How to Find a Profitable Niche For Your Blog (Proven Method)

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Most people overlook this step, but identifying a niche for a blog before establishing one is the most important.

Many people get into the trap of not establishing a niche and then failing and claiming things like “Blogging didn’t work for me” and so on.

If you are one of those people who are unsure about what type of blog to start and want to identify the most profitable blog niches for your blog, then keep reading.

This article will show you how to choose the proper niche for your blog.

So let’s get this party started.

So, before we choose a niche for your blog, it’s critical to first grasp what a niche is and what a broad market is.


What is a Broad Market?

A broad market is a category or the Parent market for all its subcategories and niches.

how to find a niche for your blog

For Example: let’s take Health Market as an example.

So health is a fairly broad concept. There are numerous submarkets and niches within that more extensive market.

Health can be further sub-classified as:

  1. Health (Broad Market)
    1. Fitness (Sub Market)
      1. Fitness for Old age (Niche)
      2. Fitness for Middle age Men (Niche)
      3. Fitness for Moms (Niche)
      4. Fitness for Teenage Girls (Niche)
    2. Weight Loss (Sub Market)
      1. Weight loss for Boys (Niche)
      2. Weight loss for Girls (Niche)
      3. Weight loss for Moms (Niche)
        1. Weight loss diet for moms (Micro Niche)
        2. Weight loss nutrition for moms for fast results (Micro Niche)
      4. Weight loss for Middle age Men (Niche)

So as you can see from the above example, Health is a Broad Market and can be further classified into its Submarkets, Niches, and MicroNiches.

And basically, there are only a few selected Main Broad Markets about which people care the most.

  1. Health – people care about their health and being fit.
  2. Wealth – people want to make more money
  3. Fashion – People want to look good and be fashionable, be with the latest fashion trend
  4. Relationships – People Want good relationships
  5. Hobby – people want to learn a new hobby
  6. Technology – People want the latest gadgets which can do modern-day tasks easily.
  7. Pets – people want to have cute pets
  8. Where people spend money – people spend money on video games, Netflix, Entertainment, etc.
  9. Self Improvement – people buy self-help books Self Help courses, and people want to learn a new skill and improve themselves.

So it is critical to write just about topics people care about because if you write about topics people do not care about, no one will read your blog.

how to find a niche for your blog

So all the above Broad Markets are the broad markets that people care about the most.

What is SubMarket?

Broad Markets Further have submarkets within them.

For Example:

  1. Health (Broad Market)
    1. Diet (Submarket)
    2. Nutrition (Submarket)
    3. Weight loss (Submarket)
    4. Strength training (Submarket)
    5. meditation (Submarket)
    6. yoga (Submarket)
  2. Wealth (Broad Market)
    1. Finance (Submarket)
    2. Investing (Submarket)
    3. Real Estate (Submarket)
    4. Sales (Submarket)
    5. Make Money Online (Submarket)
  3. Relationships (Broad Market)
    1. Dating (Submarket)
    2. Love (Submarket)
    3. Parenting (Submarket)
    4. Relationship Advice (Submarket)

And many people make this enormous mistake when establishing their blogs: they start a blog on a broad market or submarket rather than a niche, and their blogs suffer as a result.

And now you’re probably wondering, “What the heck is a niche?”

Don’t worry; we will explain everything later in this blog post.

So, what exactly is a niche?

What is a Niche?

A niche is a specific product, interest, or category with a highly targeted audience with comparable interests and behavior and also falls under a Broad Market or Submarket.

People that enjoy watching the gameplay of PUBG games, for example, are the PUBG gaming niche’s audience.

Here are the PUBG game niche complete statistics.

  1. Broad Market = Gaming
  2. Sub Market = Mobile Gaming
  3. Niche = FPS Survival Gaming
  4. Micro Niche = PUBG Game

Here, PUBG is a Micro Niche of the Gaming Market, with a specific, focused audience who plays PUBG mobile games and is interested in PUBG. The audience is highly targeted and can also convert better if you have a blog about PUBG mobile games.

