Graphy Vs Kajabi In 2024– A Hands-on Comparison

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Graphy and Kajabi are household names when it comes to online expert business creation.

If you have any ebooks, courses, or videos, you may sell them on both of these sites as digital items.

Although these two platforms cater to distinct demographics, you may find it difficult to pick between them.

This article will compare Graphy Vs Kajabi .


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Pricing ₹2,999/month $ 149 per month
Best for

It’s a great way to earn money while also passing on your knowledge to others.

Kajabi is a leading “all-in-one” platform for selling online courses.

  • Configuration of the page
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Transformed and monetized customer relationships
  • Track your leads in the same way as a genuine firm would
  • takes less than 60 seconds to create a website with Graphy
  • Students get an in-depth experience
  • Years of expertise and study
  • All in one solution
  • Limitless Hosting
  • Development Options
  • None
  • Evaluation customization is limited
  • Coding skills are required for editing the site.
Ease of Use

Graphy is easy to run which makes it convenient for new learners.

Kajabi is the website which is easy to understand and even easier to set up

Value For Money

Pricing model makes Graphy the best platform for beginners.

The pricing offered by Kajabi is more expensive than that of Graphy

Customer Support

24 X 7 chat support

Support by submitting a request or get access to 24/7 Live Chat

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Graphy Vs Kajabi In 2024: Overview

What Is Graphy And How Does It Work?

Graphy is a course creation and sales platform.

It’s a great way to earn money while also passing on your knowledge to others.

You can hold live sessions, develop courses, and broaden your community all on one platform.

You own everything you build with Graphy, including your website, audience, email list, community, and even your brand.

Graphy is a popular brand from Unacademy, India’s largest educational platform.

It ensures the empowerment and strengthening of the creative ecosystem.

It’s a simple way to establish courses, broadcast live sessions, and build communities.

Graphy enables you to control every aspect of your business – your website audience, your email list, and so on. You may use it to share your expertise.

Graphy Vs Kajabi

If anything were to go wrong during the launch of a course or the hosting of a session, Graphy’s secure servers would prohibit it.

Additionally, you will have access to 24/7 help if anything goes wrong! Additionally, they offer excellent capabilities integrated into their system that streamline administration – such as automated email marketing campaigns after a participant completes a course! As a result, you may maintain contact with them even after they have completed their course.

You may hold live sessions and courses on Graphy, as well as make use of cutting-edge features such as raise hand, Q&A, and whiteboard.

Connect to your community through Slack, Telegram, or Discord, or utilize their unique community tool.

Conducting instructional sessions may aid in your expansion.

You may grow your email database without incurring additional costs since each subscriber who joins your forum on Graphy automatically becomes a member of your email list.

Additionally, they do not charge a membership fee; they earn money only when you earn money.

As an instructor, you have a wealth of options when it comes to launching your course.

As a novice, you may want to attend free sessions, but if you achieve the right audience, you may offer your courses at your ticket price.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a straightforward platform to assist you in starting something greater than yourself, look no further! There are no limits to what you can do with Graphy as long as you are motivated to do so.

Graphy wants every client to feel as if they are an integral part of the platform, which they are! Additionally, if you any assistance or have any questions, please contact their customer support staff by email or live chat!

What Is Kajabi And How Does It Work?

Kajabi is a leading “all-in-one” platform for selling online courses. As an all-in-one platform, users may create, sell, distribute, and monetize custom classes without switching to other tools.

Kajabi integrates with Stripe and PayPal.

Additionally, users may promote their courses using email marketing techniques.

Using completely automated marketing strategies and funnels, they may also optimize and scale their online course selling company.

Additionally, Kajabi incorporates analytics tools that enable users to monitor their success and continue to improve.

Additionally, users may utilize Kajabi to establish their websites where they can keep all of their courses and other vital information.

A collection of pre-built themes simplifies the process of website construction.

Additionally, users may design their unique domain to guarantee that their courses are quickly and effectively-identified.

kajabi- Graphy Vs Kajabi

While Kajabi lays a strong emphasis on marketing, it also has a robust set of course development tools for creating courses from scratch.

Each Kajabi package includes a course design tool that enables you to create online courses, videos, and other types of digital instructional material.

It’s easy to conclude that Kajabi isn’t short on features (we haven’t even covered the networking and mobile capabilities), which validates its promise of having “everything you need in one location.”

Kajabi is an all-in-one online course platform that enables you to manage all aspects of your business from a single platform.

You can create and maintain a full course without ever signing up for a new subscription or learning how to utilize a new sort of technology.

The website builder offers free hosting and SSL, a range of site designs, an easy-to-use page builder, and even blog accessibility.

You may provide your students with access to videos, quizzes, PDFs, and other types of course information.

Additionally, you can provide students with a dynamic, simple-to-use community complete with forums, informative checkout pages, and payment processing facilities.

Additionally, Kajabi provides marketing tools like affiliate programs, webinar funnels, lead magnet funnels, email marketing automation, and a variety of CRM solutions.

