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Smartphone is quite a useful product; they have made our life very easy. With startups and big e-commerce websites offering services through application we are able to buy products and services very easily, but in order to do that you need to enter your card or bank details. A lot of these apps also have a provision to save your card details, though it saves a lot of time it also makes it easy to get your data stolen. This is why it is important to have an app which could shield your private data from getting ripped, there are plenty of security applications available but not each of them is effective enough. This is why I am writing this review on one of the finest cell security applications LEO Privacy Guard.

LEO Privacy Guard Homepage

LEO Privacy Guard is developed by LEOMASTER; it was founded in July 2014 with the aim of giving a greater cell phone surfing experience. The name LEOMASTER is inspired by internet-based saying ‘linking almost everything online’. They got their branches setup in India, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Beijing and Shenzen. LEO Privacy Guard is the first tool they launched in the market, it was a instantaneous hit. It gives you an option to lock your private photographs, videos, apps and text messages. With over 50 million downloads, LEO Privacy Guard has become one of the top rated app.

User Interface

LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 is very user friendly and easy to use. You need to enter the security pattern you have created, you get maximum of 5 attempts. Its main screen includes App lock, settings tab and Privacy protection; there are various options available under these tabs.

LEO Privacy Guard

Lock tab gives you the option to lock the app you want to lock and keep safe, they also have a collection of themes and app covers.

You can check the level of security under protection tab, if there is an issue with the level of security; LEO Privacy Guard gives you tips on how you can improve your phone’s security.


LEO Privacy Guard Protection

LEO Privacy Guard is most popular for its security tools, it gives you an option to setup a security pattern, you can select the pictures, videos, text messages and apps you want to lock. There is an app cover option which adds an extra layer of security. You can also create a backup of your pictures, videos, applications and messages. The app will also ask you to setup a security question if you forget the pattern you need to enter the answer of this question.

Phone Booster

LEO Privacy Guard Phone Booster

We all have plenty of applications installed in our smartphones, sure, these apps make are fun and useful. They also form a heap of junk files in your phone which acquires a lot of your phone memory. You can delete these junk files and increase some free space. These apps also keep running in the background which makes your phone super slow it can also make your phone freeze frequently. With the help of phone booster you can stop the apps running in the background and improve the performance of your smartphone.

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