So, I believe you understand what a Market, sub-market, Niche, and Micro Niche are.

Despite having a large following, a blog that is founded on a market seldom produces a lot of money. Do you understand why?

You cannot convert the audience of those General topic blogs into consumers because they need to be targeted traffic. They are simply general searchers looking for information.

And in a Niche or MicroNiche Blog, the audience is very particular and converts better. MicroNiches and Niche Blogs are the most profitable blog subjects, and you should start a blog in a Niche or a Micro Niche to achieve better and faster results.

Let’s Understand This With a Real-Life Example

Let’s imagine you want to buy sports shoes, and you’re a lady (assume for now), and you walk to a market, you’ll notice a lot of Shoe Shops, right?

But you’ll only go to the girl’s shoe shop and buy sports shoes for girls, rather than wasting your time at general shoe stores that don’t carry products specifically for girls, right?

That is how a specific Niche’s audience behaves, how your visitors will arrive at your site, and how visitors will become clients of your blog.

Because the truth is that people seldom trust generic or general blogs that cover every subject under the sun.

People want content specifically targeted to them, which is why they enjoy reading niche blogs. Niche blogs convert better because people trust the niche author and will buy anything based on the author’s advice.

As a result, you should start a blog in a Niche or micro niche rather than a Market or Submarket.

And you’ve probably heard the expression, “the rich are in the niches.”

Why Having a Niche For a Blog is Important?

how to find a niche for your blog

Having a niche for your blog is crucial for your blog’s success because, if you don’t do this, your blog will never take off.

Advantages of a Niche Blog

  1. Highly Targeted Traffic
  2. You can easily generate affiliate sales from that traffic and make a lot of money
  3. you can build those traffic into your community of highly engaged fans.
  1. Here are some of the adverse effects of not choosing a blog niche.
  2. Your blog followers will never enjoy reading your posts because you cover broad topics rather than targeted ones.
  3. Because Google loves niche sites, your postings will never rank on search engines.
  4. You will never attract a specific audience, they will never convert into buyers or affiliate sales, and you will never be able to develop a community in this manner.
  5. Your blog’s traffic will never be high or increasing.
  6. Chances are your blog will fail because you will start a blog in a broad market with too fierce competition.

Sure, some blogs perform incredibly well in broad markets but remember that those are rather large sites that a single person does not run. Because of their authority, they benefit from ranking even when they are in a multi-niche or broad niche.

So, let’s walk through the process of identifying a niche for your blog.

How to Find a Niche For Your Blog?

how to find a niche for your blog

There are numerous methods for finding a specialty for a blog, but unfortunately, the majority of them are inadequate and ineffective.

But fortunately, you’re reading this, and I’m going to reveal my most excellent method for selecting a niche for your site.

So here’s a step-by-step guide to finding a blog specialty.

Step 1: Make a List of All The Markets You Are Interested in a Mind Mapping Tool.

I Prefer MindMeister for creating Mind Maps; you can use this tool and create 3 mind maps for FREE.

how to find a niche for your blog

This is how the MindMeister mind mapping tools appear.

So, in your mental map, put down all the big markets you are interested in, such as gaming, sports, music, technology, etc. You can also use a spreadsheet or even a simple pen and paper and write down any place you like.

After you’ve established a MindMap and written down all of the Broad Markets you’re interested in, let’s look for their submarkets, niches, and micro niches.

After completing the preceding steps, eliminate all the broad markets in which you are uninterested, leaving only the markets in which you are interested.

how to find a niche for your blog

Step 2: Further Jot Down Deeper and Deeper Into Broad Markets

After that, delve deeper into the Submarkets, Niches, and Microniches of those Broad Markets in which you are interested.

how to find a niche for your blog

And you may go as deep, small, and niche-specific as you like to find your niche or Micro Niche.

how to find a niche for your blog
how to find a niche for your blog

So, on the mindmap, the orange bubbles represent the incredibly niched-down niches; they can be more niched down, but I’ve kept it short for your understanding.

