How Emotions Are Killing Your Blogging Career 2024

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“The first thing to do when you are feeling down is to take a break. But it’s not just your mental health that needs care, it’s also your online presence.”

“It can be hard to maintain the motivation for blogging when you’re in a slump. There are many ways that emotions can affect our blog posts and harm our careers if we don’t pay close attention.” 

“This article will explore how feelings like anxiety, depression, anger, or sadness can impact your writing and overall success at this time in life.”

Emotions are a killer of a blogger’s career. In this blog post I am going to explain how emotions can affect your blogging career and what you can do about it. 

In the world of blogging, one must have an even temper in order to produce quality content on a consistent basis without being too emotional or not emotional enough. Being overly emotional will cause the blogger to be more sensitive for days after posting something that may have offended someone else or caused them some type of pain.

The opposite is also true: being emotionally numb will leave the blogger feeling flat and uninteresting which makes readers want to stop reading their posts altogether.

Is it thriving or are you struggling to get the blog posts written that are needed for success? It’s probably a little of both, but one thing is for sure: emotions are killing your blogging career. 

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but emotions can actually be an asset in business if they’re managed properly. This article will teach you how to use them as a tool rather than have them control you and derail your efforts.

 Are emotions Killing Your Blogging Career

There are many reasons that may be keeping you from reaching your blogging goals.

You might have the content, but somehow it’s just not being well received by your audience. Maybe your site design is boring and it needs an overhaul. Or maybe you’re finding it difficult to find time to blog consistently on a regular basis . But one problem that I see over and over is blog owners who are allowing their emotions to get the best of them.

Whether they’re dealing with jealousy, drama, outrage or depression – blogging will never be an effective outlet for someone who is emotionally unstable.

Blogging isn’t about you anymore; it’s about your followers. If your emotional state is what gets in the way of your blogging abilities, then you really need to check yourself before your blog.

Here’s what I mean:

#1: Jealousy and Envy in the Blogging World

I know plenty of people who feel like they deserve recognition and traffic because “their site is better than this” or “they deserve more followers” but when it doesn’t happen, they start to get angry. And guess what? They take that anger out on others in the blogging community.

I’ve seen bloggers consistently go after other sites and bloggers because they’re jealous of them. Some of these people even use their blogs as a weapon – making up lies and false stories about others in order to increase their own popularity.

Can you imagine how hard it is for bloggers who are trying to grow a successful blog to work with others when they’re dealing with this type of negativity day in and day out? I can’t even imagine what that must be like.

#2: Drama, Bullying & Cyberbullying

Now, I realize that not all bloggers deal with this type of behavior, but many do. And I have to say that it’s a huge blogging turnoff.

I recently read a blog post from one blogger who talked about how she had been cyberbullied by a few other bloggers and the backlash she received trying to defend herself was just too much for her .

In the end, she was forced to delete her blog because of it.

If you want to deal with bullying online, make sure your blog is on a self-hosted WordPress site where you can turn comments off – otherwise there’s no way for you to control what people are saying about you .

#3: Outrageousness

I’ve seen blog owners who make outrageous claims about their blog and then get upset when people call them out on it.

For example: There was a blogger I heard about named Linda Ikeji (yes, that really is her name) and she claimed to be the #1 African blogger . Of course, this got people talking – how could she make such a silly claim when there are thousands of bloggers from all over the world?

And to top it off, she didn’t even provide any proof. She was just making up numbers for attention and in the end it got her nowhere .

If you want to be recognized as a success in the blogging world, I’d advise against outrageous claims that can be disproven with a simple Google search.

#4: Blogger Burnout & Depression

This is probably the most serious issue that I’ve seen bloggers face, especially when they’re just starting out.

Sometimes they’ll feel overwhelmed because their blog is growing too fast and it scares them or they may even feel unworthy of success for some reason.

This causes them to withdraw from their blog and they start posting less, not realizing that it’s the best thing for them .

