Get Spotify Premium App For Free On Your Android Phone

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Sometimes all you need is your own music playlist right on the device you are using, isn’t it ? There is a popular app available in the market that helps you carry your music playlist where ever you go and on all of your devices. You might know which app I am talking about here. Yes, it’s Spotify. But you won’t be able to enjoy all the features of this app on the free version. But don’t worry, today in this post I will tell you how to get Spotify Premium features for free.

First, let me introduce you to the Spotify app….

What is Spotify?

Spotify is an online music streaming portal. It comes with many interesting features which make it popular in many countries. It is compatible with all the platforms be it PC, mobile, tablet or television. You can stream unlimited music without any interruption such as ads. The app also allows you to save music for offline use and you can take your playlist everywhere you go and on all of your devices.

Premium Features Of Spotify

While you can always go with the free version of the Spotify, but then you will have to compromise with many of the premium features. Spotify Premium comes with such features that you will surely want to upgrade from the free version. As you won’t want to compromise with features like streaming music in HD quality without any ads interruption. In addition to this with the Premium version, you can always save your favorite music offline and play it without any data connection, you can create your own playlist and share with all your devices and take the playlist with you all the time.


So, the features offered in Spotify Premium app is really worth the price. But why so spend even a penny when you can enjoy all the premium features for free. Sounds interesting, right ? Just keep reading, we will get to it soon.

Modified Spotify App

In this post, I won’t be sharing any cheap trick that doesn’t generally work for most of us, instead, I will share a modified version of the app that should work for everyone.


A developer named Lucas Picchi has successfully modified the original Spotify app and enabled it to open up some of the premium features like unlimited skips and track specific playback for everyone. The modified app is based on Spotify version Those who are still stuck on Android Gingerbread can also run this modified Spotify app on their android phones, thanks to Picchi.

How to get Spotify Premium for Free on Android.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go through any hassle to get the premium Spotify app. You just have to follow two simple steps and you are good to go. Just follow they steps as mentioned below and you will surely get what’s needed.

Step 1: Download the Modified Spotify Premium App

Firstly, uninstall the official Spotify app from your android phone, if you haven’t already. As we are about to download the modified version of the app, so you will not find it on Play Store, instead, you have to download the APK file, as per the compatibility of your Android version.

Before installing the app make sure that you have enabled the “Unknown Sources” option in your android phones. Now download and install the APK from the below mentioned links:

Step 2: Login with your Spotify Credentials

Now open the app and login with your Spotify credentials. As this is a modified version, so you cannot use Facebook login option. Once you are successfully logged in and entered the main menu, you are all set to enjoy the premium feature of Spotify for free.

Enjoy premium features, like selecting specific tracks to play and unlimited skips, however, you still cannot play HD audio quality. In order to do that, you will have to go with the official paid version of Spotify Premium.

Note that you cannot update this app via Google Play Store, as this being a modified version. To know about the latest updates released to this modified Spotify App remember to check back this post, as I will be updating it if any new updates have been released by the developer.

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So, that is how you can enjoy Spotify Premium for free. I have made the steps simple enough so you can follow them easily. hope you have followed the steps and successfully able to get the modified Spotify app running. Let me know your feedback on how you feel about using this modified version of Spotify.

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