And the Broad Markets are all black-colored bubbles.

So far, we’ve seen how to narrow down a large market to locate niches.

And, among all of the niches you’ve investigated, choose one that you’d like to work in the most, the one that fascinates or intrigues you the most. You don’t have to be an expert in a topic to start or write on that subject; over time, you’ll improve and gain authority.

  1. Choose a niche in which you are most interested or wish to learn more.
  2. Don’t choose a specialization solely for its monetary possibilities; your niche is meaningless without your passion.

Okay, I’m assuming you’ve already decided on a niche; now, let’s see if your chosen specialty is profitable.

Some More Advice on Finding a Niche

  1. Find a niche that you can work for the long term, Don’t start a blog whose trend is only for 6 to 8 months, and then it will never exist, create a Long-term Evergreen Blog that people will find helpful for the long term; even up to 10 years.
  2. Deliver value More than your competitors in that Niche.
  3. The Perfect Niche is your Interest.
  4. Suppose there is a niche within a niche. In that case, that is the perfect Niche, and later on, you write blog posts on different categories within one niche blog, but at the initial level, start at only one category in any niche.
  5. Work on Niches that fall under Passion, Lifestyle, or Problem Broad Market because people spend the most money on these Markets and Niches.
  6. Find Niches at Web directories, Forums, Quora, and – these are the places where you also find some of the untapped niches.
  7. You can also use different affiliate networks to find Lots of Niches.
  8. Understand the needs and demands of your niche audience; keyword research will help you achieve that.

Once we’ve decided on a niche for our site, let’s see if it’s profitable because you don’t want to blog without making money, do you?

How to Check The Profitability of Your Blog’s Niche?

So here’s a thorough description of Checking the Profitability of a Niche; this stage is critical for determining whether your chosen niche is meaningful and profitable.

Step 1: Check if Enough People Spend Money on that Niche

You may determine the profitability of your niche by determining how many individuals are spending money in that niche.

Suppose there are products, services, and courses surrounding your niches. In that case, it suggests people are willing to spend money on those niches, which is a good indicator for us since it means we can capitalize on the opportunity and make money.

Example: Weight loss blog vs. Quotes Blog

The weight loss blog will make money. However, the quotes blog will never make as much money as the weight loss blog.

Because no one buys Quotes or SMS, but people buy weight loss products, etc., you can make money on a weight loss blog by selling some affiliate products.

You can make money if people only spend money on your niche.

As a result, it is critical to investigate the business objective of the niche in which we intend to launch a blog.

Here’s what you need to search for to see if people are willing to spend money on that niche.

  1. Check to see if people buy enough products (such as supplements, clothes, bags, books, etc.) in your niche.
  2. Look for Amazon books in your niche.
  3. Examine Udemy courses in your field.
  4. Check to see if consumers buy enough products in your category.
  5. Use any keyword research tool to determine if enough people are searching for your specialized keywords.
how to find a niche for your blog
Ebooks related to the weight loss niche show this niche has buyer intent
how to find a niche for your blog

Udemy courses in the weight reduction area demonstrate the buyer’s goal.

That is how you can determine the profitability of your specialty.

Step 2: Check the Trend of That niche

Checking the Trend of your niche is a critical stage in selecting a blog’s niche.

Here’s how to determine the Trend in your niche.

  • Visit Google Trends and look at the Trend
  • Look at the graph over the last 5 years.
  • If the graph tends to rise or is at least stable (neither rising nor falling), it indicates that the niche is evergreen.

Let me show you an actual example of some Trend graphs from various niches.

