How to connect Xbox to Laptop 2024? Step by Step Guide

How to connect Xbox to Laptop using the Xbox console?” It’s a frequently asked question, but the accompanying app makes it simple.

You may accomplish it by following the instructions here:

Step 1: On your gaming laptop, open up the Xbox console companion app. If you don’t know where it is, type it into the Windows search box. It’s possible you’ll need to get it from the Windows Store if you’re still unable to locate it.

Step 2: To avoid any issues when playing Xbox games on your PC, make sure you have the most recent DirectX 12 installed.

Step 3: Select the Connection option from the menu on the app’s left side.

Step 4: To view your Xbox’s identifier, just look for it. It’s only a click away.

For the first time, your laptop should be connected to your Xbox. This will be your only time doing these procedures since the console will connect to Windows automatically once the program is opened. As long as the console is operating and connected, everything should go well.

Things Needs for Xbox Console Connectivity:

You must have the following items before connecting:

1. An internet connection that works: Your internet connection should have at least 1MB to 2MB of steady speed.

2. A laptop with Windows 10: Your laptop should be updated. Before connecting, go to Windows Update and remove any essential updates. Staying current helps avoid connectivity issues. Also, update your drivers.

3. System requirements: To play PC games smoothly, you need at least 8GB RAM, a Core i5 or higher CPU, and an SSD with integrated or better still, a separate graphics card. Even if you connect to your system and experience stuttering or frame freezing, you should update your laptop first.

4. A jogging Xbox: If your laptop isn’t on, it won’t connect to Xbox. So, before connecting, check sure it’s operating and connected in.

How Do I Use My Laptop as an Xbox 360 Monitor?

Using an HDMI wire, you can turn your laptop’s LCD into a display for your Xbox 360. Make sure you have all the essential equipment before using this connection.

  • An HDMI cable is a necessity: Check it out on other devices like your TV before utilizing it.
  • The latest Xbox app: On your laptop, you already have the Xbox Console Companion pre-loaded. Use that or download the new Xbox app that Windows has revealed.
  • Playing Xbox on a fully charged computer: Take a look at your laptop’s battery level before continuing. I strongly advise that you use a power supply while playing video games. As a result, your phone’s battery won’t be put under any unnecessary stress from gaming. The Xbox should be operating as well.

Connecting the Laptop & Xbox via HDMI:

Connect the two devices through HDMI by following these steps:

Step 1: Switch off your Xbox, but leave your laptop running.

Step 2: Connect the Xbox’s HDMI output to your laptop’s HDMI input.

Step 3: Play a game on Xbox.

Step 4: As soon as it is turned on, your PC’s Xbox program will switch the display to it.

Step 5: The Xbox software itself has display options that you may modify.

How To Connect Xbox Controller to Your PC?

Digital games on your PC need an authentic Xbox controller. Bluetooth makes it simple to link the two devices.

How to Connect Xbox to Laptop

Step 1: Press WIN + I to access the Bluetooth settings on your laptop. To add Bluetooth and other devices, click on the Devices > Add Bluetooth and other devices> Bluetooth option in your device list. As soon as your laptop detects a Bluetooth device, it will begin looking for it.

Step 2: Press and hold the pairing button on the Xbox controller for a few seconds to enter pairing mode. It will seem as though the Xbox logo is blinking. In other words, it’s a sign that your device is all set to pair. You’d be able to see the name of your controller on your screen. Use the left mouse button to make a connection.

Xbox One App or Xbox Console Companion Streaming:

Here’s how to play your favorite game on various devices:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Device Connection in the Xbox App.

Step 2: To allow game streaming to other devices, click the Allow button.

Step 3: Right-click on Any Device Linked to Your Local Network and choose Allow Connections.

Step 4: It’s now possible to broadcast your game directly from the application.

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Conclusion: How to Connect Xbox to Laptop?

Connect your Xbox One to any laptop running Windows 10 by utilizing the Xbox Console Companion or by connecting the two devices together via an HDMI connection.

The difference between the two methods is that one is wireless and the other is not. So, pick according to your preferences and play the console games you want without having to be confined to your living room.

Thank you for reading.

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