23 Important Things That You Need to Keep In Mind if You Want to Become a Better Blogger

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Anyone can start a blog nowadays in just a matter of minutes, in fact every other kid in the block knows how to start a blog.

Not to add, there are already a tonne of blogs available online.

According to Neil Patel, there are more than one billion blogs online, or around one blog for every seven persons on the planet.

I assume we don’t require that many blogs. We don’t require a lot of content.

This blog post will teach you some hard-hitting truths that will genuinely improve you as a blogger. If you want to stand out from the rest of your competition, you must do something distinctive. This isn’t tough if you know how and what to do.

Here’s a short Disclaimer Before you start reading this article.

This article is purely intended for information purposes only, please don’t get offended 🙏 it’s a request.

Neither I consider myself as an expert or a successful blogger (yes I haven’t tasted success yet), Nor I earn much like big bloggers, but this blog post will be a punch to face to those bloggers who are looking to make a quick buck online and after reading this you will be able to see things much more clearly.

So let’s Start this brutally honest Guide to becoming better at Blogging.

1. Don’t be a Salesman

This may sound tricky When you first hear about it, but it’s actually a big problem to look into.

Most newbie bloggers who start a brand new Blog often fall into this trap and they just try to sell sell sell to their audience, no matter whatever product it is.

Even I’ve seen some big established bloggers doing the same mistake.

Nowadays it’s easy to get approval of any affiliate network and people can explore many products from those affiliate marketing network to promote on Their blog.

But does that mean that you should promote anything on your blog?

From my side it’s a big NO, and if you consider yourself as a Good blogger or see’s yourself as an authority blogger in the long run while having trust of your audience then you shouldn’t be doing such practices.

No matter if it’s an affiliate product, or any product, if there’s a commission around that product then most people try to push that thing to their audience.

Which is actually a wrong practice, your brand image gets hurt when you do so and the readers of your blog will say things like “Oh he is just sell sell sell, I’m not gonna read his blog anymore” etc.

So you gotta be extra careful whenever you promote something to your audiences.

But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t promote anything on your blog, you should promote products, you also got to make money right?

Only promote genuine products which you yourself use, and would love to recommend the product to your audience, if you yourself have never used that product which you are promoting then you are going to loose your audiences trust in the long run.

See the problem is you may not even realise, that you’re a victim of this, and would continue to do this mistake over and over again and this will ultimately hurt your audiences trust towards your blog’s brand and you.

People can smell a salesman from miles away, this shows your desparateness for money and it isn’t good thing.

The whole lifeline of your Online Business (Blog) is linked to your audiences trust and respect, if you have their trust you will definitely win, not immediately but definitely. 💯

2. Care For Your Blog Like a Real Business

You have to care for your blog like a real business, there’s no other way around, there’s no such thing like a part time business in this world.

Either you are at it or either you are not at it, it’s dead simple.

If you’re not at it then somebody else will be at it.

See the internet gives the opportunity to anyone and everyone to produce Content and to showcase their skills, and that’s what makes it most dangerous weapon in the world we are living in today.

how to become a better blogger

So if you’re doing something with your blog, make sure you are giving it your 100%, or else your blog’s not gonna do as well.

You gotta be real serious about your business, there’s no other way around, remember when you’re not working on your blog then somebody else will be working on their Blog.

With the access of Internet to almost everybody in the world and access to quality information worldwide, literally everyone is your competitor.

And to be different from rest of the crowd, you have to be absolute best of the best then only you will survive in this Blogging World.

There are people competing for that Google’s 1st Spot in every niche you can name of, no niche is untapped and to be better and unique from the rest of the crowd, you have to do unique things and work 10x harder then your Competitors, then only you will taste success.

Either someone else take the audience or you take the audience, so better you gotta be taking your blog seriously.

3. Escape Out From The Sheep Mentality – Find Your Own Unique Angle of Your Blog (Wolf Mentality)

Most people start blogging by seeing others success, it’s not a bad thing, but you should have your own unique angle towards your blog content.

