How to Find HP Laptop Battery Model Number 2024? 5+ Ways

Is your HP laptop battery nearing the end of its life span? To be able to purchase the proper replacement, you must first identify the model. Find it using these methods.

  • The battery compartment’s interior
  • The bottom casing may be removed for cleaning.
  • In Windows, obtaining system information
  • Using HP’s Online Help

6 Best Ways On How to Find HP Laptop Battery Model Number?

Find out your HP laptop battery model with these 6 simple steps.

HP Laptop - How to Find HP Laptop Battery Model Number

1. Look Underneath Your Laptop for the Sticker

These are the actions you need to take:

  • Your laptop should be placed on a soft surface.
  • Locate the HP label on the bottom of the case.
  • Models may be found here. It will begin with letters and numbers that seem to be random. There is going to be a pause in the middle. The product serial number and the warranty period would also be included. Those are unnecessary.

You may not see the label on certain goods, but rather the specs etched or ingressed into the chassis.

  • There will be a mountain of useless information. So, keep an eye out for the term “Model” wherever possible. A lengthy number with a dash in the middle, or anything else written alongside it, is the key to locating the proper battery.

2. Both Inside and Outside Of The Battery’s Compartment

Even if the label has been torn or damaged, the component number and model name may be found on the battery or in its housing.

  • Turn your computer off.
  • Take a look inside by turning the laptop over.
  • It’s time to loosen up your batteries.
  • Take out the battery.
  • Locate the P/N or Part Number in the lower-left corner of the screen. HP SPA… and then a number appears in the text.
  • The Model Nuber for the battery can be found near the HP logo on the battery’s surface. Both encircling and writing in a triangle are used.

3. Taking Out the Bottom Casing

  • On the other hand, you can’t locate the model number anywhere else. Don’t stress yourself out. Taking the chassis’s cover off may reveal it.
  • Turn off your laptop and unplug the power cord if it’s still attached to it.
  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to carefully unscrew the screws keeping the lid in place.
  • The screws should not be misplaced
  • It’s time to remove the case using a prying tool, if necessary, to disclose the interior.
  • This little square of information may be found in the left-hand corner of the chassis.
  • Make a note of the part number or P/N. The battery model may be identified by the number immediately after the part number.

4. Getting a hold of System Information

If you want to see what’s evident in Windows 10, you may go to System Information.

  • Search for “System” in the Windows search box.
  • Go to the bottom of the pop-up and click on “About.”
  • Device Specifications may be found below the section under “About.”
  • HP Laptop XX-xxxxxx is the model number for your laptop.
  • Your laptop’s battery may be located by dialing this number.

5. The Battery Finder for HP Laptops

The model of your laptop is required for this approach. It’s easy to figure out whether you’ve got the correct battery number by following the steps in step 4.

  • Listed below is a picture that shows the battery compatibility chart for the HP NB series of notebooks
  • Find your HP model in the PDF you’re viewing. In addition to the HP Pavilion dm and DV, there are also HP Envy models listed.
  • As soon as you’ve discovered your model, you’ll need to track down your specific series, which you learned about in Step 4.
  • After then, keep an eye out for a black tick in the column. That tick’s column contains the battery’s model or series number, which you may find by reading it.
  • The HP 6-Cell Extended-Life Battery (PT06) is recommended for HP Pavilion dm1-1100 and dm1-2000.

6. Assistant for HP Products

If none of the aforementioned approaches appeal to you, the HP Support Assistant, which comes pre-installed on your computer, should be able to assist you.

  • Enter HP into the Windows search box.
  • Click the app’s icon in the search results by swiping left.
  • The HP Support Assistant will appear in the following window. The model number, for example, is one of the most critical pieces of information on your product. Step 5 instructs you to locate the battery type based on the model number.

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Conclusion: How to Find HP Laptop Battery Model Number?

When trying to replace a laptop battery, it is vital to have the exact model number. There are many ways to achieve this, some of which I’ve given above.

Simply follow their advice to avoid buying an unsuitable battery.

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