The beauty of Kajabi is that it manages everything for you.

It is not a course marketplace like Udemy or Udacity, which means you will retain complete control over the price of your courses, student information, rules, and everything else, all from a single easy dashboard and for a single all-inclusive cost.

Graphy Vs Kajabi In 2024: Battle of the Features

Major Features And Benefits Of Kajabi

Here’s are 5 reasons you should choose Kajabi:

1. Your Digital Goods And Community, Accessible From Any Location:

With the new Kajabi mobile app, you can provide complete access to your content to your consumers.

Prepare for increased engagement, relationships, and learning as your audience develops a genuine connection to your courses, communities, and resources.

Each Kajabi plan has this feature.

kajabi-Graphy Vs Kajabi

2. Transformed And Monetized Customer Relationships:

Customers who are connected spend more.

Businesses that are successful invest in developing relationships with their consumers.

And you’ve worked diligently to establish genuine ties with your neighborhood.

Therefore, why would you want to give up your hard work? Attract new members to your community on your terms.

3. Track Your Leads In The Same Way As A Genuine Firm Would:

Keep track of the actual human beings served by your firm.

Individuals may be tagged depending on their activity, and personal remarks can be added.

This information can then be used in your marketing, automation, and goods.

kajabi features

4. Automated Processes That You will Utilize (and enjoy):

Allow Kajabi Pipelines to streamline, automate, and expand your company so that you can concentrate on what matters.

With unique automation triggers and complete platform connectivity, you and your team will be able to build personalized experiences for your audience with no effort.

5. Additional Methods To Commercialize Your Expertise Include The Following:

Transform your concept into a polished digital output.

Courses, coaching programs, membership sites, podcasts, newsletters, and communities are all possible.

Utilize our Product Blueprints to accelerate your time to market.

Major Features And Benefits Of Graphy

Here’s are 8 reasons you should choose Graphy

1. Configuration Of The Page:

Graphy takes around 60 seconds to configure.

You’re all set to establish a credible personal brand via the use of a picture, an interesting explanation, credible endorsements, and significant media coverage.

graphy features

2. Can Arrange For A Demonstration:

Additionally, you may ‘Schedule a Demo’ to get a feel for the platform by visiting their website and clicking on ‘Sign Up.’

3. Modify The Content Of The Course:

On Graphy, you may modify the content of your course based on students’ reactions, perspectives, and learning experiences.

4. When Enrolled In A Cohort-Based Course:

Each student develops toward a distinct learning objective concurrently, resulting in increased community involvement and peer-to-peer learning, which is an added advantage for educators.

graphy features-Graphy Vs Kajabi

5. Extensive Experience:

Students obtain an in-depth experience in which both the instructor and the student may explore the fundamental reasons and difficulties associated with grasping a concept, hence ensuring the educator’s progress.

6. Reasonable Pricing:

Due to the superior quality of the knowledge you provide – which is founded on years of experience and study – educators may charge a premium for it.

7. Individualize Your Course:

You may create courses with fixed enrollment periods and start dates or with perpetual courses that take enrollments at any time

8. Widefield:

The most alluring element of Graphy is that it allows you to participate in any area or genre.

Graphy is for you if you want to share your expertise, from lifestyle to Artificial Intelligence, with the world.

Graphy Vs Kajabi: Features Verdict 

When you compare both of their features, you will see that Kajabi and Graphy both have very competitive features.

Hence, it is very hard to choose one of them.

However, when you look at the customer support of each one of them, you will find that Graphy has better customer support as compared to Kajabi.

Hence, we can say that Graphy is a little better than Kajabi.

Pricing Comparison: Graphy Vs Kajabi

Kajabi Pricing –

They have 3 pricing plans for you –

  • Basic: This will cost you $ 149 per month if paid monthly and $ 119 per month if paid annually.
  • Growth: This will cost you $ 199 per month if paid monthly and $ 159 per month if paid annually.
  • Pro: This will cost you $ 399 per month if paid monthly and $ 319 per month if paid annually.

kajabi price-Graphy Vs Kajabi

Graphy Pricing–

5 % of every transaction.

graphy price

Pricing Verdict- Graphy Vs Kajabi

The pricing model of Graphy is one of the reasons why most beginners choose Graphy.

They have the best pricing model so far.

You only have to pay when you earn, that too is a very minimal amount.

Hence, when it comes to pricing, Graphy is the clear winner.


Is the Graphy application legitimate?

Graphy is an outstanding service, and individuals with a strong interest in self-development may be interested in the courses available – much more so if you're already a fan of the content producer. Accessing a Graphy is unquestionably a good use of your time, and the courses provide a pleasant, engaging method to study

What advantages does Kajabi offer?

Users have access to email analytics technology, which enables them to monitor the success of their email broadcast programs. Kajabi integrates with Stripe, which enables users to effortlessly accept electronic payments

Graphy Vs Kajabi: Final Verdict 

As you can see, both these platforms are incredible.

Graphy has better customer support and an incredibly great pricing system so Graphy is the winner

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