I encounter many bloggers on a daily basis who have Me Too type of content on their blog just like every other people.

Everyone’s just a clone nowadays, but there would only be one king of the niche who would be taking most of the Niche’s traffic.

Do you understand why a small minority of people account for the majority of traffic? It goes without saying that people only adore Rare things and the individuals with the audience win the game because they genuinely love their blogs, write from the heart, and bring out their own perspectives in their blog content.

I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t write the content, but I am advocating that you put your own viewpoint and authentic voice behind your blog posts rather than merely curating or making content based on viewing others’ posts.

Why would anyone read your blog in the first place if your blog postings are identical to those on all other blogs and your blog covers the same topics as all other blogs? In order to connect with your readers on a personal level and set yourself apart from the competition, you must infuse your writing with your own passion and personality.

Despite the fact that horses can move quickly, unicorns can even fly, so be brave and dare to stand out from the herd. Even if these are fictional creatures, you get what I’m getting at when I say: Be unique.

The topics that you cover on your blog could be same as any other blog as there are many players within a niche, and every niche is overcrowded I understand, but by putting something unique for those topics instantly make your Blog better than 70% of the Bloggers who just have Me Too content.

Remember this thing: Internet Punishes Me too bloggers, and reward original publishers who write content from their heart and not by looking others.

4. Procrastination is Your Biggest Enemy

We all are humans and we all have our bad sides, everyone procrastinates but you shouldn’t let your bad side take control over you.

Procrastination is the process of postponing things gradually over a longer period of time.

And Procrastination is bad for Business.

If you see anything that needs to be done, do it immediately, there should not be such thing like ” alright I’ll do it tomorrow ” etc.

You should be quick in making changes and whenever you feel like there’s something taht need to be changed then do it immediately.

It’s Better to do that thing Now, then never.

Here are some of the best ways to overcome Procrastination

Pomodoro Technique

Try Breaking your writing or working schedules into regulars intervals of 25 minutes and 5 to 10 minutes break between them, this will instantly improve your productivity and you will get refreshed everytime you take a break for short period.

I am a big practitioner of this technique and I like this technique very much, usually I take 5 – 10 minutes break between my working time and while in break time I Either listen to some music or I grab my guitar and sing a song, this simple technique helps me to boost my productivity insanely.

I also sometimes listen to small podcasts or Motivational videos on YouTube during my break time to get motivated.

Play white noise music in the background While you are working

White noise is a special type of music, it’s not the typical music you hear Everyday.

White noise is soothing and relaxing, it’s something like background music or music of the forest, raindrops sound, or relaxing piano music.

Here’s are some example of a Relaxing Music: You can find these music videos on YouTube, these videos usually range between an hour to upto 10 hours.

how to become a better blogger

Playing these types of music in the background helps to to focus on my work even better and Sometimes I don’t even need breaks in between when I apply these techniques, because I never gets bored whenever I play these relaxing music in the background and it keeps me focused and I enjoy to do what I am doing at the moment and I didn’t need breaks and this is how I increase my productivity.

So that are two of the most effective ways to overcome procrastination that I personally use when it comes to overcoming procrastination.

5. Know Yourself And Work On Your Weaknesses

No one knows you better than yourself, You know what are your flaws what are your limitations and what are your Skills which you are good at.

So only you can fix the wrong things that is happening around in your blog.

If you think that your English is not good, then go and learn English and improve your English.

You have to listen to your gut feelings, because Our gut never tells us lies, Deep down inside in our subconscious mind there’s our gut who always keeps telling us that we should improve it and your ego stops you from improving yourself.

That’s where self-realization comes into the picture, you gotta be really smart enough and accept the fact that you are not good at something if you are not good at something.

And you should make great efforts to make your weak points stronger.

In today’s day and age where you can get Courses and E-books for literally anything, there’s never a lack of information, so you can get information regarding anything that you want to learn.

Figure out what your weaknesses are and make efforts to sharpen your weak skills in this way you will get better over time.

