How To Unsnooze Someone on Facebook 2024? 2 Easy Ways

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Snoozing a friend on Facebook will hide all of their status updates from your feed for a whole month.

When you don’t want to read someone’s post but still want to communicate with them, snoozing is a terrific option for unfriending.

Snoozing is essentially the online equivalent of the mute button. If you mistakenly snoozed a Facebook friend, you may be wondering what to do. Read on to find out how to undo a Facebook snooze.

A Quick Review of Facebook’s Unsnoozing Function

When you use the Facebook tool known as “snoozing,” you may control what appears on your feed. You may snooze a friend instead of unfriending them if they often make annoying or offensive status updates.

After 30 days, the post will return to your news feeds if you have the Facebook feature enabled. The opposite of snoozing is unsnoozing, and it involves bringing a previously hidden post back into view.

You can unsnooze someone if you snooze them but then decide you don’t want to wait the whole thirty days.

Quick Review of Facebook


You may “snooze” a group or page to stop seeing their updates in your timeline for a certain amount of time. It’s just like unsnoozing a profile to unsnooze a page or a group.

When someone or a certain website is continuously flooding your feed with irrelevant content, you may put the feed to sleep to temporarily suspend the flow of new content from that source.

Take the case of a person who just posted dozens of images at a gathering in which they participated. If that’s the case, you may only view pictures from that specific event whenever you visit your feed.

To deal with such a situation, you should put the individual on snooze and then unsnooze them later.

The nicest part about snoozing is that it doesn’t affect the feed settings or let the individual know that they’ve been snoozed. After that, you’ll get a detailed explanation of how to remove someone’s Facebook snooze.

How To Unsnooze Someone on Facebook? [Step-by-Step Guide]

The process of unsnoozing a friend on Facebook differs somewhat between the mobile app and the traditional website.

How To Unsnooze Someone on Facebook

1. Unsnoozing Someone on Facebook from the Mobile App

  • It’s straightforward to wake someone up using the Facebook mobile app. If you want to do this, just do what I say:
  • Open up Facebook on your mobile browser.
  • Click the ellipses (…) next to a post in your feed to expand its options.
  • To edit your feed, click the link that says “Manage Your Feed.”
  • To dismiss the alarm, click the “Snooze” button.
  • If you wish to unsnooze someone, tap the “End snooze” button that appears next to their name.

2. Facebook’s Browser-Based Unsnoozing Function

To undo a Facebook sleep using the web browser, do as follows:

  • In your preferred web browser, visit Facebook.
  • To edit your profile, click on your image in the upper right corner.
  • Go into “Privacy & settings.”
  • To access it, click “Feed.”
  • A “Snooze” button may be found after clicking the appropriate choice.
  • To unsnooze an account, click on the blue clock symbol that appears next to it. The symbol needs to fade to grey.

Learn more about snoozing and unsnoozing on Facebook

This snooze function may be used on any public profile, page, or group. On Facebook, you have the option to filter out content from users who aren’t friends of yours.

Similarly, you may put on hiatus any page or group that you haven’t yet liked or joined. One of your feed’s pages or groups must have a new post for you to be able to use the snooze feature.

One of your friends shared a post from a group or page that you don’t follow, so don’t be surprised if you see it in your feed.

When you snooze a Facebook page or group, their name will show alongside a button to cancel the snooze under your feed settings in the snooze area.

Don’t forget that 30 days is allotted for sleeping. After this amount of time has passed, Facebook will give you a notice asking whether you want to keep the snooze going or not.

Snoozing will not solve the problem of unwanted comments or spam for good. The sole effect of snoozing is to hide the person’s post from your news feed.

Those who are not friends with you on Facebook may still see your postings. If someone is being cyberbullied by you, the best course of action is to unfriend and block them.

If you block someone, you won’t see any of their posts on your timeline ever again.

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Conclusion: How To Unsnooze Someone on Facebook?

This post has shown you how easy it is to remove a Facebook snooze. Snoozing allows you to temporarily hide a user’s content from your feeds for up to 30 days.

Facebook will send you a notification after 30 days to see whether you want to keep the snooze feature enabled or disable it.

What’s great about snoozing is that nobody knows you’re doing it. Facebook will not alert the snoozed individual, group, or page that you have done so.


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