How To See Who Viewed Your Youtube Videos? [Step-By-Step Guide]

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YouTube is among the world’s most visited websites. It has a wide range of applications, from amusing films to music lessons. The methods outlined in this article make monitoring your YouTube channel’s viewership a breeze.

In this piece, the author explains how to see who has seen your videos on YouTube and whether or not you want to. In addition, they want people to know that it doesn’t take long and can be done by anybody.

You can easily find out who has seen your videos on YouTube by utilizing a free web analytics tool. Both professionally and personally, this is a win. The first benefit is that you get more people to see your movies.

Second, it helps you meet new individuals from all around the globe who are enthusiastic about the same things you are.

Finally, this tool will indicate to you when people are most likely to view your movies, so you can schedule future uploads accordingly.

To put it simply, you can now. Select “Viewers” from the drop-down menu that appears when you click the cog symbol in YouTube’s top right corner. After picking a video, go to the screen’s bottom to see “Viewer information.”

The subsequent delay in viewer load time is around 10 seconds. When that occurs, a list of their names and whether or not they are currently subscribing to your channel will be shown.

I understand it is not always simple to discover who is watching your films on YouTube. You may utilize a few different websites that will show you the viewers and the time they spent on the video.

If you’re like me and don’t want to give up all your information, for this reason, I have another technique for you to track down who is viewing your material.

As a video maker for YouTube, I’ve learned a few tricks for finding out who has seen your uploads.

Who viewed my video? is a question that, if you’re anything like me, you undoubtedly ask on the regular. When consumers browse your material but don’t take any further action, it might be annoying.

To aid my fellow artists, I have created a list of the most effective methods by which we might discover who has been spying on us through our cameras and computers.

Methods for Tracking Your Videos’ Success on YouTube

Two methods exist for tracking your films’ audience size on YouTube:



1. YouTube plugin installation:

Download the YT Stats website script from its official page. You’ll need to get in touch with them to get Windows Professional installed (for about $15). The same capabilities are also available as a Chrome add-on.

2. Discovering Who Visits Your Site:

Either the W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache plugins for WordPress will need to be activated. Take a peek at Google Analytics in the upper right corner of your dashboard after logging onto your site (GA).

If you click the link labeled “see complete analytics,” you’ll be sent to a page where you can examine comprehensive data on your site’s visitors.

Use the drop-down option to choose your website if you have more than one. See how many times a video was seen on YouTube by scrolling down.

WP Super Cache plugins

Next, under the list of options to the right of “visitors,” choose “YouTube.” You may now examine the total number of views for any video that was ever posted on your website.

To figure out from what page(s) they came, click the “pages” button. Statistics on YouTube are only presented daily. To see how many people watched your videos daily, you’ll need to go to the Days section of GA’s left-hand menu.

Similar results may be achieved using ultraviolet light (Unique Visitor). Select the “filters” menu to do this.

To use the second filter, choose “Non-Search Traffic” by checking the box next to “Activate filter.” Then choose the “Apply” button.

As of right now, only the numbers for your site’s traffic that aren’t related to search engines will be shown. Here you’ll discover daily views and visitors’ statistics for YouTube after applying the filter.

Who’s Watching Your Videos on YouTube and How to Find Out?

Host videos online, YouTube is one of the most popular resources. Since they first opened their firm, they’ve received a lot of feedback.

YouTube has been receiving increased criticism for its lack of a feature that lets you know who is viewing your videos. They are being pressured by the public to roll out this function as quickly as feasible.

Someone may have hacked into your account and started viewing a lot of videos on YouTube to artificially increase the number of views on your videos if they suddenly become viral.

How To See Who Viewed Your Youtube Videos


Understanding who these individuals are is the best way out of this jam. Having this knowledge would enable you to take the necessary precautions, such as blocking potentially malicious accounts.

Many smaller networks were experiencing this problem, and there seemed to be no rhyme or reason for the precipitous drop in viewership. Recently, Matt from the Matthew Loring Channel was a victim.

With over a million views in less than a month, his video on “funny pranks for kids” became viral, something that had never occurred on his channel before.

Even though he has a lot of subscribers, he is dubious since most of them seem to be viewing random videos.

The Benefits of Monitoring YouTube Video Views

I’ve discussed why it’s helpful to see how many times a video has been seen on YouTube.

Benefits of Monitoring YouTube Video Views


YouTube is a video-sharing website where users may watch previously uploaded videos as well as submit their own. Videos may be found by users using keyword/keyphrase searches.

1. The Standard of Videos That Get Posted

The goal of most YouTube uploaders is to have a large number of people see their videos. If they discover they’re getting a lot of views, they could decide to share it with others, which might boost their fame.

They plan to post a second video immediately after the first one fails to upload due to technical difficulties. The process repeats itself.

Therefore, it follows that you should prioritize videos with a large number of views if you’re looking for high-quality content on YouTube.

Marketers focus their efforts to sell a product or service on this idea. For advertising purposes, they will employ popular online videos that have already attracted many views.

2. More Video Content on YouTube

An indicator of a video’s popularity and, by extension, its content’s reception, is its number of views.

Consequently, the greater the popularity of a certain video, the more probable it is that a subsequent video with a similar theme will be released.

The reason being, viewers enjoyed the original video’s subject matter and wanted more like it.

3. Potential Sources of Income

If you know how many times a video has been seen on YouTube, you may estimate how much it has made. It’s up to you thereafter to follow the owner’s lead in promoting the video’s views.

Youtube As Potential Sources of Income


Since others will be interested in your material, it follows that you will also get compensated for doing what they did.

Limitations of YouTube Video View Count Knowledge

YouTube is the most widely used platform for sharing videos online. For no cost, its users may post films to the site and share them with others all around the globe.

This site has a wide variety of applications, including video streaming, video lectures, video tutorials, and news reporting. Some potential drawbacks are, however:

1. Theft: Some YouTube users may be stealing videos from other sites and posting them there without authorization.

2. Sexually explicit media: Permitting access to the site by minors raises concerns about the exposure of such sensitive content. Parents need to keep a tight check on their children while they’re online, but YouTube is especially dangerous for young kids.

3. Privacy: Data on how users interact with YouTube might be stored. Many of the most-watched videos are full-length, high-definition movies, which you likely won’t be able to see or download without paying a fee.

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Conclusion: How To See Who Viewed Your Youtube Videos?

Knowing your YouTube audience is crucial if you want to cater to their specific interests and needs, in my opinion. Go to YouTube and choose “Viewers” from the menu on the left to see who has seen your video.

As soon as this happens, you’ll be able to see a list of everyone who has seen your video, along with a count of how many times they’ve seen it.

The “See More” button appears when you hover over a user’s name to learn more about their opinions. Select “Details” or “Comments” from the drop-down list.

The number of times a video has been seen on YouTube may be used as an indication of its popularity. Keeping track of who has seen your videos on YouTube may be a pain, but this article will show you how to do it!

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