One best way to figure out your weaknesses is to look at the Industry Experts Blogs or look at Influential bloggers in your niche, and note down all the different skills they possess that you like and you don’t have, Note down all of them, and start taking information regarding those things and start to make that skills better.

6. Compete With Yourself, Not With Others.

People frequently begin comparing themselves to their rivals, which is actually a positive thing.

But you must understand that your greatest rival is you; you must improve on yesterday’s performance.

You must constantly work to improve your abilities, writing style, English vocabulary, and a variety of other things.

Because you are more aware of yourself and should constantly strive to improve your abilities to become a better blogger.

If you believe there is something necessary for your blog but that you are not good at, then learn it. (Online information is available for free.)

Everyone’s unique and every person has Their own qualities and disadvantages and that’s why you should Know yourself better and be self aware that what are the things that you are weak at and then making improvements in those areas.

Always try to give your 100% in whatever you do.

7. Genuinely Love Your Niche (Learn Every Day)

The person who loves what they does, they never really feels like the’re working.

They constantly makes new changes and constantly learns new things in their daily life related to their Niche.

The person who loves his blog’s niche constantly explore new things, constantly be in touch with his niche audience and constantly brings out new perspective to his blog.

And that’s what people love reading, people don’t like to read the same curated information over and over again, so you better be trying out new things in your blog’s niche so that you keep exploring more and more and keep sharing more information to your audience.

In the other hand the person who doesn’t loves his blog’s niche will eventually get bored with his niche, he will never have enough things to write in his blog and he will never feel like writing anymore and eventually he will quit Blogging.

So it’s better that whatever niche you’re in, just develop a genuine interest towards your blog’s niche and then start sharing your views upon them, that’s the best thing you can do to your blog.

It doesn’t cost you money to be testing out new things right? So that’s why you should be working towards finding and trying out new things.

8. Sharpen Your Skills

As a blogger it’s your duty to share the most creative content possible to your blog readers.

Because your audience never want to read the same old type of content structure again and again, People like to read eccentric stuff they’ve never read before.

Here are some of the most benefitial things that you can do to your blog.

  1. Get better at writing
  2. Improve your English vocabulary
  3. Improve your design skills
  4. Create appealing images for your blogs
  5. Create a checklist or to do list for everything on your blog like content promotion, content creation etc.
  6. Improve your site structure
  7. Improve your website’s speed
  8. Use the best possible design and website theme, something that people have never seen somewhere else.

Do the above things and you will be guaranteed to see massive success with your blog.

9. Learn From The Best

You may have encountered lots of fake gurus on the internet trying to sell you their $2000 course which shows you how to become a millionaire overnight.

Such things never exist in real life dude, There’s no such thing like “Get rich quick” or “secret formula” that’s gonna make you rich overnight, there’s Always gonna be the grind and hustle for longer duration before you can get that little success.

And Fake gurus are trying to sell you this get rich quick dream, so it’s very important for you to figure out who’s actually a guru for you and who’s a fake guru.

Here are some of the best industry experts in Blogging from where you can learn blogging.

  1. Brian Dean
  2. Miles Beckler
  3. Deepak Kanakaraju
  4. Neil Patel

Follow all the above mentioned experts, they are all established bloggers and Internet marketer, and they’ve been in the industry for over a decade now.

Their knowledge on Blogging is astounding, do follow them if you want to get better at Blogging, SEO, copywriting and various digital marketing field.

10. There’s No Place For Mediocre in This World, Either You Are a Loser or You are Winner

Do you know that everyday over 2 million blog posts get published on the internet, and nobody reads 95% of them.

Do you know why?

It’s because the 95% of content itself is mediocre, nobody reads mediocre content, nobody shares mediocre content, nobody links to mediocre content, so if you want to stay in the game then you have to uplift your skills, you have to be better in your game then your Competitors.

And those things which I mentioned above are the things which affect your search engines rankings indirectly, which results in either Ranking of your blog posts higher or lower.

In blogging either you are winning or you are losing, there’s nothing in between.

