How to Undo Ignore Messages on Messenger 2024? [Ultimate Guide]

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In this post, we have shared a view on how to undo ignore messages on messenger.

If someone is bothering you or you’ve been getting too many messages from someone and need a break, you can ignore their messages in the Messenger app.

In the same way, you can undo ignoring messages on Messenger if you change your mind and want to hear about the messages and talk to the person again.

It’s possible that you won’t have the mental capacity or physical stamina to respond to someone.

Until you’re ready to talk to them on your own, you can avoid being troubled by their texts by ignoring their messages. You won’t be aware of any disturbances, thus there will be a lot fewer.

How to Ignore Messages on Messenger?

It’s really easy to stop ignoring messages on Messenger. You just need to take a few easy steps. Here’s what you need to do to stop ignoring messages on Messenger.

1. Open the messenger app

2. You can ignore someone’s message by pressing and holding their chat box for a few seconds.

3. To ignore it, choose the “ignore the message” option.

4. Open the chat box, click the icon in the upper left corner, scroll down until you see “Ignore the message,” and click it.

Using this method, you can ignore both one-on-one messages and group messages. If you don’t want to read these messages, the app will save them in the spam folder.

How to Undo Ignore Messages on Messenger? FIXED

When you ignore someone’s messages, you no longer get alerts when they call or send you a message. Their chat box is saved in the spam folder.

How to Undo Ignore Messages on Messenger

You can get it out of there and un-ignore the message. You can stop ignoring messages in Messenger in the ways below:

  1. Messages can be sent via Messenger
  2. Messenger Lite can be used by anyone

1. By sending a Message on Messenger

Message the person you ignored to undo ignore messages on Messenger. Here’s how:

  • Launch the ‘Messenger app.
  • You can access your profile by clicking the ‘Profile icon’.
  • Select ‘Message Requests.
  • Select ‘spam’.
  • To unignore a message, open the chat box of the person you want to unignore.
  • You can send a message.
  • You’ll be able to see that person’s chatbox on the chat screen of your messenger once you unignore the message.

2. By using Messenger Lite

It’s possible to undo an ignored message using Messenger Lite without needing to send a text to the recipient. Using Messenger Lite, you can go back and un-ignore messages.

  • Log in to your account after installing and opening ‘Messenger Lite’./li>
  • You can unignore someone by tapping the ‘ People ‘ icon.
  • From the search results, click the name of that person.
  • Click on ‘Accept’.

You can now see all of the conversations with that person in your main chat list, even if you have previously ignored them.

Despite the fact that this feature is not available in the Messenger app, the conversation window will still be refreshed as a result of the procedure.

Once you’ve set the discussion to ‘Ignore’, you can read the new texts without the other person noticing that you’ve already read them.

It removes the burden from your shoulders, so you may respond when you’re ready. Once you’ve unignored the messages, the individuals on the other side will be able to see that you’ve read them.

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Conclusion: How to Undo Ignore Messages on Messenger?

In this way, you’ll get to know how to undo ignore messages on Messenger. If you already have a messenger app installed on your phone, it is much easier to unignore the messages using the first step.

Alternatively, you can unignore that person without sending a text by using the Messenger Lite app instead of sending a text.

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