How to Make Minecraft Look Better? 3 Best Simple And Best Methods

Mojang designed that game which was a dream of many gamers at that time. It’s so addictive that people don’t leave the game easily and sit for hours to play it. The game is amazing, but the in-game graphics gives a bad feel to every Minecraft gamer. One can enhance the look of Minecraft environment with the help of Mods available online. Minecraft mods are the best way to make the game look much better than before. You can also use McPatcher, texture or resource packs too for an excellent gaming experience.

Ways to make Minecraft Look Better


McPatcher is a useful tool that assists a player in installing Mods into Minecraft and create backups. It comes with pre-installed mods including HD texture support, CTM, and few others. To use, click on +button in McPatcher. It will open your system browser. Select the mod you wish to install and click on ok. Again, click ok when mid formatting box appears. Now after downloading a mod, click on Patch to install.


McPatcher does a great job by adding full support for HD and semi HD texture packs. Also, switching between various texture pack is easy with McPatcher.

2) Other Mods

Mods are simply the modifications we apply to the Minecraft game. They completely change the entire gameplay and gaming experience. Here are some best minecraft mods.

  • Optifine

Optifine increases the speed of Minecraft and make it run faster. Additionally, it increases FPS from 20-30 to more than 100%.


For improvement in FPS it is recommended to set graphics to fast, render distance to short, better to turn off smooth lightning and performance must be set to maximum. Also, turning off clouds, fog, animations, sky and stars can make Minecraft look ameliorate.

  • Chococraft

The developer of the mod Chococraft is EddieV. Now the mod is managed by Torojima.


Chococraft adds chocobos which are a group of birds that can be tamed, ridden and can also be breed. Moreover, if you want to fly them then also you can. Having birds in Minecraft develops a good feeling while playing the game.

  • Tropicraft

Tropicraft is a perfect mod for beach lovers. It is one of the best mod to be installed on your laptop or computer. The pack includes different tropical items such as villages, trading, treasures, gear, fishing and few more. Not only a new dimension but tropicraft also adds new music discs. No doubt, it is capable to change the Minecraft environment and make it look realistic.

  • Twilight Forest

If you are adventurous then this mod is for you. You can make a portal to the twilight first by creating a 2×2 shallow pool of water. The area should be filled with grass. Now use natural stuff to surround it with flowers, tall grass or mushroom. Lastly, throw a demand to get the portal. Twilight forest gives a tranquil feeling with the dense forest. Monsters and treasures are hidden in the forest. A player finds hedge mazes hollow hills, enchanted groves. There is a much more offered by the Twilight forest. Give a try to it once.

3) Resource Packs

There are several resource Packs for Minecraft that allow the players to change the game environment. You can tweak somethings in the game you dislike lie dull boring graphics. Also, the resource packs add more detail to the blocks. Go through the list of resources pack that will helps you in meeting your game needs.

  • Equanimity

The first pack which make place in this list is none other than the one of the most popular resource pack among Minecraft lovers. Equanimity after the release in 2013, it has received more than 2 million of downloads. The pack has a resolution of 32 x 32. It works on any high and low-end computers without any hassle.

  • Conquest

Conquest is medievally themed resource pack. Its resolution is 32 x 32. The pack improves graphics and concentrates on building materials. Stones, wood, and metal everything looks realistic.


This pack is based on Johnsmith. It changes the appearance of Minecraft, allowing realistic waterfalls, streams and villages. It adds running water and chatter sounds.

  • Sensecraft

Sensecraft intensifies the Minecraft world by modifying the colors and make it vibrant and lively. This pack improves blocks, items and tweak environment along with GUI. The major improvement sensecraft brings in the game are better water, foliage color, many reworked item textures and so on.

  • Rangercraft

The beauty of autumn can be enjoyed in your Minecraft game with the help of Rangercraft resource pack. Textures in this pack are unique and unmatched thus, it is recommended to every Minecraft lover. This pack darkens the color providing a better visual quality.

  • Realistico

Realistico is the only resource pack that uses the bump mapping technique as seen in the professional games.


This bump mapping fakes the bump and wrinkles on an object’s surface. It provides smoother color transition and high-quality textures. With bump mapping technique, you can expect immersive in-depth gaming experience and fantastic colors.


Minecraft is a fabulous game but the graphics with which it comes packed disappoint us. The reason behind curated this article is to give our audience a better choice to make while enhancing Minecraft environment. We hope that you find the article helpful.


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