How to Measure Laptop Size 2024? [Super Easy Steps]

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In this post, we are going How to Measure Laptop Size 2024?

Laptops include 11-, 13-, and 17-inch. You may choose the finest. Writers, journalists, physicians, and business professionals may like small PCs. Dedicated gamers and programmers may prefer bigger displays.

However, if you need to know the size of your current laptop, you may follow these simple methods. If you want to measure your laptop’s size to purchase the best laptop case or simply to know its measurements, you’ve come to the correct spot.

A laptop’s size is usually measured in inches and has a specified size. But it is not always required, as it might be larger or smaller. Instead, you may estimate and purchase a bigger or smaller laptop bag, or even skin for your laptop.

So, just follow the methods given below to have a great notion of your laptop’s size and screen for various circumstances.

How to Measure Laptop Size [Exactly]

First, the screen size has no effect on the laptop size. Both are distinct in that they lack the laptop’s bezel. Second, when buying a laptop bag, add a few inches to the actual dimensions.

To measure the size, a measuring tape or big ruler is required. Remember that this is a laptop measurement, not a screen measurement. It just measures the screen size and delivers helpful information.

Inches are the most widely used unit of measurement. So you may convert to another measurement afterward. We can now measure the laptop’s height, width, depth, and diagonal.

How to Measure Laptop Size

Before we begin, let’s get a few things straight. Let us know what basic ideas we require before measuring.

Step 1: Diagonally Measurement

To accurately estimate the size of a laptop or even a screen, the first and most fundamental measurement is the height. The diagonal measurement is exact. The process is simple, but you must understand the steps involved.

For this size, we’ll use an Apple MacBook. The instructions work for HP, DELL, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, and MSI laptops. Close the laptop screen to increase accuracy.

Step 2: Taking Height Measurement

The laptop’s height is next. Because you’re measuring a live model, separating height and breadth may be difficult. Make sure you follow the instructions.

Set your ruler on the top of the laptop and drag it all the way down. This is the maximum laptop or MacBook height. Now, while shopping for a bag, always add a touch extra to the dimensions.

Step 3: Measuring Width Measurement

Taking WidthTaking the laptop’s width now will give us a better notion of its size. Lay the measuring tape horizontally over the top of the laptop from left to right.

Step 4: Taking Depth Measurement

Finally, you must decide the laptop’s depth. Set the measuring tape vertically on the sides of the computers to measure their depth. See the image below for a visual representation of the same movement and measurement.

It will also show you how thin or heavy your laptop is for future uses. Basically, do not add too much width to the real dimension for the bag or any other purpose.

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Conclusion: How to Measure Laptop Size?

That’s basically it for laptop and screen sizes. Buyers and users of laptops and accessories should be aware of the difference. Using a laptop screen for several purposes isn’t enough when a bag is needed.

It’s also easy to determine the laptop’s dimensions (screen, side corners, and bezels). The blog was designed to help other people familiarise themselves with the process and obtain exact measurements.

The same safeguards apply to Windows PCs as to Apple devices. Any laptop, big or little. Many people carry little laptops in huge backpacks, which looks weird. The laptop’s size must be understood.

If you have any doubts please submit any questions or comments in the section below.


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