{Latest 2024} List Of Top 5 Best & Fastest Food Delivery Apps In India

The huge increase of youth in jobs in big towns and cities in India has ensured that the restaurants and food delivery chains grow at a pretty impressive rate. Coupled with the sharp rise in the availability of smartphones and digitalisation of everything, it was only a matter of time for food delivery apps to become the real deal.

Considering that these young professionals are mostly away from home and looking for quick and tasty meals delivered to their doorstep, they are easily the driving force for these apps. If you are here for the same, to find the perfect fit for you, or are just looking for quick food, these are the top 5 apps which can get you your favourite food quick and secure at your door with just your smartphone.

Top 5 Fastest Food Delivery Apps In India

1. Foodpanda:

Foodpanda is easily the most famous online food delivery service in India. The reason for its popularity is not only the huge choices of restaurants from most top Indian cities or the discounts and offers it has, but the speedy delivery it offers has made it a favourite.

The Foodpanda service, headquartered in Germany operates in 24 countries and have partnered with more than 40,000 local restaurants.

Food Panda - Food delivery app in India

The app lets you create a profile and saves your preferences and favourites and gives you great suggestions accordingly or quick access the next time around. You can also save multiple addresses under your profile. The app is pretty much as good as the website as it gives you the availability to use coupon codes and get discounts for your delivery. It also supports online payment and COD or online wallets like Paytm, Mobiwik etc.

You can also track your order from the restraint to your doorstep. They even offer a 45 minutes delivery guarantee which is pretty fast irrespective of your order. The service is available in all top metro cities and about 100 other cities in India.

The app is a must try for the variety and high service they provide.

2. Swiggy:

Swiggy is also one market leaders in online food delivery services, based out in Bengaluru, India. The app caters to the urban population, having its own force of deliverymen, who pick up orders and deliver as fast as they can. Having their own delivery service allows them to flexible on orders and offer a no minimum order policy on any item or restraint which is certainly a huge plus for any potential user.

Swiggy - Best Food delivery app in India

The app, available for both Android and iOS, is rated number one on play store for food & drink category. The app promises to light fast delivery with the option to track the delivery person. The availability of 30+ cuisines makes this one a must-try. They even provide Long Distance orders just to get you your favourite food. And considering the late-night delivery option and the freebies and offers they provide, this app is value for money.

3. Freshmenu:

Freshmenu is a little different than the others on this list and unique. Leaving behind partnering with other food chains, they went out of the way to have their own chefs, who create different types of meals on demand and make you spoilt for choice.

Freshmenu - top Food delivery app in India

And that’s not all, their Menu changes every day, so they can offer you something new every time you offer to keep you excited. Although they are still limited in regions they are a must try for people in Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore and Mumbai.

The app offers payment through most of the e-wallets. The app also offers tracking of the order right from confirmation to your hands, all types of mains, salads and desserts are prepared fresh and from the best of ingredients on a tap of your finger!

And to sweeten the deal even more for you, use the Freshmenu coupon code to get 50% cash back(Up to Rs.100).

4. Zomato:

Zomato is the most popular food and restaurant recommendation app in India and in my opinion, few would argue with it. The service covers so many Indian towns and cities that you will be astonished by its database.

It not only has info about top food chains or restaurants but even dhabas and roadside ‘thelas’ for the travelling foodies out there. And on top of all that, the app is highly polished and is often updated to keep it a frontrunner when it comes to UI.

Zomatop - Fastest Food delivery app in India

But it is still a little bit behind the others because it’s much more of a review site and a social network for foodies and the delivery services come second in this one.

The app, through it large database, offers the option to order from a whole range of Indian restaurants and well-reviewed by its huge user database, it helps you find the perfect place and its best dish to make every order worth it for you.

It also offers live tracking and fast delivery with an Expected time of arrival provided which is only preceded! And with late night delivery and discounts and offers ranging from 10% to up to 50%, you really need to download this app, a personal favourite of mine for its manifold features.

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5. JustEat

JustEat is another similar app that lets you browse through a well-detailed database to order whatever you are craving for whether day or night. It offers a lot of discounts for online payments and various coupon codes to sweeten any deal for you. It’s not much spread region wise but operates in 9 metro cities in India.

Justeat - Food Delivery App In India


The app is available for Android, iOS and for Windows phones. It allows you to search for items with filters to find the best taste and the best offers. The app has a huge database of user reviews to let you try out that crazy choice you’re in the mood to make, with confidence thanks to the vote of confidence of many other users.

Conclusion: Best Food Delivery Apps In India

Those were the top 5 fastest food delivery apps in India and I’m pretty sure you can find your perfect fit in there. All of these apps do have one thing in common: a Lightning fast delivery that put the other players to shame. So, what are you waiting for? Order that favorite dish or a whole dinner date right at your doorstep, because the possibilities are endless thanks to their fantastic service.

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