Here’s the trend graph for Affiliate Marketing Niche for the past 5 years

how to find a niche for your blog

Here is the trend Graph for Digital Marketing Niche for the past 5 years

how to find a niche for your blog

Here’s the Google Trend Graph of Electric cars for the past 5 years

how to find a niche for your blog

Here’s the Google Trends Graph of the keto diet for the past 5 years

So the primary concept here is to find something that is becoming increasingly popular because you don’t want to blog about something that no one cares about or searches for.

Step 3: Check if Enough People are Searching for Your Niche

You will need a keyword research tool to determine the search volume of the keywords or themes you are interested in.

Any keyword research tool, such as Ahrefs, Semrush, and Ubersuggest, would suffice. For the time being, I will use Ubersuggest to show you the search volume and CPC of the niches.

The search volume and CPC for the Niche keto diet for weight loss are shown below.

As you can see from the accompanying image, a reasonable number of people are searching for that specialty each month.

Every month in the United States, 6,600 individuals search for the term “Keto Diet” on Google.

And it has a high CPC, which indicates that advertisers are prepared to pay for that niche, implying that the commercial intent of that niche is strong and that we can profit from it.

This means that the Keto Diet for Weight Loss is an excellent niche to pursue.

You can repeat this method for any niche in which you are interested in determining the search volume and CPC.

The higher the search volume and CPC, the better, but remember that it should be a Niche or a Micro Niche and not a Broad Niche.

Step 4: Check if There are Enough Affiliate Programs in Your Niche

If your niche has a sufficient number of affiliate programs, it’s a solid indication that you can make good money in that area.

You can sign up for various affiliate programs and sell affiliate products through your blog.

If your chosen niche has a small number of affiliate items, attempt to avoid it.

You might join several affiliate networks to see if they provide products in your field.

  1. Rakuten
  2. MaxBounty
  3. Commission Junction
  4. Impact
  5. Click Bank
  6. Flex Offers
  7. Admitad
  8. VCommission
  9. ShareASale
  10. Jvzoo
  11. Amazon Affiliate
  12. Flipkart Affiliate

Pro Tip: Affiliate Networks can also be used to find Lots of different Niches; affiliate networks are a gold mine of Niches.

Step 5: Do the Competitor Analysis of Your Niche

It would be a mistake if you did not investigate the competition in your niche or specify with whom your blog will compete.

Because you don’t want to compete with prominent giant blogs that you will never be able to outrank as a novice blogger, do you?

However, rivalry in any niche is always a good indicator; if there is competition, it shows that there is money to be earned, which is why people are going after that area.

There will be no money if there is no competition.

However, it should not be so high that you cannot compete with them.

So here’s a strategy for determining your niche’s competition.

#1: Install the MOZ bar Chrome Extension on your Google Chrome Desktop Browser.

#2: Sign up for a Moz account and activate MOZbar

#3: Search for your niche term on Google

I have searched keto meal plan for nursing mothers on google

#4: Record and see what types of websites rank on google for your niche term, and record their DA and PA using Mozbar.

#5: If the sites with a DA, PA more than 40 or 50 are on page 1 of google, then better to leave that niche because usually those sites which have DA, PA more than 40, 50 are significant, and you will not be able to compete with them as a newbie blogger.

#6: If big websites are ranking whose DA and PA are high are on the first page of google but if they have irrelevant content ( not related to what you searched for ), then it’s a positive signal that it’s a low-competition Niche.

#7: If Small Websites with DA, PA less than 40 are ranking on the first page (Doing Well) of Google, then obviously, it’s a positive signal that it’s a low competition niche, and you can work on that niche as a newbie.

Here’s an example of low competition websites or weaker websites and low DA; PA means you can outrank them easily with Quality content and Hard work.

#8: If there are plenty of easy-to-find, easy-to-rank keywords in your niche, then it’s a good Niche.

If people are linking to the type of blogs, Niches, or similar types of blogs that you want to develop, it is a good sign you can build those good backlinks on this type of website.

Look at the number of referring domains on such websites; if they have many referring domains, it’s a good sign.

