How To Watch PPV On FireStick 2024? 6 Best PPV App For Firestick

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In this post, I will show you how to watch PPV on FireStick

Paid subscription services that broadcast sports content are known as pay-per-view, or PPV. In addition to combat sports events, celebrity promotional battles are also held at the venue.

PPV events are similar to tickets to live games in an arena, where viewers pay for an exclusive feed of the event on their television. 

The broadcaster earns additional income from it as well as gaining a large number of viewers.

Pay-per-view events such as Wrestlemania, the NBA, the Super Bowl, and the NFL are among the most popular. As sports streaming services have become more popular, PPV has also made its way into streaming media. 

Many people pay huge sums for PPV events, even though boxing and MMA matches can be extremely expensive. You can access PVP events only when they are in progress.

Once the show has ended, the content will no longer be accessible.

In spite of this, streaming providers have not been able to properly integrate the pay-per-view model because of conflicting interests between broadcasters and event organizers. As a result, there are PPV suppliers everywhere.

Pay-Per-View And Amazon FireStick Device

There is no doubt that Amazon FireStick Device is the most convenient device for streaming solutions. There is an unlimited amount of content available.

An HDMI port on your TV, along with a strong WiFi connection, are the only requirements. 

How To Watch PPV On FireStick Amazon FireStick Device

Despite offering access to movies, music, and TV shows, Amazon FireStick does not support Pay-Per-View services. PPV on FireStick raises the question of how to get it.

The FireStick allows you to watch PPV in several different ways.

How To Watch PPV On FireStick: Legitimate Ways

We have already established that Amazon FireStick is not the specific PPV streaming device. Consequently, many people encounter problems when selecting their favorite programs on Amazon FireStick.

There is a reason for this. PPV was a theater broadcasting program. The audience used to purchase official tickets and pay for them. 

PPV, however, was introduced after 1980. Nowadays, it’s considered a television service of its own.

Those programs must be paid for. All of these reasons made viewers curious about watching their favorite topics on FireStick.

Pay-per-view is legit to watch on FireStick in some cases. The methods will be discussed one by one.

What Do You Require For The Setup?

  • PVP supports FireStick 4K, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV. 
  • Hulu, Netflix, and many other PPV apps require a strong WiFi connection to download. 
  • The required apps are not available on the Amazon App Store. However, there are other apps such as Hulu and Netflix. 

1. Buy PPV From Amazon Prime Videos

You can watch UFC MMS bouts on Amazon Prime Videos if you’re a US citizen. In 2018, viewers were able to watch MMA events, as well as Cris Cyborg versus Yana Kunitskaya.

Those who chose HD quality paid $64.99 per event as opposed to $54.99 for standard quality. 

People wonder why ESPN+ has an exclusive license given Amazon has not offered events like UFC MMS in 2019.

Buy PPV From Amazon Prime Videos

You must carefully monitor Amazon Prime Videos to see if anything new and unique has been released.

UFC App can be used on Amazon Fire TV Stick. Users have generally been pleased with this application.

They maintain that it performs poorly and is hard to read. The app provides you with access to unlimited UFC and PPV content. Watching PPV on Amazon FireStick might be a great option.

2. You Can Use Kodi To Watch PPV On FireStick

This platform receives good feedback, and users have complained about it being a terrific media center, just like the UFC App. Although it is legal, many people choose to view illegal content.

You can gain access to PPV and other content as soon as you complete the installation.

The UFC app can be installed directly on Kodi. You simply need to pay an affordable rate for each event.

You Can Use Kodi To Watch PPV On FireStick

The app allows you to watch ESPN, Sling TV, and other channels through Kodi. Various warm-up fights are available on all of these channels at a reasonable price. 

Kodi comes with a variety of add-ons that you can install. PPV content will then become available to you, and you won’t even need to pay for those events.

If you want to use your Fire TV Stick with a VPN, you should install and use one. It’s better to be safe than sorry

The Kodi add-ons FightTube and many others allow you to watch PPV-related content.

Installation of Kodi on FireTV’s Most Convenient Method

  • To access developer options, go to your SETTINGS and DEVICES menu. 
  • Choosing Developer Options is the next step.
  •  You will be asked a question such as Allow Apps from Unknown Sources. Simply click on it. You will be taken to the main menu. 
  • Locate the search bar and type Downloader.
  • As soon as it finishes downloading and installing, Kodi on FireStick will be installed. 
  • Press the OPEN button. You can now install Kodi on your FireStick after the app is launched. 

When the installation is completed, you can view PPV on your FireStick. The content is uninterrupted.

How Does Kodi Work After You Install It?

FiteTube gives you access to the FireStick PPV Kodi add-on for the program. Whenever these shows are available on the FireStick device, you can access them.

Watch UFC, WWE, and Boxing on FitrTube if you’re a sports fan. Using Kodi on your FireStick, therefore, enhances your entertainment experience.

You will experience PPV streaming at a reasonable price at a minimum cost.

6 Best Official FireStick Apps For Watching PPV

Our list includes the most popular apps for streaming pay-per-view content. Fire TV devices can also download these services, so you won’t need to sideload them onto your Firestick. 

Do not take our word for it, though, as the availability of PPV content varies according to where you live. Take a look at the information below:-

1. Sling TV

With low-cost subscription tiers and a large channel selection, we’ve been recommending Sling TV for a while now.

Sports such as boxing, MMA, and wrestling are available as PPV content on Sling TV.

