How To Post On Reddit 2024? A Guide To Post On Reddit

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In this blog, I have mentioned how to post on Reddit.

It has happened with most of us, that people have been bragging about using Reddit and you don’t even have the slightest clue about what is Reddit and how to use it. But those who have been using Reddit cannot stop buzzing about how useful this tool is.

Well, then today let’s learn firsthand what Reddit is all about and how to post on Reddit.

However, to the initial user, Reddit is nothing less than a big mess. But fret not. Let’s make it simpler to understand what Reddit is all about. Reddit known as the front page of the Internet is basically a content rating and discussion forum-based website. Here you submit and then vote on the content.

There are an ample number of communities on Reddit that share and discuss information pertaining to a particular topic. So with Reddit, you are exposed to a lot of useful information with just a click. It is kind of a mix of Quora and Pinterest. You submit links, and other users vote on them.

No matter what interest you share; be it any recipe, your hobby, or related to your marketing activity, Reddit provides information related to everything you are looking for under one roof. So, basically on Reddit, you can find content that is high in quality and caters to almost every niche.

Let’s dig deeper into what Reddit is all about:

How to Post on Reddit?

Reddit is filled with plenty of stuff for you to choose from. Similar to other social sites, like Facebook, Twitter, it completely depends on how you operate your Reddit account. Who you follow and for what purpose you are using it.

Take a look at some of the basics that you should know about Reddit:

  1. Items of value are “upvoted,” and ones of no value are “downvoted.” Similarly, as it is done on Quora. However, what differentiates Reddit is the community. Herein, the whole community exercises the discussion forum and the kind of results and information delivered is unmatchable.
  2. Like on Pinterest, you can create boards for a particular segment here in Reddit, you have a Subreddit that is dedicated to topics. There is one Subreddit for each topic, such as a recipe, news, beauty, etc.
    Thus, there are thousands of Subreddit covering almost every imaginable topic. Join only the Subreddit that matches your interest. Based on your Subreddits, the front page of your Reddit will be built.
  1. Sharing and Commenting are the keys of Reddit. If you don’t share the links or comment on the links, then there is no point in using Reddit at all.
  2. Karma- It is your score on Reddit. Just like your Twitter followers, it depicts the credibility of your account. With Karma points, users come to know that you are a valuable user of Reddit and your comments will be seen with more reverence.
  3. Reddiquette- These are basically the etiquettes of Reddit writing. You can always follow them to have a glimpse of the basic rules so that you don’t make a fool of yourself in front of everyone on Reddit.
    Moreover, if you refuse to follow Reddiquette your Reddit account will receive many downvotes. On Reddit, it is a rule that when a comment is downvoted several times, it is automatically hidden in the thread.
    reddit writing

How to Use Reddit

After brushing the basics of Reddit, let’s learn about how to use Reddit:

  1. Creating an account- Creating an account on Reddit is not compulsory. But, in case you want to explore and make full use of Reddit, creating an account is the only way. Moreover, for saving your Subreddits you need to have an account.
  2. Subreddit- Once you have created an account, on the extreme right you can see a tab named My Subreddits. Click on the drop-down arrow beside it and choose your area of interest. Let’s say we choose the food segment.
    subredditNow in the food segment, if you want to only see the upvoted Subreddit, then from the top bar, click “top’ instead of “Hot”. This way you will view only the most trending and popular ones. On the extreme right, you can take a glimpse of the rules related to that particular Subreddit.
  3. Sharing Content- Now, if you want to submit anything on Reddit, i.e. to create Subreddit your account must be at least 30 days old. On the extreme right, you can see two options to submit posts. Click on any one of them to send your link or text.
    sharing content
  4. Subscribe- Though there is no limit, to manage and save your time on Reddit just subscribe to the productive Subreddits only. Some of the best Reddit threads that you can subscribe to are as follows:
    a) R/Videos- You can go here to view all kinds of videos. It is home to both entertaining and funny videos. So if you are a fan of videos, follow this thread.
    b) R/DIY- This thread consists of small techniques or hacks that you can do yourself to make your life simpler. These methods are creative and fun to learn.
    c) R/ Get Motivated- As the name suggests this is a threat to all the motivational and encouraging material to live up to your gloomy day.
    d) R/ Ask Reddit- This is similar to Siri. On this thread, you can ask Reddit users whatever you feel like. From what is trending in fashion to something weird, anything can be asked.
    e) R/GIF- GIF images are trending all over social media sites. This thread is home to all the creative and beautiful GIF Images.

Note- Do not submit affiliate links to Reddit as all the posts with such links are downvoted quickly.

Conclusion:- How to post on Reddit?

We all know how hard it is to find quality content on the Internet and amongst such dilemmas, Reddit comes as a sigh of relief as it exposes the user to the best quality content around and in almost every niche imaginable. After all, Reddit has been ranked as one of the topmost websites.

To conclude, Reddit is a platform where a bunch of people who share the same interests creates a community and share information in an organized way. Select the proper Subreddit before submitting a topic to Reddit. Give your submission a proper title and you are good to go.

Honestly, it can be a little confusing at first, but once you get hold of it and discover the places where your interests fit, you will be addicted to Reddit.

So are you ready to be a Redditor? If you have any more questions on How to post on Reddit, be sure to leave them down below. And for more such interesting articles, feel free to click on this link right here!

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