Graphy Vs Podia In 2024– The Ultimate Comparison

Graphy Vs Podia: Overview


What Is Graphy?

Graphy is an online website that allows users to create and sell their online courses.

It is a service with the fine method to share and improve your knowledge with the users and along with it making money.

In this community, you can bring out host live sessions, courses and make your community bigger and better – all the things at this one website.

The things you create on this website are yours (be it your website, your audience, your mailing list, your community, and even the brands linked with it).

The most insured thing about this community is that it is one of the trending products of India’s most genuine online educational brand namely Unacademy.

Graphy Vs Podia

Graphy is easy to run which makes it convenient for new learners.

Graphy is the perfect place for you to traverse the globe and share your learnings on the topics you are an expert at.

Anything you watch on this learning website is hosted on its secured server and hence there is zero risk of getting lost of track of anything if something goes inappropriate during the hosting a session or launch of a course.

The important policy to take into consideration is that they do not alter the cost of the subscription plan which means they make money when you make money.

As an educator, you can charge the students the money you want to charge for your subject.

In the initial days, you can sell your subjects free of cost and later charge the amount according to your experience and skills.

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What Is Podia? 

Alike Graphy, podia is also an online community to offer digital learning services for people who are keen to learn and grow from educational videos.

Podia renders a stream of course-creating devices which assist the educators to make, market, and sell these courses.

The devices or tools offered by this website are memberships, a website builder, course creation, downloads, email marketing, a website builder, live chat, and e-commerce functionality.

The courses provided by podia are easy to learn and understand for the learners.

The teachers and students get the chance to put forward their projects digitally on various topics and get reviews from each other.

Graphy Vs Podia

It is created in the year 2014, and users from various regions visit this amazing online learning platform to explore and get encouraged to grow their education business.

It avails you to give good quality knowledgeable content to the students with less amount of effort.

The teachers are chosen here based on their skills in their respective subjects.

Also, it is easy to access and hence extremely convenient to use.

The best part about it is a create-first website.

This means it is created to empower the content creators to share their skills and get paid on that basis.

Podia has prioritized creators which means without the presence of them the site won’t work.  

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How Does Graphy Work?

1. Go to the official website of Graphy which is

2. Now you would have two choices, either to click on sign up and initiate the process or to schedule a demo to understand more about the platform.

3. If you click on Sign Up, you can start making your website promptly by filling up the information required.

4. After completing the process of signing up, you would get a prompt to put a code that will be sent to your registered email.

5. Now, you will be able to design your landing page as per your choice and preference. put your favorite photograph and tell the users about your subjects and the reasons for which you want to contribute to this work as a teacher.

All the above steps when followed properly will lead to finishing the process of becoming a member of Graphy.

How Does Podia Work?

1. Visit the official site of podia. Enter the details required – email address, your name, password and click on the start selling button.

2. After this, create your course. There’s a dashboard that consists of A tour feature to lead you in creating your courses.

3. Click on the ‘create’ provided to initiate building your website. The create option permits you to create a post, message, broadcast email, coupon, email campaign, plan, page, and product.

4. The products and courses you see on the screen are offered in a variety of formats and you can select. Click on the ‘create product’ button and start building your content.

All the above steps when followed properly will lead to finishing the process of becoming a member of Podia.

Graphy Vs Podia: Battle of the Features

Features Of Graphy 

  • Convenience in signing up: It takes less than 60 seconds to initiate the site. To intensify a reliable personalized brand, the students are just required to adjoin engaging descriptions, a picture, positive testimonials, and featured media. The process of signing up on Graphy is pretty easy to use and convenient. You just need to reach the site and click on ‘Sign Up’.
  • Make alterations in subjects: this platform enables you to change your subject content based on people’s learning curve, insight, and feedback.
  • understanding about Graphy: in Graphy,  you can ‘schedule a demo’ which will render you better and clearer insight about this online learning platform.
  • multiple advantages to teachers and students: every student gets towards a specific kind of learning goal at the same pace in orderly courses and therefore the peer-to-peer education and engagement in the community are facilitated – including as an advantage for the teachers. Also, the learners get well-established apprehension on particular subjects they’ve selected. Students and educators are enabled to create perfect and effective interactions on the topics of the respective subject. This aspect not only makes sure the growth of the student but also of the teacher.

graphy features

  • Availability make choices in payment plans: In Gaphy, the educators have the accessibility to choosing from premium prices for the courses they will teach. This benefit is there as you have to create quality content and this leads you to make great choices of money based on the years of your experience and work.
  • Enables to select the time to begin: This platform enables users to achieve a definite time for enrolment and beginning period. Another option facilitated here is to select is getting evergreen courses that users are independent to enroll at any time duration.
  • Wide range of fields: The most interesting aspect of Graphy is it enables you to select any field or genre – from lifestyle to artificial intelligence.
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Features Of Podia

  • Fascinating creation of program: in podia, you can build interesting designs with the help of tools provided by the platform.
  • Unlimited video hosting: On this site, the facility of hosting video for unlimited time is available.
  • Built-in course player: on this site, you can expertly provide your course material.
  • Quick and easy transactions: the transactions on podia are easy and fast. You can use make money transactions with the use of Stripe and PayPal.
  • Deal with VAT taxes: In Podia, tackling online VAT taxes in the EU is convenient.