Everyone starts from ground 0, sure your skills may not be as good as pro’s in the beginning, there will be a lot of learning curves in the process, and you gotta love the process if you want to succeed, and you have to be a lifelong learner and massive action taker.

11. Learn Persuasive Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of making your words sell, in other words it’s the art of writing copies which makes the readers take specific action that you want them to take, the action could be anything like signing up for your email list, buying your product or anything which makes them perform a specific action.

Where can you learn copywriting?

CopyBlogger is the best place to get started with copywriting, CopyBlogger is been teaching copywriting ever since early 2006.

If you want to get better at copywriting and want to learn the advanced copywriting skills then you should definitely follow the CopyBlogger blog.

Here are some more resources for you to learn copywriting and for getting better at it.

  1. CopyBlogger.com
  2. Copyhackers.com
  3. boostblogtraffic.com
  4. smartblogger.com

Follow all the blogs and websites mentioned above and you will be well on your way to become a great copywriter and blogger and your audience will love to read and share your content.

12. Read a lot

I think many of you probably already know Russell Brinson, he’s the co-founder of ClickFunnels and a genius Internet Marketer.

one day while I was reading his book Dotcom secrets, I came to know that he learned the most of his copywriting skills from reading others Sales letters in his childhood (obviously because back in those times e-mails didn’t existed).

As child he would sign up for various different mail newsletters, not the modern email newsletters, the actual hard copy mail newsletters.

yeah he literally subscribed to the various sales newsletters posted on the newspaper and then bang, he started getting those sales letters in his house, he started reading all of them, and that’s how he understood the whole psychology behind direct Marketing.

So if you want to learn to write good, then you have to read other experts copy, or atleast start reading books, this will help you improve your vocabulary and gain some good grip over english language.

Also i would recommend you to signup for the email newsletters of the industry experts in your niche, see how the write their copy, what they are selling in their newsletters, in this way you will learn a lot better.

13. Write a Lot

Like reading, Writing is also something that gets better and better when you continuously do it again and again.

Its Like Working out a muscle in the Gym, In the same way writing more content is also working on your writing skills.

When you get involved in the craft then you learn and get better at it. A wise man once said “Practice makes a man perfect”, so if you want to become a great blogger, you gotta be writing hell lot of content not only for your blog but also for other’s blogs as well in the form of guest posts.

Here are some content ideas that you can create in the written form and that will also help you to improve your writing day by day.

  1. Create long for written content for social media, LinkedIn is really killing it when it comes to the long-form written content on social media, the organic reach is high, the audience on the LinkedIn platform are very mature, etc.
  2. Create written content for all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  3. Participate in social media discussions, this will help you to boost your overall content writing skill and that’s also gonna allow you to write in your way because no one is judging you on social media and that’s gonna allow you to develop your own unique voice.
  4. There are some Question and answer Platforms like Quora, Reddit, Facebook Groups, etc, Here people ask their queries related to various topics, you can go to these platforms and start answering peoples questions and this will help you to improve your written content even more as you are continuously connected with writing.

Hope the above tips helped you to gain some insights on how you can improve your writing skills and write a lot of content at the same time.

14. Be Consistent

Being consistent is the no 1 Key to success no matter what it is, either it is sports, fitness, business no matter what it is, you gotta be consistent and willing to work continuously even when things are not in your favor, that’s what separates an average blogger from the elite level Blogger.

You see Blogs are like the radio or news channel of olden days, people come to consume content online (to your blog) continuously hoping for the new content each time they visit your website.

And that’s when the pressure starts coming in because this pressure is ultimately gonna make you grow as a blogger because you will be constantly in the pursuit of new content ideas for your blog, that’s trending, unique, and which your audience is gonna love.

So what I’m trying to say here is that “Consistency is the real key man” if you can get consistent valuable content out there for your audience then you’re gonna win the game.

15. Don’t Hesitate to Invest Money In Your Blog

I get it, Most people are afraid to put their money on the line because they have something to lose, but if you put efforts by giving it your 100% you will have so much to gain then what you have invested.

