How To Find Unlimited Blog Post Ideas For Your Next Blog Posts? – 17 Best Ways

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Have you been writing for some time and are running out of blog post ideas?

Do you feel like you’re running out of blog post ideas for your upcoming article and aren’t sure what you should write about?

If any of the following circumstances seem familiar, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Today I’ll show you how to generate blog post ideas for your website. And this is the same method I use to generate blog post ideas for my blog.

I’ve published over 50 posts in the previous three months using the same approach, and I still have over 200+ blog post ideas to write about. All due to the strategies and procedures mentioned below.

Are you ready to dive in? So, without further ado, let us begin.

1. Facebook Groups

how to find blog post ideas

Facebook groups are the number one place for inspiration when it comes to getting Blog Post ideas for a blog post.

Why Facebook Groups?

Globally, Facebook has around 2.4 billion users.

The finest feature of Facebook is something called Facebook groups, which is vastly underutilized.

People who learn how to use Facebook groups effectively might use them to expand their blogs and websites.

There are Facebook groups for anything you can think of, and there are Facebook groups for every niche you can think of.

There are Facebook groups for everything from dogs to pets to cooking to dating.

Do you know why people want to hang together in Facebook groups?

Because they are exposed to so many other skilled musicians in the same field, they can learn and perhaps build an audience.

Facebook groups are fantastic. People ask questions in Facebook groups because they are driven to contribute and build the community.

You may gather good questions that people ask in Facebook groups and use them to generate blog post ideas for your future blog article.

As an example, consider the following: When he posted his question, 14 people stepped in to aid him. So, if this is a question he is asking, you may take note of it and write a blog post about it.

how to find blog post ideas

If that individual is suffering that difficulty, it is likely that many others are as well. So that’s how you get blog post ideas from Facebook groups.

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2. Quora

how to find blog post ideas

Quora is an excellent platform for Internet Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs may receive direct access to market needs and concerns on Quora, as well as the doubts and topics that people care about the most in their area.

People may then use that data to produce meaningful goods for their intended audience.

The best part of Quora is that it is a question-and-answer platform where individuals ask questions, and others answer them based on their knowledge.

So it’s a terrific place to be if you want to collect actual questions that people have, real issues that people care about the most, and then make awesome blog entries for that topic later on.

Here is an example of how to find topics on Quora:

how to find blog post ideas

I just googled blogging, and a slew of queries appeared in front of me. Those are various subjects that may be addressed in separate blog postings.

You can also observe what kinds of replies people are giving to queries about your area, which you can later use to help you write your post.

3. Linkedin

how to find blog post ideas

LinkedIn is the best platform if you are running a B2B blog.

There will be many professionals in your field there.

On LinkedIn, you may connect with professionals in your field to see what they are talking about and what types of articles they are interested in.

Directly from the niche specialists, you may obtain valuable insights for your upcoming blog entries.

4. YouTube

how to find blog post ideas

Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google and daily people spend most of their time on YouTube watching lots of videos daily.

Take advantage of the chance. Many video makers utilize that platform to cater to those demographics and generate useful videos for your target audience.

So you may take advantage of this chance by searching YouTube for people who produce videos in your niche.

And pay close attention to the types of videos they produce that your target audience enjoys watching.

You may also read the comments on those videos to learn more about the topics people are interested in. In the video comment box, users occasionally propose fresh blog post topic ideas for future videos.

What you can do now is write a blog article on a related topic, and people will like reading your blog posts.

This way, you’ll never run out of Blog Article Ideas for your blog post.

5. Instagram

how to find blog post ideas

Although it is not a suitable site for finding your target audience’s worries and queries, you can still utilize it to learn what people in your area care about the most.

What you need to do is identify all of the Instagram pages and profiles with the highest followers that your target audience follows.

Following that, I want you to follow all of the large accounts that have a large number of followers in your niche and whose posts have the most interaction in terms of comments, likes, and so on.

Next, I want you to go to their comments area, where you will discover some genuine nuggets that people debate there, where people talk about some real concerns and problems that are important to them, and where people occasionally ask their questions.

Find all of the hot subjects in your niche, and you’ll have plenty of blog post ideas for your next post.

6. Twitter

how to find blog post ideas

Twitter can be a great platform to collect blog post ideas from other bloggers.

Bloggers share other people’s blog entries on Twitter, and people in turn share their own.

So you can follow all of the bloggers in your field and spy on them, what they share, whose stuff they share, and so on.

You will learn a lot about your competitors and obtain a lot of blog post ideas for your future blog post this way.

7. Udemy

how to find blog post ideas

Udemy is an Online Courses marketplace where you can find courses related to every single niche possible.

Simply choose a solid course relating to your expertise and look at the course curriculum to see what the contents of that course are.

You’ll get a good notion of what they’re teaching in that course pertaining to your expertise.

Udemy classes might also provide you with blog article ideas.

8. Ads on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook; watch out for what dreams they are selling.

how to find blog post ideas

This might be the preferred location for all online course vendors.

Examine the types of advertising that are being shown to your target demographic.

You will learn about some of your target audience’s pain concerns, which you may utilize as a theme in your blog post and generate content around.

9. Other blogs on the same niche

how to find blog post ideas

What better place to find Blog Post Ideas for Blog Posts than your own competitors?

Competitors’ websites and blogs are the finest sources of Blog Post content ideas; people frequently overlook this information, but it is really useful for generating Blog Post ideas.

