How to Change Language in Messenger? [Easy Ways]

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Many people use Messenger because it is one of the best instant messaging programs available. The English language is set as the default.

Given Messenger’s worldwide reach and high participation rate, it makes logical for it to be translated into a number of tongues.

Since English is the default, we will demonstrate how to switch languages in Messenger.

Since not everyone is fluent in English, the option to switch to a more easily understood language is a great feature that makes Messenger accessible to more people.

Is There a Way to Switch Languages in Messenger?

We’ve already discussed the possibility that switching Messenger’s language to one you’re more familiar with will make using the app more pleasant.

Messenger does not have a dedicated button for switching languages; instead, users must navigate the app’s settings to make the necessary adjustments.

How to Change Language in Messenger

To learn how to switch languages in Messenger, please continue reading below:

  • Through Phone Settings
  • Through Messenger App on Desktop
  • Through a web browser

1. Through Phone Settings

You’d be utilizing your phone’s settings here. Once you’ve accomplished these steps, the Messenger app will begin functioning in the selected language.

  • Choose “Settings” from the menu.
  • Scroll and touch on ‘Language and region’.
  • Select the language by clicking the button.
  • Select the language of your choosing and hit ‘Done’.
  • Choose the Spanish language by clicking the corresponding button.

So that’s why the language drop-down menu offered Spanish as an option. A language selection dialogue box will appear in the language of your choice.

The gadget may need you to provide further information under the header “Language and area.”

Your device’s primary setting will be to locate the list of languages and choose the one you like, although this may vary from device to device.

Facebook reloads automatically after this, thus your setting will take effect by itself.

If you’ve given Facebook permission to access your location, you’ll get suggestions for languages spoken widely where you are.

2. Through Messenger App on Desktop

The Messenger application is also available for download on personal computers. This makes it simpler for Messenger users, whether they’re there for business chats or not, to access the app.

If you want to see your profile picture in Messenger, open the app and choose your icon.

  • Select the “Settings” menu option.
  • To change the language, choose it.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • The “Restart” button must be activated.

Changing the app’s language won’t affect your conversations or messages, however. This option has no effect on the chat history as the names of your friends and the language you have spoken are not affected by it.

3. Through a web browser

Everybody used to utilize a web browser to talk to their friends and family before the arrival of Messenger as a downloadable program.

If you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of installing an app, it will still function normally. If you want to change the language, just follow these instructions.

  • To access Facebook’s settings, open the app and choose the arrow button.
  • Navigate to “Privacy & Settings.”
  • Select the language by clicking on it.
  • Look for “Facebook language” and hit “Edit.”
  • Select your preferred language using the down arrow.
  • To permanently commit your changes, use the Save button.

Use the Messenger app on your mobile device to switch languages

This function is not available for iOS or Android users. Unfortunately, there is currently no option inside the Messenger app to switch the language being used.

Therefore, you’ll need to access the phone’s language settings to make that adjustment. As far as I can see, it solves the problem.

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Conclusion: How to Change Language in Messenger?

According to our understanding, this is the way to switch languages in Messenger. You now have the ability to change the default language to one that you are more familiar with.

This function will throw open the doors for its use on a worldwide scale. Leave a comment below telling us which language you think would be the most intriguing for you to learn.

We really hope this was helpful.


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