It’s not a new thing we all have been there too, most people starting out their blogs or online ventures don’t have a lot of money in the first place to invest in the beginning, I completely understand that I also didn’t have much money when I got started with blogging, I started my first blog from my saved pocket money,

That time I was a student back then and I was 18 years old, I only had the money for hosting and domain, I bought hosting and domain and started working on it that’s how I got started.

So it’s always gonna be hard at the beginning, but once you breakthrough and figure out little bits and pieces of blogging then you’re gonna be much better at it and also you’ll be successful.

And I can say that Blogging is one of the Original Businesses in the world that have made people rich, not overnight but yes it has made people a lot of money.

So if you are about to make that investment on your blogging tools, Blogging Education or whatever it is, make that first leap man because that’s the most difficult, but i can tell you this “It’s gonna be worth it in the End”

No Matter What it is, If its Premium Blogging tools, Blogging Courses, and Education, No matter what it is, if making that investment will make your blog grow, then definitely it’s worth investing in that thing.

16. Be Good at Communicating Your Content, And Community Building

Only a selected few people are able to communicate what they truly want to convey to their blog readers, most bloggers don’t have clarity in their content and that is the main reason why your readers don’t have a good connection with your blog.

The ability of your content to being able to connect with your blog reader is the most important factor when it comes to building a loyal fan base for your blog.

So here’s What you can do to create that connect with your blog reader.

  1. Understand your ideal reader’s wants and need (What do they wanna achieve)
  2. Write with your own voice and speak from your own personal experience in this way you will be able to connect with your reader a lot.
  3. Write like you are writing to your friend.
  4. Write short paragraphs while writing blog posts.
  5. Do a manual search on google for the topic you are writing, this will give you a fair idea of what types of content ranks, because those ranking contents are the type of content that people love to read and those content have something special in them that’s why they’re ranking in Google, Figure that special thing out.

And lastly you gotta build a community for your blog, either be it an Email list, Facebook fan page or a Facebook group or a YouTube Channel, you gotta give your website visitor a chance to convert into your subscriber, that’s how you can build a community of loyal fans.

17. Treat Your Blog Like a Business

Treating your blog like a business is something that comes from within, you have to be willing to treat your blog like a business if you want to make it profitable.

Like I said it comes from within, everything that you do on your blog will come from how serious you are about your blog, how much time and money you are willing to invest in your blog, and a lot of other factors.

Treating your blog like a business is not something that you can read in a book, and you will learn it, no it’s not like that, you have to continue to practice that discipline day in day out so that you can take your blog to the next level.

Your Time, Money, your dedication, your passion towards your blog, your willingness to learn and building community, willingness to be better than others all these factors contribute a lot when it comes to developing seriousness towards your blog.

18. Become Good At Promoting Your Content

Promotion is an Integral Part Of Blogging Success and it plays a huge role in the success of your blog because Blog promotion is what makes your content reach more people and spread your brand awareness.

You must spend 80% of your time promoting your blog content after you’ve written content.

Because without promotion no one is going to read it.

And Remember: If the content itself is not good then all teh efforts will be wasted because no body is going to convert into a customer from that awful content, everyone likes to invest their time in reading content that will be valuable and useful to them.

Here are some of the cool tactics that you can follow for promoting your blog content.

  1. build an email list and promote to them every time you write new content.
  2. answer people’s questions on Quora and add your content’s link at the end, this will send some good amount of referral traffic.
  3. Do SEO for your content, this will help in bringing more and more organic traffic from search engines.
  4. Share your content on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Facebook profiles, etc.

Doing all the above tactics will bring some good amount of traffic to your blog and at the same time you will earn some good fans for your blog.if your content is good.

And Yeah Remember: don’t shy away from promoting your content, you’re doing good work, let people know about your new content.

19. Have Excellent Design Skills

Do you now what is the first thing that a visitor see’s when they land on your blog for the first time?

Its the design, Images, and the Navigation of your blog, If they likes the design, Navigation, Images then people continue forward to Explore your blog more.

So its very important to Make your blog visually appealing as well.