People only write what they want to write, but consider this: your competitors who are making money from their blogs and running successful blogs are not simply writing whatever they want; they are writing properly researched articles that are guaranteed to give them results in terms of money, audience, and so on.

So, make data-driven decisions and play wisely, spy on your competitors, and churn out a ton of Blog Post Content ideas from popular sites in your industry.

10. Google itself

how to find blog post ideas

Google can be your best friend for finding Blog Post content ideas.

Here’s how.

  1. Google’s Autosuggest some keywords ideas
  2. Google’s related search results
  3. Google shows some top-ranking pages related to your niche, spy on their blogs, and what type of content they have written.

11. Reddit

how to find blog post ideas

Reddit is also like Quora, where people share blog posts, Ask questions, answer people’s questions etc.

So you can monitor all of the types of questions that have been asked in your niche and uncover a lot of hot subjects and questions that people care about the most in your area.

12. Buzzsumo

how to find blog post ideas

Buzzsumo is a content search engine that displays the most shared content on social platforms.

You may check what the most shared material is connected to a certain phrase, or you can input any URL, and Buzzsumo will show you what the most popular content on that website has had the most social shares.

Find all of the material relating to your keyword or domain and make a better version of that content since it has been established that such content is widely shared, and if you generate comparable content while adding 10x the value of the competitor’s post, you can anticipate what will happen.

Your post will be shared by a large number of people, and quality content gets a large number of backlinks.

13. Ubersuggest

how to find blog post ideas

Ubersuggest is another excellent tool for finding lots of Blog Post content ideas.

Ubersuggest includes a content ideas area where you may obtain content recommendations for your entered phrase.

Simply enter any headword or term connected to your speciality, and it will generate all Blog Post content ideas for you to write.

14. Answer The Public

how to find blog post ideas

Answer the public is a great place to find new Blog Post ideas and questions related to a topic. It is a pretty weird platform in the first place, but the tool is perfect

Just go to, and in the search bar, search any broad topic that you want to write a post on. It will fetch all the questions, Blog Post topic ideas related to that term.

Now simply go ahead and record the topic ideas that you would like to write a post on.

AnswerThePublic is a goldmine when it comes to getting Blog post content ideas.

Forums are an excellent source of new information about your chosen niche market.

Forums are the most active places online where like-minded individuals hang out, hold debates, and build community.

Join some of the busy forums in your business or speciality and see what the most popular subjects are, what people are talking about, and so on.

Doing so will keep you up to speed on the most recent facts connected to your subject, and you can then go ahead and create a blog post on the topic you’re interested in.

One such great forum is Warrior Forum, On this website, you can find Forums related to any niche. It’s like Reddit.

16. Be Genuinely Interested In Your Blog’s Niche

how to find blog post ideas

Don’t blog just for the purpose of creating blog entries and generating money.

Blog because you are really engaged in your niche and develop a desire to help people via your articles and community development.

The primary goal of a blog should always be to offer visitors with helpful information.

If you are genuinely interested in your area, you will naturally uncover new Blog Post ideas for your next blog post, and you will never need to rely on other sources to gain Blog Post ideas for your blog post.

If you are genuinely interested in your subject, you will naturally conduct more research and write more blog articles about it, and you will always have something to write about it in that way.

So, be really enthusiastic about your niche and notice and jot down any blog post ideas that come to mind.

17. Your Own Experiences, your common sense

how to find blog post ideas

Don’t forget to include personal experiences in your speciality.

Write about the issues you encountered in your area, the solutions you discovered to those problems, and so on.

This is the finest topic you will ever find since it will be natural for you to write about your personal experiences and how you dealt with that circumstance and difficulty.

Conclusion of How To Find Blog Post Ideas

I hope this blog article has provided you with enough approaches to generate blog post topic ideas. Now go ahead and scrape out a bunch of blog post topic ideas for your site as well.

I’m very sure that after reading this post, you’ll never Google How to Find Blog Post Ideas again.

And do let me know in the comments section if there is anything you disagree with or need further clarification on. I’ll be more than pleased to assist you.

I look forward to hearing from you about how you appreciated this post, and if you have any questions about it, please leave them in the comments area. I will respond as soon as possible.

One Small Request: If you found this article helpful, share it with your favourite social media networks so that we can reach more awesome people like you who need this content. Good luck with your blog!!

Action item for you: Keep track of all of your competitors’ blogs Find all of the blog post ideas connected to your speciality and record them in a spreadsheet or mind mapping application. This will provide you with enough blog post topics to write about in the future.

FAQs Related How To Find Blog Post Ideas

Where should I record all of Those post ideas?

I would recommend you record all of those blog post ideas in a Spreadsheet software like Google docs or Microsoft Excel.

You can also create a mindmap and record all of the Blog Post ideas in that mindmap.

Can you gather unlimited Blog Post content ideas?

Yes, the possibilities are endless, you just have to connect with your end consumer of content and what they demand, listen to their problems and you will find countless Blog Post content ideas for your blog.

What is the best place to get Blog Post content ideas?

The best place to get Blog Post content ideas is your Competitor’s blog.

Observe what they are writing, how, and why they are writing.

What is the best blog post idea?

The best blog post idea is the trending topic in your niche.

Do a Google trend search for the topic that you want to write about, and it will show you the trend graph. If the graph seems to be growing in popularity, then it’s a good topic; if the graph seems to be decreasing in popularity, then probably no one is interested in that topic anymore.

And there are also some timeless evergreen topics which people will continue to consume in the coming time. (Some content topics are evergreen and never get old).

how to find blog post ideas

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