Due to the limited selection of PPV events, Sling TV does not offer in-app purchases in the Sling TV app. 

How To Watch PPV On FireStick Sling TV

The user must log in to, open the Account tab, and then select Event to view a list of forthcoming PPV events available for purchase.

When consumers have paid with a credit/debit card for the PPV event, the PPV channel will appear within the Guide area.


Sports-focused streaming service DAZN charges a minimal fee for on-demand and live sports programming. 

You can watch multiple exclusive fights with DAZN’s single membership plan, but DAZN does not offer pay-per-view events.

For live and on-demand sports streaming, DAZN is one of the top providers. As a PPV service on FireStick, you can view boxing matches, live fight nights, documentaries, classic matches, and more.


DAZN can be accessed on Fire TV devices, and you can watch live events in up to 1080p Full HD.

If you subscribe to DAZN, you can watch the live stream on two devices simultaneously.

A Firestick is an ideal device for watching DAZN content in HD up to 1080p at 60 frames per second. 

The Firestick 4K and a compatible Ultra HD TV are required if you want to watch DAZN content in 4K Ultra HD in the future.

3. ESPN+

A subscription to ESPN+ gives subscribers access to tens of thousands of live broadcasts from the MLB, NHL, MLS, and Top Rank Boxing. 

Besides collegiate sports, you can also watch UFC Fight Night pay-per-views and original sports films, such as the “30 for 30” documentary library, on this platform. 

How To Watch PPV On FireStick ESPN+

With over 12 million customers in the United States, ESPN+ (in conjunction with Hulu and Disney+) is one of Disney’s three streaming services. Fans can access ESPN+ through its website and mobile app.

With ESPN+, you can watch sports across multiple devices, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and streaming devices. Amazon FireStick allows you to download it directly, without sideloading.

4. UFC

ESPN+, the organization’s pay-per-view distributor, as well as UFC Fight Pass, the organization’s streaming service, allow you to purchase select PPV events.

To access the content, subscribe to UFC Fight Pass. After logging in with a paid account, you can view live fights, shows, and events in a variety of combat sports.

How To Watch PPV On FireStick UFC

There is also an option to purchase PPV events.

By installing the UFC app on your Firestick, you can access the extensive streaming library of UFC content using your UFC Fight Pass subscription.


The Showtime subscription plan is reasonable and offers access to a wide range of boxing events.

As another streaming service, SHOWTIME features award-winning shows, documentaries, comic dramas, and action-packed sports like live championship boxing.

Since Showtime is essentially an add-on service, it is available through a variety of live TV streaming platforms, including Sling TV, fuboTV, YouTube TV, and Hulu + Live TV.

How To Watch PPV On FireStick SHOWTIME

Viewing PPV content does not require a SHOWTIME subscription. You can purchase Pay Per View material by downloading the app before the match, locating the PPV banner on the home page, and following the on-screen instructions.

If you want to watch Showtime outside the U.S., a VPN service such as ExpressVPN will help you.

6. FITE 

FITE is where you should go if you enjoy combat sports. This streaming service focuses mostly on MMA, boxing, and professional wrestling.

The FITE platform provides live streaming from dozens of combat sports organizations, including the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Professional Fighters League, Impact Wrestling, WCPW, Golden Boy Promotions, and Star Boxing.

How To Watch PPV On FireStick FITE 

Additionally, PPV programming is available. The FITE app is available on the Amazon Appstore. Additionally, PPVs can be purchased from the app.

A section dedicated to PPV lets you pay for the privilege of watching your favorite matches or events. In addition to FireStick, FITE also supports tablets, laptops, smartphones, and streaming devices.


Pay-per-view is exactly what it sounds like. Can live streaming be viewed?

Pay-per-View, or PPV, is a limited-time subscription-based streaming service offering. A spectator is required to pay a fee for admission to a sporting event or celebrity combat match. Millions of people around the world have viewed PPV, which began as a way to cover boxing championships. PPV and online streaming platforms often offer live footage from competitive fighting sports.

Are there multiple language options for Pay-per-View?

Various cable companies have engaged on-site interpreters in Live Sports events since PPV was first introduced. With the transition to a live video feed, language translation has been maintained so that viewers from around the world can comprehend the actual event taking place.

PPV is commonly used to cover what sports?

The PPV package was originally developed to provide live boxing videos to our homes, but now it includes all manner of sporting events. Boxing, mixed martial arts, and wrestling are the most popular fighting sports aired on pay-per-view. A variety of internet-based applications are available to access PPV services for other sporting activities such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, and baseball.

Do you think you can watch a pay-per-view show again?

Live feeds on Pay-per-View sporting events are typically available only until the end of the event. Pay-per-view shows can only be viewed for a limited period of time due to this reason. Subscribers to applications with PPV services can often view sports videos days after they have aired.

What are my options for watching pay-per-view events on different devices?

Yes. You can log onto another device and watch live sports events using the same account that you registered with the PPV service provider with. In addition, you can also download and install an application similar to this one that provides limited live sports coverage for a subscription fee

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Final Thoughts: Watch PPV On FireStick

By now you should be familiar with how to watch PPV on FireStick after reading this tutorial.

This article has been concluded with pertinent information that was available from user feedback.

To avoid any complications when watching PPV on FireStick, we highly recommend installing a VPN. In case you don’t use a VPN when accessing this type of content, you can get trapped in a serious matter.


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