Imagine someone visiting your blog and then having a hard time because of all the popups that you have on your blog, all the hardships he faces due to bad structure and laggy website, and poor quality images, so what do you think he’s gonna do?

He will probably never visit your website again.

So that’s why its important to have the best design possible for your blog and the selection the premium quality of images for your content will add an extra flavor to your blog.

For Best layout and design you gotta choose the best possible theme for your website, And The best theme that i know is the GeneratePress Theme, I use this theme on all of our blogs and this theme is super amazing.

Also Read: GeneratePress Review: Our Honest Review after using it for more than 1 Year

20. Don’t Focus Too Much on Keywords

Most of the time newbie bloggers mostly focus on putting in as many keywords in their content as possible, which is a wrong practice, Keyword stuffing is not a good practice and you can get a google penalty for doing so.

See Keyword optimizing your blog posts is necessary but there’s a fine line between keyword optimizing your content and keyword stuffing your content.

Sometimes you may aslo write some content on your blog and then notices them on the googles 2nd page, and you think that trying to put more keywords or pushing more backlinks will help.

Well sometimes it may work but sometimes it may not.

You have to understand that, there are other content on your blog to focus on as well and putting all of your efforts for that one keyword and for the ranking of that 1 keyword isn’t a good practice.

So what i’m trying to say is “Don’t be too hard on keywords, sometime the content may rank for your target keyword and sometimes not and there’s nothing to worry about it, it’s natural”

SO does that mean that you shouldn’t write content for keywords?

No, I didn’t mean that,.

I mean that you should write and keyword optimize your content wherever possible but don’t limit yourself to only those type of content which has a bunch of keywords around them.

You can also try writing your content on your own ideas, because there’s no restriction for creating your own content and that’s what blogging really is, Sharing what you know, and there’s nothing wrong in writing content whose keywords didn’t even exist because Google’s 30% of searches are those searches which have never been searched before on Google,.

That’s why you should be creating your own content as much as possible and yeah if there’s a bunch of keyword around what you are writing then its always a good thing, collect those keywords and sprinkle those keywords in your article.

21. Build Your Blog’s Brand

Branding is something that will take your blog’s Success rate to 100x.

Branding is the future and brands tends to rank higher on search engines.

So how do you go about creating a brand for your blog?

Here’s a short answer:

Follow all the below mentioned steps to for branding of your blog.

  1. Get a logo created for your blog
  2. Create all the social media accounts for your blog
  3. Start giving valuable content out on your blog’s social media channels on a regular basis, this is called content marketing and this will increase your brand value.
  4. Reply to everyone’s message and comments
  5. start helping others in the community and the people will turn into your raving fans.
  6. Start Connecting with other like-minded people on your space.

All the above tips will help you to build a solid brand for your blog, and this will, in turn, help you a lot to grow faster as a blogger.

22. Stay Relevant To Your Blog’s Niche Religiously

Many at times we often start publishing content on our blog which is not relevant to our blog’s niche, and this is not good for your blog.

people come to your blog for reading content on a specific topic, and when they will see that your blog has content on various diffrent types of topic other than your blogs niche then people might stop reading your content.

SO this is why its super important to stay true to your blog niche, no matter what.

23. Understand your target audience

Understanding your target audience will take your blogging game to the next level, this is what will separate you from all the casual bloggers who just throws out content without keeping their target audience in their mind.

Understanding your target audiences needs, wants desires and pain points will make you write better for your target audience and your reader will be able to connect better with your content.

So its better to understand who your target audience is before you start to write your own content.

And yeah research is the key element here, write better and more valuable post then your competitor.


Here are some more Tips that would help you in your blogging journey to grow even faster

  1. Study your competitor’s websites
  2. you have to be patient when it comes to blogging and getting results from blogging.
  3. Blogging Isn’t a One day game, You have to be at it for long to really build something great.

Final Words

So I hope by now you have probably learned how to become a better blogger, keep all of the above-mentioned things in your mind and you’ll definitely become a better blogger.

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