to appear as though you are accessing the platform from multiple IP addresses.

This prepares the account to naturally anticipate this, allowing you to remain undetected by eBay’s algorithm. A second method of avoiding detection is to stagger the creation of your eBay stealth account.

This will make things appear more realistic, as there will be fewer instances of many accounts being created frequently from the same area.

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Step-by-step instructions for setting up an eBay Stealth account

Now that we’ve answered some of our most pressing questions concerning eBay stealth accounts, we’ll discuss the procedure for creating these accounts.

Step By Step Instructions For eBay Stealth Account

Step 1: Create an account for friends and family

You should always use the eBay accounts of your friends and family as they will be the most trustworthy accounts to use for this purpose since they are familiar with the account history of their account and can be trusted to open new accounts for your business when all other options have been exhausted.

Are my friends and family required to consent?

Yes, certainly. It is your responsibility to obtain their consent beforehand. Thus, you can create anonymous profiles without concern about engaging in criminal activity or disturbing your friends.

Unverified accounts: should I buy them?

I strongly discourage you from purchasing an unverified account without a proper agreement. I advise against purchasing accounts with plainly fraudulent identities.

Step 2: Connect via a remote desktop

When opening a new eBay account, it is essential to do so appropriately. Therefore, we suggest using a remote computer before the opening phase. There are numerous companies that offer excellent services for remote computers.

Remote computers: what are they?

Essentially, it is a PC with a completely different IP address than yours (sometimes in a different country). These remote desktops normally function by connecting your device to remote servers through the internet.

How secure are remote computers?

Yes, remote desktops (or remote computers) are secure if you obtain them from a trustworthy source.

These computers feature end-to-end encryption, so your data and information are entirely protected when you use our service!

Step 3: Save the history of your browser

Do you know those annoying prompts that appear on nearly every page today requiring that you enable cookies?

It turns out that these cookies are really one of the first steps to avoid suspension while creating a covert eBay account.

As soon as you begin to use a remote browser, browser history cookies will likewise be created automatically.

By creating these cookies, you can verify the integrity of your IP address on eBay and prevent security jumps that are suspicious or unnecessary.

How do I choose the best remote desktop server?

Now, it is crucial that you select a server situated in a country that meets your needs. Not a country that matches your personality, but the country that your eBay store concentrates on.

How soon will I be able to open my remote desktop account?

After conducting an hour or two of browser activity per day for at least two or three days, you can initiate the eBay account opening procedure.

This is to guarantee that your remote browser has sufficient cookies to lessen the likelihood that eBay will suspend your stealth accounts.

Step 4: Create your eBay account

It’s easy to create an eBay account. As with any other regular eBay account, you simply need to open the eBay account.

A Brief overview of how to create eBay accounts

  • Create an eBay account by entering your information on the website; if you already have one that you use to purchase products on eBay, it will suffice for this operation as well.
  • Click My eBay and select “Selling” on the website.
  • Provide the required personal information and then click Continue to view the summary of your eBay selling activity. Getting started is as simple as linking your PayPal or Payoneer accounts.

When can I start selling on my new eBay Stealth Account?

After establishing your eBay stealth account, I recommend that you warm it up a bit before listing and replicating your successful listings from your primary account.

It is now time for eBay cookies (WARNING: These are not actual cookies ). These cookies will allow you to circumvent eBay’s suspension algorithms, reducing the likelihood that your eBay stealth accounts will be suspended.

For daily cookie accumulation, at least a week, a week and a half, or even two weeks are required. By that time, your account should be sufficiently stable and operational.

That is all! It is now able to upload your first product from home and begin correctly and, albeit cautiously, moving your account.

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Conclusion: eBay Stealth Account 2024

Creating numerous eBay accounts is one of the proven ways for eBay sellers and drop shippers to maximize their profitability.

By following this eBay stealth tutorial and gaining experience via trial and error in posting your successful listings, you are well on your way to generating many stealth accounts and scaling your business immediately.

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