Graphy Vs Podia

  • Great designing tools:  with the help of amazing designing tools provided by podia, you can create attractive sales sites for your respective courses.
  • Good support: Both students and educators can attain great support in the overall learning procedure. It helps you in making a channel to communicate with learners.
  • Maintenance of affiliate link: the platform creates and maintains an affiliate link for your brand.
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Graphy Vs Podia- Features Verdict

So far, we have talked over the notable features of two online educating platforms – Graphy and podia. Both of these two comprise effective and useful traits.

But in case of choosing between them, which of the two should you pick for?

Well, as you can see Graphy not only have more features but is also more efficient in its features.

It gives out its purpose to users in a wider manner.

Apart from this, it is faster and more convenient to run for all as compared with podia.

There is more benefits rendered to both learners and educators in Graphy while in podia not a lot of perks are offered.

Graphy offers unlimited learners, live session recordings, unlimited learners, in-built email integration, course notifications, mobile applications for both iOS and Android, in-app community interaction, and many other features whereas podia lack behind in every aspect mentioned.

All this proves that Graphy is a more preferable choice than podia. 

Now, you have got a clear picture of the features of both digital learning platforms.

it is also clear that you will like to run Graphy way more than podia.

Therefore, every point mentioned above makes Graphy a winner in terms relating to features.


Graphy Vs Podia: Pricing Comparison

Pricing Of Graphy

  • They charge 5 % of the transaction fee.

graphy price

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Pricing Of Podia

  • The monthly cost of the Podia online website is divided into two categories: 1)Mover which costs $ 39 per month and 2) Shaker which costs $ 79 per month. These categories are divided based on features.
  • The annual cost for podia (known as an earthquake) online website is $ 179 per month.
  • Availability of a free trial package for 14 days.
  • 100 % security in transactions.

Graphy Vs Podia

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Pricing Verdict: Graphy Vs Podia

As per the above mentions, it is pretty much cl understandable for you to know the more preferable choice.

podia have more benefits in its payment plan than that Graphy.

Also, podia are had lower costs and more appealing schemes than Graphy and hence it is undoubtedly the winner in terms of pricing.

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Graphy Vs Podia: Pros and Cons

Pros Of Graphy

  • It magnifies the revenue.
  • It renders a 24 x 7 chat system of support.
  • Enables you to experience live interactions.
  • It hosts webinars.
  • Any amount of audience can attend the classes.
  • Availability of data-driven insights.
  • you can create communities on your own and then build healthy professional connections. 
  • No need for a subscription fee.

Pros Of Podia

  • It can make numerous courses. 
  • inclusive engagement tools for learners.
  • Provides membership plans for respective subjects.
  • Best marketing tools are facilitated.
  • It can make quizzes.
  • Above the basic plan, telephone support is given for all the plans.
  • It renders training courses – both premium and free.

Cons Of Graphy 

  • None 

Cons Of Podia

  • It has limited customization for designing an email.
  • There are no free plans offered by podia.
  • There is no approval of certain courses.


How can I educate and show my skills at Graphy?

There are some simple steps to follow to show your skills at Graphy: Step 1 – set up a fascinating website and organize your brand. Step 2 – keep on hosting interactive live sessions to get in contact with every student. This would build your brand and community enhance at a great speed. Step 3 – bring out different sessions and courses to start the money-making process.

How much time does it take to begin my website at Graphy?

It doesn’t take a lot of time to begin your website at Graphy. in point of fact, it takes fewer than 60 seconds to initiate your site. Therefore, using Graphy is not at all time taking and saves a lot of hours to do the actual teaching sessions.

Graphy is the product of which brand?

Graphy is one of the trending products of India’s most genuine online educational brand namely Unacademy.

Does Podia conduct webinars?

Yes, Podia conducts Q and A webinars for course creators each Tuesday.

What type of payment methods are offered by Podia?

The payment methods offered by Podia are Stripe for students and PayPal for educators.

Does Podia also provide email marketing?

Yes, Podia does provide email marketing. It renders a build-in tool for marketing. You can operate this tool to make email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and broadcasts. Podia also combines marketing applications of third-party email.

Graphy Vs Podia: Final Verdict 

Till now, we have talked about two online learning websites which are Graphy and podia.

The two of them serve similar purposes but in distinct manners. We can make a logical and clear comparison between both of them and make a choice.

Although both podia and Graphy have a few fall-offs, the two platforms are undoubtedly among the most effective and reliable digital learning websites on which you can create and enhance your education-based enterprise.

While Graphy has more efficient and interesting features than Podia, podia are more preferable when it comes to its pricing style.

However, only better pricing can’t give justice to the whole experience. It is clear from the above mentions that podia has some cons while Graphy has none.

Graphy is the site to choose for hosting paid digital sessions and interactive webinars.

Apart from this, this site offers live session integrations, live session recording, in-built email, mobile applications for both iOS and Android, an Indian payment gateway integration, and in-app community interaction.

All of these aspects prove that Graphy is a better and more preferable choice over podia.

Thus, Graphy is the definite winner in the comparison between Graphy and podia

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