How Old Is My Laptop 2024? 6 Best Ways To Find The Laptop Age

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Knowing your laptop’s age is important if you want to check whether it’s compatible with current or older software. There are many methods. So here we will learn each of them. Let’s start now!

6 Best Ways to Find Out How Old Is My Laptop?

If you’re looking for a variety of ways to determine the age of your laptop, here are the best six methods.

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1. Identifying the OS Installation Date

The very act of installing Windows gives you a good idea of how old your laptop is. Use this procedure only if you are certain that you have not reinstalled any operating system on the laptop since you purchased the device. That is, you are still running a standard version of Windows.

Step 1: Command Prompt may be found by searching for it in Windows.

Step 2: When you right-click on it, choose the option to pick it. Execute with administrative rights

Step 3: Wmic os get install date is a command that may be typed in and pressed Enter.

Step 4: In a lengthy string of numerals, you will find the date of your Windows installation.

Step 5: The date is shown by the first eight numbers. The first four are the year, the next two are the months, and the last two are the dates. 20100910, on the other hand, refers to the ninth day of September of that year.

2. Verify the Version of Your BIOS

After purchasing a laptop or PC, most people do not update their BIOS. However, if you’ve already completed this task, you may skip this step. That’s because the BIOS will display the current date as soon as it is updated.

If your BIOS is still in stock, you should be able to find out the production date simply by reviewing its details.

  • Using the search box, type Command Prompt and hit Enter.
  • Enter system info when you launch the program.
  • You’ll be provided with a wide range of information. Look for the BIOS Version, which is usually located under the Processor (s).
  • You may discover the date it was made or modified in there. Displayed in the DD-MM-yyyy format, the date will appear.

This may also be checked in a different method.

  • Search for System Information in the Windows search box.
  • You may see this information by opening the app and clicking on System Summary.
  • The BIOS version and date may be found under the Processor heading. Exactly as indicated above, we will announce the date.

3. Knowing Your PC’s Release Date

A PC’s release date is determined by its CPU.

System Information is the same as Step 2.

Look for the processor’s production date on the manufacturer’s website or Google.

4. Serial Number Checking

Steps to verify the serial number:

  • Flip your laptop over to show the sticker.
  • Find the serial number. It has either this name or the P/N number.
  • Unplug your PC, carefully remove the battery, and check for the serial number there.
  • Third, detach the chassis bottom and look for the information about your laptop in the bottom left corner.
  • When you have the serial number, Google it to see when it was made.

5. Find the Model Number and Search the Internet for it.

  • Using System Information, locate the model and manufacturer of your computer.
  • Go to your manufacturer’s site or just Google the number to find out when it was first developed.
  • This approach may tell you when the model was designed, but not when your particular item was made. The answer to that is a little evasive.

6. C Drive Folder Modification Date

Using this way, you can see when the files on your C Drive were created or edited, just like the other methods. As with the previous method, this one does not provide a specific date of manufacturing.

Using these procedures, you may determine the age of the files and folders:

  • The C drive is the one you want to go to.
  • Look for the earliest dates in the Date Modified column.

Only use this procedure if you believe your laptop is capable of running a certain version of a piece of software from a few years ago.

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Conclusion: How Old Is My Laptop?

In most cases, we are aware of the age of our laptops. Although knowing when it was created is crucial, it is more vital to know when you first unpacked it and began using it.

It is possible that this was the year in which it was manufactured, or that it was invented earlier. In any case, take advantage of the six methods listed above for determining the age of your laptop.

If you believe that your computer is too old because it is unable to handle certain operations properly, it is time to update it.

The rollout of Windows 11 to the latest generation of laptops is an example of a laptop’s incompatibility with new software or operating system.


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