How to Root Android Phone – Shocking Facts Revealed

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Do you want unlimited control over your Android phone? Rooting  android phone exposes a world of risk, however it may also void your android warranty , it may leave you with a broken smartphone, or worse than it .

Manufacturers and carriers have a absolute interest in preventing you from rooting your android device  — if done incorrectly, it will irreparably harm your phone. Even so, the potential advantages are well worthwhile. With a rooted phone, you’ll be able to remove bloatware, speed up your processor, and allows us yo  customise each and every component of your android phone software.

How to root android devices can walk you through  the mandatory steps to root your phone. Some devices are often rooted in minutes. Others take a little research. however one factor is clear: rooting your phone is one among the simplest ways that to tap into your android device’s true potential.

What is Rooting?

Rooting an android phone or tablet is similar to jailbreaking an iPhone device — primarily, it permits us to dive deeper into a phone’s settings . It’ll permit you to access everything of the Operating system to customize near to anything(everything) on your android device. With root access, you can bypass any restrictions that your manufacturer or carrier could have applied on us on our android device  .

Rooting is best undertaken with caution. you may need to keep a copy your phone’s software before you put in — or “flash,” (the android device) in rooting terms — a custom ROM ( it’s a modified version of Android).

Preparing for root

Back up everything  of your phone you cannot live without which , before you start Additionally you should  always a back up your phone’s current ROM before you flash a new one on your android device .

Also You will  need to confirm that your device is totally charged before you start.


Open  settings of your phone in that you  need to go to Developer Options and  turn on USB debugging by pressing on usb debugging in developer options, as well as OEM Unlocking in your phone. If you are not able to locate  Developer Options toward the bottom of the Settings screen  after that, follow the step-by-step guide  of   how to activate Developer options settings  in your android device.

  1. In settings Tap on  About Phone and find Build Number and tap on that. The exact path goes as per  your phone, but it’ll be found with other software information.
  2. Tap  Seven to 8 times on Build Number  and then Developer Options will appear on the main page of the Settings. Then You may need to Enter  your security passcode or password  to enable developer option on your phone .
  3. Go   Back  to see your new developer options.
  4. Press onDeveloper Options.
  5. Click to enable USB Debugging.
  6. Check to enable OEM Unlocking.

How to root your Android device in multiple Ways

There are many ways to root your Android  phone or tablet. Here we listed few of our favorites.

How to use Kingo Android Root to root android easily

Kingo Root can be installed in a Windows-based computer or directly to the android  Phone or Tablet you want to  do the rooting process. First, check to know that is  your device  compatible with Kingo by checking the official list. Then, only  use the Kingo Android Root application  for Windows . Alternatively, download the Kingo Android Root APK on  your  android device, and install it.

If you have opted to use Windows To Root your device then  , make sure to enable USB debugging mode on your phone in Developer Options .

Steps are pretty  simple:

  1. Launch Kingo Root on your pc and connect your device via USB.
  2. Kingo Root Will detect your device automatically and will ask you to root it. Click on  Root, and then just Wait— Kingo will only take only a few minutes to grant root privileges.

If you would rather root without a PC ,By Using an Android Phone or Tablet follow these instructions:

  1. Install the Kingo Root APK.
  2. Open the Kingo Root app.
  3. If your device is compatible with it , then  you will see One Click Root button .
    Tap it and wait — it will take short time.
  4. You will see a large check mark,  If root is successful.

Rooting Android with Framaroot

Framaroot Could be a Latest one-click rooting service, and it aims to make the process of Android rooting easy for everyone with a simple one-click “root” button.However, you may need to jump through 1 or 2 of hoops to get it started.

  1. Download the APK.
  2. Install it — you Then are required  to tap the Unknown sources button in your Android Security settings to complete the FramRoot  installation .
  3. Open the app, and tap Root.
  4. Then the app will  find that it is  able to root your device,If  Yes then  it will do so. Suppose It is not able to do then you have to try another method.
  5. You’ll then be requires to download and run SuperSU app  to manage  root access on your  android device .

Then that’s it —YOU DID IT !

Root your Android Device with, unlocking utility by developer Chainfire, is not  the easiest and user -friendly way to root your Android smartphone or tablet , but it is one of the most stable ones. It works  perfectly on more than Three  Hundred devices and it  provides step-by-step instructions / Guide that made this rooting process as much Easy  as it possibly could be.

You Then need to download and install ihe ZIP file for your Android device.

After doing that ,follow the  steps below :

  1. Extract that downloaded folder wherever you want.
  2. Navigate to the root-windows.bat file. Double-click  on that file to run that file  .
  3. Wait for the script to run and execute it , and then press any key.
  4. When the process will get complete, your phone will  be automatically rebooted , and your  device  will be rooted.

Rooting with One Click Root

One Click Root is new rooting tool that aims to take some of the complicated nature out of rooting. The idea of 1 Click Root is correct there within the name; one click, and you’re done.It charges money to root your android device, but it also promises that the application won’t cause damage to your phone, except in the case of user’s negligence. We can not back up those claims, so we recommend you to take the backup up for device before performing this and take all the same precautions you would take with any other rooting app.

The One Click Root procedure is quite simple.

  1. Check the availability of your device that if it is supported or not with Root Checker Tool.
  2. Download the One Click Root application  and
  3. Connect your Android device via USB cable with pc .
  4. and enable USB debugging on your android device.
  5. Perform One Click Root and then let the software handles the rest.
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