You can verify all the backlinks of other blogs in your topic using any application, such as Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, or SEMrush.

Step 7: Check the Sale Potential

Check the sale potential of your blog niche by looking for buyer intent terms such as best, buy, inexpensive, and so on that are linked to your theme.

If you search for those buyer intent keywords and find articles, reviews, and deals ranking on Google, that is an excellent niche because individuals are getting affiliate revenue from those articles.

For example, if I search Best Smartphone Under $500 on Google and get search results featuring reviews, List Posts, and blog posts, that’s a good indicator since it indicates that individuals are making Affiliate income from those articles, and you may too.

This is how you may carry out all the initial processes to assess the profitability of your blog niche.

Do all the methods mentioned above for each of the niches or micro niches you have identified, and choose only one from each shortlisted niches that you believe will be the fittest for you.

The next stage is to determine the viability of your niche.

How to Check The Sustainability of Your Blog’s Niche?

Do you realize that choosing the wrong Niche might kill your blog and cost you a lot of money?

That is why it is critical to select the absolute best Niche.

And conducting a Sustainability test will evaluate whether or not the Niche you just picked in the preceding Process is good for you.

Here’s how you can do a sustainability test to see if your blog will survive the next year or two.

#1: Is it true that you are interested in that area, or are you simply choosing that specialty because it makes money?

If you simply choose a specialty based on earning possibilities and have no passion in that Niche, you will quickly quit that area due to a lack of interest.

However, if you are genuinely interested in that Niche and are prepared to learn what it takes to make your blog a successful blog that is also beneficial to your readers, you will be successful in that blogging Blogging Niche that you have chosen.

#2: Ask Yourself Can You Write 50 – 100 Articles on your blog Niche without any expectation from your Blog?

Can you write 50 – 100 articles on your Blog Niche without any expectations?

If the answer is yes, then go for it. People occasionally choose a niche based on what they see other people doing, only to learn later that it is the incorrect niche for them and that they can’t create any articles in that niche.

Simply choose a niche in which you are most interested and can write about it to add value to the community.

#3: Check if enough people are Searching for your Niche

In the preceding paragraphs, we’ve already covered how to check the search volume for your specialized terms.

And if enough people search for your specialty in Google and other search engines, it’s a good sign that you’ll be compelled to start a blog in that area.

Nobody wants to start a blog that no one finds, right? People will not reach your blog if your Blog Niche terms have insufficient search volume.

#4: Check how people have monetized their blogs in your selected niche.

Go to blogs in your niche. You may be wondering how to find blogs in your niche.

It’s simple; enter your niche term into Google, which will return all the blogs relating to your theme.

Now, list them all on a spreadsheet (just the worthy websites that are good), and visit each blog one by one to see how they have monetized their blogs. Find out how they monetize their blogs, whether through affiliate links or conventional ads.

If you notice that people monetize their blogs in more than two ways, it’s a good sign that people are making big money on that topic, and you should also start working on it.

Bonus: 100+ Profitable Blog Niche List ideas

Here are some of the most profitable top blogging niches you could be interested in.

One More Important Bonus Tip Before you say farewell to this article,

Spend some time reading the blogs of your competitors in the same niche. Understand every tactic they use on their blogs to expand their blogs, how they promote their blog posts, how they monetize their blogs, sign up for their email lists, and you may surreptitiously spy on their sites in this way.


So that is how to choose a niche for your blog; follow all of the above steps, and you will undoubtedly find a successful niche in which you will enjoy writing blog posts.

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What Topic is Best For Blogging?

It all depends on what you are most interested in regarding the ideal blogging niche.

Profitable niches address people’s issues in some way, and those are the types of blog niches that generate the most money.

Yes, it would help if you had a niche for your site; otherwise, your blog will lose its authority.

You can find profitable blog niches on Affiliate Marketplaces, Amazon Marketplace, Quora,, and other sites.

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