Negative emotions Bring Conflict in the Blogging Community-

 It is said that bloggers who produce negative contents frequently always stay in the top list of ranking. This kind of blogger habitually casts doubt on other bloggers and attempts to earn his or her own profit by stirring up confusion and conflict with others.

Usually, such bloggers shove words down other’s throats and try to get ad money from links provided by counter bloggers.

There are often fierce attacks by bloggers on some other bloggers who have good relationships with each other. These kinds of attacks are usually performed under the cloak of anonymity.

When bloggers feel they can not criticize an article for a valid reason, they will attack the blogger who wrote the blog. Some of them even post anonymous comments like “kill yourself.”

The situation is discussed on statistical paper as follows: finding similar interesting posts with your interesting posts; frequent replies by other bloggers; and attacks from anonymous posters (where such bloggers cannot be identified) are three factors that will result in a successful blog.

This is a perfect match of a kingmaker, a ceremony to anoint someone as the winner and a fight tournament. It is not surprising that some bloggers manage to benefit themselves financially by becoming blogger big shots who rule over other bloggers like kings or rulers at the expense of others.

This is typical for the blogging community to adopt unusual measures like the three factors listed above. Such measures make one blogger resort to negative contents, another blogger tries to find out who wrote something negative and attack him/her; some bloggers try hard to become a kind of blogger by posting interesting articles frequently; others attempt to achieve success without writing their own contents.

The community of bloggers is in the dark when it comes to identifying who is actually different from such “bloggers.”


How do these Emotions Enter in any blogger?

As we all know, blogging is a vast industry. It has grown rapidly and now it is turning out to be an occupation for many people. People who wanted to work at home and earn for themselves and their family but could not find anything where they wouldn’t have to commute anymore, started working as freelancers and bloggers, because there were many opportunities which helped them grow their blog by promoting it.

But, as the time passed by, bloggers started facing the negativity in the world of blogging. They were being cheated out of money which they made through their blogs, there were many problems that people could not handle easily.

Many started quitting but many who believed in themselves and had faith that they wouldn’t be lied to and they would get the proper service, they started pushing forward. But were these people really pushed ahead or was their soul crushed?

I am not a blogger myself but I have observed my friend who is one and has faced some problems that he could not handle in this blogging business. He quit his job when he found new opportunities through blogging and started working as a blogger and of course the money was rewarding for him, but it wasn’t easy.

Many of his clients did not pay him on time, he had to work long and hard and then there were some people who tried to threaten him that they would sue him if he did not publish their posts or do what they asked him to do. He always tried his best but was not able to handle these problems, he had to face the same thing again and again.

But I noticed that all of these were happening with my friend because of how he approached it. He himself created this situation for him wherever there was a problem; he opted out of it and concentrated on other things.

He did not give much importance to the problems and kept moving with great patience and he always found a solution for himself, which made him even stronger than before.

The problems we face in this world of blogging is not something we will always find an answer for but we must try our best and keep trying till we find a way out. The only thing we should not forget is that there are people behind us who will help us get through these problems and serve us the best way they can, which sometimes could be very less but still it is worth a try.

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Conclusion- How Emotions Are Killing Your Blogging Career 2024 

This blog post is written by a professional blogger who has been blogging for over ten years. The article shares the struggles of being an entrepreneur and how to overcome them.

It also offers advice on overcoming fear, anxiety, stress, depression and anger so you can be successful in your career as a blogger. Blogging may seem like a fun hobby but it’s actually hard work! There are many other articles here too if you want more information about topics such as SEO strategies or content marketing best practices. 

I’ve learned that blogging is about more than just writing. It’s also about how you handle tough situations, respond to criticism and inspire readers with your voice.

This blog has helped me learn what it takes to be a successful blogger – the good, the bad and everything in between because at one point or another we’ve all been there. Blogging can be hard sometimes but if you keep going then success will find its way to you too.

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